Oral Answers
Wednesday 18 May 2011

Northern Ireland 323
      Bill of Rights 327
      Economy 330
      Independent International Commission on Decommissioning 323
      Legacy Issues 331
      Personal Protection Training 327
      Security Threat 324
      Security Threat 331
      Terrorism (Powers of Detention) 329
      Union (Referendum) 328
      West Lothian Question 331
Prime Minister 332
      Engagements 332
      Engagements 338
      Nuclear Deterrent 337

Written Ministerial Statements
Wednesday 18 May 2011

Business, Innovation and Skills 13WS
      Local Enterprise Partnerships (Gloucestershire) 13WS
      Review of Intellectual Property and Growth 13WS
      Review of Offender Learning 14WS
Cabinet Office 17WS
      Identity Assurance 17WS
Communities and Local Government 18WS
      Employment, Social Policy, Health and Consumer Affairs Council Agenda (19 May 2011) 18WS
Defence 19WS
      UK/Iraq Bilateral Agreement 19WS
Energy 20WS
      Fukushima (Interim Report) 20WS
Environment, Food and Rural Affairs 22WS
      Annual Report of the Veterinary Products Committee and its Sub-Committees 2010 22WS
      Single Payment Scheme 22WS
Treasury 15WS
      ECOFIN (17 May 2011) 15WS

Written Answers
Wednesday 18 May 2011

Business, Innovation and Skills 270W
      Convention on International Interests in Mobile Equipment 270W
      Departmental Legal Costs 270W
      Domestic Service: Conditions of Employment 271W
      Higher Education: Scholarships 271W
      London College of Traditional Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine 272W
      Research: Finance 272W
Communities and Local Government 230W
      Departmental Mobile Phones 230W
      Faith Communities: Places of Worship 230W
      Greater Manchester 231W
      Multiple Occupation 231W
Culture, Media and Sport 232W
      Departmental Billing 232W
      Departmental Mobile Phones 232W
      Government Art Collection 232W
      Olympic Games 2012: Smoking 233W
      School Sports 233W
      Sports: Young People 233W
Deputy Prime Minister 234W
      Elections: Armed Forces 234W
      Electoral Register: Scotland 235W
Education 246W
      Academies 246W
      Academies: Berkshire 246W
      Children: Day Care 247W
      Disadvantaged: Milton Kenyes 248W
      Drama: Finance 251W
      Education: Finance 251W
      Free School Meals: Sunderland 252W
      Free Schools: Teachers 253W
      International Baccalaureate 253W
      Learning Disability: Parents 254W
      Music: English Baccalaureate 255W
      Physics: Teachers 255W
      Pupils: Disadvantaged 255W
      Pupils: Dyslexia 256W
      School Leaving 256W
      Schools: Admissions 257W
      Schools: Coventry 263W
      Schools: Nurses 263W
      Schools: Standards 264W
      Special Educational Needs 264W
      Sports: Clubs 265W
      Supplementary Schools 265W
      Teachers: Manpower 266W
      Teachers: Merseyside 266W
      Teachers: Training 266W
      Teachers: West Midlands 267W
      Teenage Pregnancy 267W
      West London Free School 267W
Energy and Climate Change 235W
      Carbon Reduction Commitment Energy Efficiency Scheme 235W
      Climate Change: Developing Countries 235W
      Departmental Mobile Phones 236W
      Energy Performance Certificates 236W
      Renewable Energy: Feed-in Tariffs 236W
Environment, Food and Rural Affairs 213W
      Biodiversity 213W
      Coastal Areas: Access 214W
      Departmental Legal Costs 214W
      Floods: Insurance 214W
      Land: Contamination 215W
      Rivers 215W
Foreign and Commonwealth Office 237W
      al-Qaeda 237W
      British Nationals Abroad: Sexual Offences 237W
      Departmental Billing 237W
      Israel: Terrorism 238W
      Malaysia: Burma 238W
      United Arab Emirates: AssetCo 239W
Health 240W
      Abortion 240W
      Departmental Billing 241W
      Departmental Data Protection 242W
      Diseases: Health Services 242W
      Fluoride: Drinking Water 243W
      Hospitals: North East England 243W
      NHS: Managers 243W
      NHS: Reorganisation 243W
      Nurses: Manpower 244W
      Nurses: West Midlands 244W
      School Milk 245W
Home Department 218W
      Animal Experiments 218W
      Community Safety Local Partnerships 219W
      Departmental Mobile Phones 219W
      Driving Offences 219W
      Entry Clearances: Married People 220W
      Immigrants 220W
      Immigrants: Detainees 221W
      Immigration: India 222W
      Shoplifting 222W
International Development 239W
      Africa: Overseas Aid 239W
      Departmental Billing 240W
Justice 197W
      Aiding and Abetting 197W
      Antisocial Behaviour: Fixed Penalties 198W
      Criminal Injuries Compensation Scheme 205W
      Departmental Data Protection 205W
      Departmental Travel 205W
      Legal Aid: Gurkhas 206W
      Legal Aid: Reform 207W
      Prison Service: Manpower 207W
      Prison Service: Manpower 207W
      Reoffenders 207W
      Reoffenders: Crimes of Violence 208W
      Young Offenders: Children in Care 209W
Northern Ireland 222W
      Corporation Tax 223W
      Departmental Billing 223W
      Departmental Mobile Phones 224W
      Inward Investment 222W
      Pat Finucane 223W
      Universal Credit 223W
Scotland 216W
      Departmental Billing 216W
      Departmental Mobile Phones 217W
      Departmental Taxis 217W
      Devolution 217W
      Greater Manchester 217W
      Trade Unions 218W
Transport 224W
      Cycleways 224W
      Departmental Mobile Phones 225W
      Driving Offences: Fines 225W
      Great Western Railway: Franchises 225W
      High Speed Two Railway Line 225W
      HM Coastguard 227W
      Motor Vehicles: Registration 227W
      Railway Stations: Access 229W
      Railways: North West 229W
      Railways: Wales 230W
      Shipping 230W
Treasury 267W
      Departmental Data Protection 267W
      Equitable Life Assurance Society: Compensation 268W
      Financial Services: Qualifications 268W
      Financial Services: Voluntary Organisations 268W
      Palestinians: Agricultural Products 269W
      Taxation: Underpayments 269W
Wales 193W
      Departmental Billing 193W
      Departmental Ministerial Policy Advisers 193W
      Departmental Mobile Phones 193W
      Devolution 194W
      Greater Manchester 194W
Women and Equalities 270W
      Departmental Ministerial Policy Advisers 270W
      Departmental Public Transport 270W
Work and Pensions 194W
      Departmental Accountancy 194W
      Departmental Billing 194W
      Departmental Legal Costs 195W
      Departmental Mobile Phones 196W
      Employment Schemes: Barking and Dagenham 196W
      Incapacity Benefit: Glasgow 196W

Ministerial Correction
Wednesday 18 May 2011

Communities and Local Government 1MC
      Audit Commission: Government Procurement Card 1MC