Oral Answers
Tuesday 17 May 2011

Justice 135
      Charity Initiatives (Prisons) 145
      Drug Rehabilitation 146
      ECHR Jurisdiction 138
      Injunctions (Privacy) 136
      Legal Aid (Immigration) 147
      Legal Aid Reform 141
      Prisoners (Foreign Nationals) 140
      Prisoners (Foreign Nationals) 148
      Restorative Justice 135
      Sentencing 139
      Topical Questions 149
      Victim Support (Violent Crime) 147
      Work Opportunities (Prisons) 144

Written Ministerial Statements
Tuesday 17 May 2011

Communities and Local Government 7WS
      Building and the Environment 7WS
Environment, Food and Rural Affairs 9WS
      Agriculture and Fisheries Council 9WS
Foreign and Commonwealth Office 9WS
      Afghanistan: Monthly Progress Report April 2011 9WS
Justice 10WS
      Civil and Family Court Offices (Face to Face Services) 10WS
Treasury 7WS
      Debt Management Office 7WS
Work and Pensions 11WS
      Social Mobility and Child Poverty Commission 11WS

Written Answers
Tuesday 17 May 2011

Attorney-General 137W
      Departmental Data Protection 137W
Business, Innovation and Skills 149W
      Aviation: Treaties 149W
      English Language: Education 150W
      Graduates: Pay 150W
      Graduates: Work Experience 151W
      Higher Education: Admissions 151W
      Postal Services 152W
      Postal Services: Fees and Charges 152W
      Space Technology: Libya 152W
      Students: Fees and Charges 153W
      Tobacco: Retail Trade 153W
      Trade Promotion 153W
Cabinet Office 177W
      Businesses: Transition Fund 177W
      Charities 177W
      Charities: Higher Education 177W
      Citizenship: Young People 177W
      Graduates: Unemployment 178W
      Public Sector: Pay 179W
      Voluntary Organisations 179W
Communities and Local Government 144W
      Affordable Housing 144W
      Allotments 144W
      Audit Commission 145W
      Council Housing 145W
      Departmental Billing 146W
      Derelict Land: Housing 146W
      Energy Performance Certificates 147W
      Fire Services: Hoaxes and False Alarms 148W
      Housing: Construction 147W
      Land: Ownership 147W
      Religious Buildings: Planning Permission 148W
      Rented Housing: Private Sector 148W
      Shared Ownership Schemes 149W
      Tenant Services Authority: Government Procurement Card 149W
Culture, Media and Sport 119W
      Departmental Responsibilities 119W
      Rugby: World Cup 119W
      Telecommunications: Hearing Impairment 120W
Defence 109W
      Armed Forces: Casualties 109W
      Armed Forces: Pensions 110W
      Armed Forces: Recruitment 110W
      Chinook Helicopters 111W
      Departmental Responsibilities 111W
      Libya: Armed Conflict 111W
      Middle East: Armed Conflict 112W
      Military Aircraft: Costs 112W
      Nuclear Power Stations: Security 112W
      Nuclear Submarines 112W
      USA: Military Bases 113W
Deputy Prime Minister 187W
      Absent Voting 187W
      Absent Voting: Fraud 188W
      Elections 188W
      European Court of Human Rights: Prisoner Voting 189W
Education 121W
      Adoption 121W
      CAFCASS: Qualifications 121W
      Confederation of British Industry 122W
      Departmental Data Protection 122W
      Departmental Legal Costs 122W
      Departmental Mobile Phones 122W
      Departmental Travel 122W
      Education: Torbay 123W
      Foster Care 123W
      Schools Sports 124W
Energy and Climate Change 176W
      Coal Gasification 176W
      Energy: Housing 176W
Environment, Food and Rural Affairs 113W
      Departmental Legal Opinion 113W
      Departmental Work Experience 114W
      Flood Control 114W
      Floods: House Insurance 115W
      Inland Waterways 116W
      Official Visits 117W
      Recycling: Incentives 117W
      Seas and Oceans: Environment Protection 118W
      Thames Estuary 118W
      Voluntary Work 117W
Foreign and Commonwealth Office 135W
      British Nationals Abroad: Offences against Children 135W
      Departmental Responsibilities 135W
      United Nations General Assembly 136W
Health 164W
      Cardiovascular Services 164W
      Chronic Fatigue Syndrome 164W
      Chronic Fatigue Syndrome: Training 165W
      Continuing Care 165W
      Departmental Pay 169W
      Diseases: Health Services 169W
      Diseases: Research 169W
      e-Cigarettes 170W
      Fluoride: Drinking Water 170W
      General Practitioners 171W
      Health Services: Prisoners 172W
      Heart Diseases: Children 172W
      Heart Diseases: Rehabilitation 172W
      Hepatitis: Scotland 173W
      National Treatment Agency for Substance Misuse: Public Appointments 173W
      NHS: Drugs 173W
      Organs: Donors 174W
      Patients: Transport 174W
      Primary Care Trusts: Birmingham 174W
      Smoking 175W
      South London Healthcare NHS Trust: Restructure 175W
      Tattooing 175W
Home Department 154W
      Arrest Warrants 154W
      Asylum: Detainees 155W
      Children: Protection 156W
      Departmental Billing 156W
      Departmental Data Protection 156W
      Departmental Pay 157W
      Departmental Public Transport 157W
      Departmental Responsibilities 157W
      Domestic Violence: Advisory Services 158W
      Driving Offences 158W
      English Language: Education 159W
      Entry Clearances: Balkans 159W
      Fines: Tobacco 159W
      Illegal Immigrants 160W
      Immigrants 160W
      Missing Persons 160W
      Offences against Children 161W
      Offenders: Deportation 162W
      Sexual Offences: EU Action 162W
      Stop and Search 162W
House of Commons Commission 119W
      Members: Offices 119W
International Development 124W
      Africa: Overseas Aid 124W
      Departmental Consultants 124W
      Departmental Data Protection 125W
      Departmental Work Experience 125W
      Developing Countries: Education 126W
      Guyana: Climate Change 126W
      Guyana: Floods 127W
      Guyana: Overseas Aid 127W
      North Korea: Overseas Aid 128W
      Pakistan: Education 128W
      Palestinians: International Assistance 128W
      West Africa 130W
      West Africa: Overseas Aid 131W
Justice 179W
      Charter of Fundamental Rights (EU) 180W
      Criminal Justice System 179W
      Custody: Death 180W
      Departmental Billing 181W
      Departmental Mobile Phones 181W
      Domestic Violence 181W
      Driving Offences 182W
      Legal Advice and Assistance: Mental Health 182W
      Legal Aid 182W
      Legal Aid: Funding 180W
      Legal Aid: Mental Health 183W
      Legal Aid Reform 179W
      Prison Sentences 184W
      Prisoners 184W
      Prisoners’ Release 184W
      Prisons: Film 185W
      Restorative Justice 180W
      Restraint Techniques 185W
      Sentencing: Crime Rates 180W
      Tribunal Service 186W
Leader of the House 163W
      Electronic Government: Petitions 163W
      EU Law: Parliamentary Scrutiny 163W
      Legal Aid: Reform 163W
      Ministerial Policy Advisers 163W
Transport 137W
      Aircraft: Seating 137W
      Aviation: Biofuels 137W
      Aviation: Working Hours 138W
      Biofuels 138W
      Commuters 139W
      Cycling: Safety 140W
      Departmental Public Transport 140W
      Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency: Yeovil 140W
      Great Western Railway: Finance 141W
      High Speed 2 Railway Line 141W
      Motor Vehicle: Testing 141W
      Motor Vehicles: Excise Duties 142W
      Parking: Fees and Charges 142W
      Railways: Franchises 142W
      Renewable Energy: EU Law 142W
      Roads: Accidents 143W
      Roads: EU Action 143W
      Rolling Stock: Repairs and Maintenance 143W
      Vehicle Number Plates: Fraud 144W
Treasury 189W
      Building Societies: Regulation 189W
      Civil Society Organisations: Taxation 190W
      Corporation Tax: Businesses 190W
      Departmental Pay 190W
      Equitable Life Assurance Society: Compensation 190W
      Financial Institutions: Directors 191W
      Financial Services Authority 191W
      Independent Commission on Banking 191W
      Public Sector: Pensions 192W
      Taxation: Bingo 192W
      Taxation: Company Cars 192W
Work and Pensions 132W
      Employment and Support Allowance: Chronic Fatigue Syndrome 132W
      Housing Benefit 132W
      Mortgages: Government Assistance 133W
      National Employment Savings Trust Scheme: Shipping 134W
      National Insurance 134W
      Unemployed People 134W
      Universal Credit 134W