Oral Answers
Monday 16 May 2011

Defence 1
      Afghanistan 15
      Armed Forces Day 2012 8
      Basing Review 13
      Council Tax Rebates 6
      Defence Equipment 16
      Defence Procurement 5
      Improvised Explosive Devices (Afghanistan) 9
      Libya 2
      Middle East 9
      Military Covenant 14
      NATO 10
      Nuclear Test Veterans 12
      Royal Navy (Libya) 1
      Security Situation (Pakistan and Afghanistan) 7
      Service Family Accommodation 16
      Topical Questions 17

Written Ministerial Statements
Monday 16 May 2011

Business, Innovation and Skills 1WS
      Modern Workplaces Consultation 1WS
Foreign and Commonwealth Office 3WS
      Council of Europe: 121st Annual Ministerial Meeting: Istanbul, 10-11 May 2011 3WS
Home Department 4WS
      Operation Gird 4WS
Transport 4WS
      Sale of Trust Ports 4WS
Treasury 1WS
      Consumer Insurance (Disclosure and Representations) Bill 1WS
      Equitable Life Scheme Design Document 2WS

Written Answers
Monday 16 May 2011

Attorney-General 16W
      David Kelly 16W
Business, Innovation and Skills 104W
      Business: Taxation 104W
      Exports: United Arab Emirates 105W
      Green Investment Bank 105W
      Havering 105W
      Higher Education: Admissions 105W
      Higher Education: Reading Berkshire 106W
      Office of Fair Trading 106W
      Regional Development Agencies: Redundancy Pay 107W
      Space: Industry 107W
      Students: Fees and Charges 108W
      Students: Loans 108W
      Technology and Innovation Centres 108W
Cabinet Office 89W
      Departmental Data Protection 89W
      Departmental Information Officers 89W
      Government Departments: ICT 90W
Communities and Local Government 53W
      Affordable Housing 53W
      Affordable Housing: Disability 53W
      Council Tax Benefits 54W
      Departmental Responsibilities 54W
      Housing: Learning Disability 55W
      Housing: Standards 55W
      Local Government 56W
      Regional Planning and Development 56W
      Rented Housing: Private Sector 56W
      Travellers: Caravan Sites 57W
Culture, Media and Sport 4W
      BBC Trust 4W
      Broadcasting 4W
      Creative Industries Council 4W
      Departmental Legal Costs 5W
      Heritage Lottery Fund 5W
      National Lottery: Sports 5W
      Scratch Cards: Gambling 6W
Defence 74W
      Afghanistan: Peacekeeping Operations 75W
      Defence Equipment: Afghanistan 74W
      Defence Exports 74W
      Franco-British Co-operation 75W
      Operation Ellamy 75W
      RFA Largs Bay 76W
      Strategic Defence and Security Review 74W
      Technical Training 75W
Deputy Prime Minister 104W
      Elections 104W
Electoral Commission Committee 16W
      Absent Voting 16W
      Alternative Vote 17W
Energy and Climate Change 82W
      Departmental Billing 82W
      Departmental Data Protection 83W
      Departmental Legal Costs 83W
      Departmental Pay 84W
      Departmental Responsibilities 84W
      Energy: Housing 85W
      Feed-in Tariffs 86W
      Fuels: Prices 86W
      Renewable Energy 87W
      Renewable Energy: Manpower 88W
      Sellafield 88W
      Wind Power: Finance 88W
Environment, Food and Rural Affairs 6W
      Allotments 6W
      Animal Welfare 7W
      Carbon Emissions 8W
      Departmental Legal Opinion 8W
      Horse Passports 8W
      Ivory 9W
      Palm Oil: Labelling 9W
      Pesticides: Bees 9W
      Pets: Complementary Medicine 10W
      Pigeons 10W
      River Rom 11W
      Rural Areas: Community Development 11W
      Squirrels 11W
      Tree Planting 12W
      UN Convention on Biodiversity's Nagoya Protocol 12W
Foreign and Commonwealth Office 17W
      Afghanistan: Christianity 17W
      Bahrain: United Arab Emirates 17W
      British Indian Ocean Territory 18W
      British Indian Ocean Territory: Environment Protection 18W
      Departmental Pay 18W
      Hamas: Guided Weapons 19W
      Ilois: Resettlement 19W
      Israel: Terrorism 20W
      Middle East: Anti-Semitism 20W
      Middle East: Armed Conflict 20W
      Middle East: British Nationals Abroad 21W
      Middle East: Peace Negotiations 21W
      Middle East: Politics and Government 22W
      Yemen: Humanitarian Aid 22W
      Yemen: Overseas Aid 23W
Health 59W
      Cancer: Drugs 59W
      Care Homes 59W
      Clostridium Difficile 60W
      Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease 60W
      Dental Services 62W
      Departmental Pensions 62W
      Disability: Advocacy 62W
      Disability: Housing 63W
      GP Surgeries 65W
      Health Centres: Greater London 65W
      Health Centres: Greater London 66W
      Hospitals: Infectious Diseases 67W
      Hospitals: Manpower 68W
      Hospitals: Parking 68W
      Hospitals: Security 68W
      Hospitals: Visits 69W
      John Radcliffe Hospital: Blood Transfusions 69W
      Liverpool Primary Care Trust: Advertising 69W
      Medical Equipment 69W
      Ophthalmology 70W
      Preventable Diseases: South Asian Communities 64W
      Public Expenditure 70W
      Ritalin 70W
      Seasonal Affective Disorder 71W
      Smoking 71W
      Surgery: Private Sector 71W
      Tobacco 72W
      Tobacco: Regulations 73W
Home Department 23W
      Alcoholic Drinks 23W
      Asylum 24W
      Asylum: Housing 23W
      Crime: Foreign Nationals 24W
      Criminal Records: Disclosure of Information 25W
      Departmental Refreshments 25W
      Detainees: Telephone Calls 25W
      Driving Offences 26W
      Marriage of Convenience: Arrests 26W
      Offences Against Children 26W
      Overseas Students: Visas 27W
      Police 27W
      Police: Bureaucracy 31W
      Police: Manpower 32W
      Police: Redundancy 35W
      Police: Retirement 35W
      Police: Vetting 35W
      Stop and Search 36W
      Stop and Search: Terrorism 37W
      Visas 37W
      Visas: Finance 38W
Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority Committee 15W
      Security Certificate 15W
International Development 13W
      Bangladesh: Special Educational Needs 13W
      Burma: Overseas Aid 13W
      Democratic Republic of Congo: Elections 13W
      Departmental Manpower 14W
      Developing Countries: Education 15W
      Developing Countries: Food 15W
Justice 38W
      Career Breaks 38W
      Charter of Fundamental Rights: EU 38W
      Civil Proceedings: Legal Costs 38W
      Criminal Injuries Compensation: Public Consultation 40W
      Domestic Violence: Fixed Penalties 40W
      Human Rights Act 1988 40W
      Legal Aid 40W
      Prison Sentences 40W
      Prisoners 43W
      Prisoners: Correspondence 45W
      Prisoners: Equality 46W
      Prisoners: Foreign Nationals 46W
      Prisoners’ Release 44W
      Prisons 47W
      Prisons: Drugs 48W
      Prisons: Equality 48W
      Prisons: Security 48W
      Prisons: Standards 52W
      Public Expenditure 53W
Northern Ireland 1W
      Departmental Data Protection 1W
Prime Minister 76W
      Departmental Correspondence 76W
      Ministers 76W
      Prime Minister: Meetings 77W
Scotland 6W
      Offshore Industry 6W
Transport 1W
      Car Hire: Young People 1W
      Driving Offences: Fines 1W
      High Speed 2 Railway Line 2W
      Motorcycles 2W
      Railways: Standards 3W
      Roads: Accidents 3W
      Taxis: Disability 3W
      Thameslink: Rolling Stock 4W
Treasury 77W
      Business: Government Assistance 77W
      Credit Unions 77W
      EU Budget 78W
      Financial Institutions: Redundancy 78W
      Income Tax 78W
      Libya: Public Expenditure 78W
      Loans: Portugal 79W
      National Insurance Fund 79W
      Smuggling: Northern Ireland 79W
      Social Security Benefits: EU Nationals 79W
      Tax Avoidance 82W
      VAT: Alcoholic Drinks 82W
Women and Equalities 73W
      Directors: Females 73W
Work and Pensions 91W
      Asthma 91W
      Attendance Allowance: Norwich City Council 91W
      Departmental Mobile Phones 92W
      Departmental Travel 92W
      Departmental Work Experience 93W
      Disability Living Allowance 93W
      Employment Agencies 94W
      Employment and Support Allowance 94W
      Employment: Private Sector 96W
      Employment Schemes 95W
      Health: Young People 96W
      Housing Benefit 97W
      Industrial Accidents: Eyesight 98W
      Jobcentre Plus 99W
      Jobcentre Plus: Crimes of Violence 100W
      Mortgages: Government Assistance 99W
      National Insurance 101W
      Pension Credit 101W
      Sick Leave 102W
      Social Security Benefits: Fraud 102W
      Social Security Benefits: Lone Parents 103W
      State Retirement Pensions 103W