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House of Commons
Wednesday 11 May 2011

Prime Minister 1154
      Computer Sciences Corporation 1163
      Engagements 1154
      Engagements 1163
Wales 1145
      Big Society Initiatives 1148
      Broadband Infrastructure 1149
      Council Tax Benefit 1145
      Departmental Efficiency Savings 1148
      Devolution Funding 1145
      Great Western Main Line 1151
      Health and Social Care Bill 1150
      Nuclear Industry 1153
      Tourism Promotion 1152

Written Ministerial Statements
Wednesday 11 May 2011

Business, Innovation and Skills 37WS
      Employment Laws Review 37WS
      Restructuring Moratorium (Consultation) 37WS
Health 38WS
      Addiction to Medicine 38WS
Home Department 38WS
      Justice and Home Affairs Council 38WS
Justice 40WS
      Prison Service Pay Review Body 40WS
Transport 40WS
      Road Safety 40WS

Wednesday 11 May 2011

Health 21P
      NHS Reforms 21P

Written Answers
Wednesday 11 May 2011

Attorney-General 1205W
      Departmental Pensions 1205W
Business, Innovation and Skills 1248W
      Arms Trade 1248W
      Environment Protection: Coventry 1249W
      Further Education: Manchester 1249W
      Marketing: Creative Industries 1251W
      Postal Services 1251W
      Prisoners: Education 1252W
      Startup Britain 1253W
      Supermarkets: Competition 1253W
Cabinet Office 1264W
      Departmental Manpower 1264W
      Financial Ombudsman Service 1264W
      Members: Correspondence 1265W
      Minimum Wage: Greater London 1265W
      Pensions: Complaints 1265W
      Rural Areas 1266W
      Voting Rights: Prisoners 1266W
Church Commissioners 1235W
      Clergy: Gender 1235W
Culture, Media and Sport 1254W
      Archaeology: Graduates 1254W
      Arts: Disadvantaged 1254W
      British Sky Broadcasting 1254W
      Broadband 1254W
      Departmental Pensions 1255W
      Departmental Work Experience 1255W
      Football Licensing Authority 1256W
      Gambling 1257W
      Gaming Machines: Coastal Areas 1257W
      Heritage Funding: Bexley 1256W
      Heritage Funding: Religious Buildings 1256W
      Members: Correspondence 1257W
      Television 1257W
Defence 1205W
      Armed Forces: Deployment 1205W
      Armed Forces: Recruitment 1206W
      France: Military Alliances 1206W
      HMS Albion 1207W
      HMS Liverpool 1207W
      HMS Ocean 1207W
      Libya: Armed Conflict 1208W
      Navy: Redundancy 1208W
      Strategic Defence and Security Review 1208W
      Syria: Iran 1209W
      Trident 1209W
Deputy Prime Minister 1262W
      Petitions: Electronic Government 1262W
      Voting Rights: Prisoners 1263W
Education 1278W
      Departmental Conflict of Interests 1278W
      Education: Assessments 1279W
      Education Maintenance Allowance 1278W
      Education System 1278W
      Further Education: Catering 1280W
      GCE A-Level 1280W
      GCSE 1280W
      Higher Education: Teachers 1281W
      Pupils: Dyslexia 1283W
      School Leaving 1283W
      Schools: Nurses 1284W
      Sixth Form Colleges: Capital Investment 1284W
      Supplementary Schools 1285W
      Teenage Pregnancy 1286W
Energy and Climate Change 1275W
      Carbon Emissions 1275W
      Climate Change: Export Credit Guarantees 1275W
      Environment Protection 1275W
      North Sea Oil 1277W
Environment, Food and Rural Affairs 1269W
      Animals: Slaughterhouses 1269W
      Bovine Tuberculosis: Disease Control 1270W
      Common Fisheries Policy 1270W
      Countryside: Access 1270W
      Departmental Manpower 1271W
      Departmental Pensions 1271W
      Departmental Plants 1271W
      Departmental Travel 1272W
      Elephants: Ivory 1273W
      Fisheries: East of England 1273W
      Forests 1273W
      Rabbits 1274W
      Seas and Oceans 1274W
      Trees: Diseases 1274W
Foreign and Commonwealth Office 1214W
      Human Rights: Export Controls 1214W
      Libya: Armed Conflict 1214W
      Libya: Politics and Government 1214W
      Osama bin Laden 1215W
      Sri Lanka: Internally Displaced Persons 1215W
      Western Sahara: Self-determination of States 1215W
Health 1267W
      CJD: Disease Control 1267W
      Heart Diseases 1268W
      NHS Future Forum 1268W
      Radiotherapy: Finance 1268W
      Suicide 1269W
Home Department 1216W
      Asylum: Grants 1216W
      Business Crime Reduction Initiative 1217W
      Crime: Design 1217W
      Greater Manchester 1218W
      Human Trafficking 1219W
      Lord Wasserman 1221W
      Police: Assaults 1222W
      Police: Manpower 1223W
      Prince William: Marriage 1221W
Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority Committee 1267W
      Members: Insurance 1267W
International Development 1263W
      Developing Countries: Maternity Services 1263W
      Global School Partnerships 1263W
Justice 1258W
      British Nationals Abroad: Terrorism 1258W
      Further Education: Manchester 1258W
      Information Commissioner 1259W
      Joint Enterprise 1259W
      Legal Aid: Domestic Violence 1260W
      Legal Aid: London 1260W
      Mediation 1260W
      Prisoners: Self-harm 1261W
      Prisons: Manpower 1262W
      Social Security Benefits 1262W
      Social Workers 1262W
Transport 1209W
      Cycling 1209W
      Large Goods Vehicle Drivers: Working Hours 1210W
      Roads: Accidents 1210W
      Roads: Finance 1212W
      Roads: Safety 1213W
      Speed Limits 1213W
      Transport for London: Finance 1213W
Treasury 1287W
      Departmental Expenditure 1287W
      Excise Duties: Liquefied Natural Gas 1287W
      Natural Gas: Exports 1287W
      Non-Domestic Rates 1287W
      PAYE: Local Government 1287W
      Pensions 1288W
      Public Expenditure 1288W
      Public Sector: Borrowing 1289W
      Renewables Obligation 1289W
      Small Businesses 1290W
      VAT: Insurance 1290W
Wales 1277W
      Devolution Funding 1278W
      Enterprise Zones 1277W
Work and Pensions 1235W
      Employment Schemes 1235W
      Incapacity Benefit 1236W
      Industrial Health and Safety: Chandler’s Wharf 1239W
      Jobcentre Plus: Reorganisation 1239W
      Jobseeker’s Allowance: Appeals 1240W
      Medical Examinations: Complaints 1240W
      Members: Correspondence 1241W
      New Enterprise Allowance 1241W
      Personal Injury: Compensation Recovery Unit 1242W
      Social Security Benefits 1243W
      Social Security Benefits 1245W
      Social Security Benefits: Fraud 1244W
      Social Security Benefits: Overpayments 1244W
      Unemployment: Young People 1245W
      Universal Credit 1246W
      Welfare State: Reform 1247W