Oral Answers
Thursday 19 May 2011

Energy and Climate Change 475
      Carbon Capture and Storage 481
      Climate Change Legislation 491
      Eco Island Initiative 482
      Electric Vehicles 482
      Energy Bill (Consumer Protection) 488
      Energy Company Obligation 477
      Energy-intensive Industries 488
      Gas Supply 486
      Green Deal 475
      Green Deal 479
      Green Deal 490
      Green Deal and Renewable Heat Incentive 480
      Independent Fuel Poverty Review 483
      National Policy Statements 487
      Offshore Wind Farms 484
      Onshore Wind Energy 488
      Renewable Heat Incentive 478
      Tidal Energy 489
      Topical Questions 491

Written Ministerial Statements
Thursday 19 May 2011

Culture, Media and Sport 23WS
      Education, Youth, Culture and Sport Council (19-20 May 2011) 23WS
Defence 24WS
      Report of the Select Committee on the Armed Forces Bill (Government Response) 24WS
Energy and Climate Change 26WS
      Ofgem Review: Summary of Conclusions 26WS
Environment, Food and Rural Affairs 27WS
      Wild Animals in Circuses 27WS
Foreign and Commonwealth Office 27WS
      Pre-Foreign Affairs Council and General Affairs Council (23-24 May 2011) 27WS
Health 33WS
      Employment, Social Policy, Health and Consumer Affairs Council (Luxembourg 6-7 June 2011) 33WS
Home Department 33WS
      Equality and Human Rights Commission (Triennial Review) 34WS
      Justice and Home Affairs Council 34WS
      Section 19 of the United Kingdom Borders Act 2007 33WS
Justice 37WS
      Draft Charter for the Coroner Service for Consultation 37WS
Leader of the House 38WS
      Members’ Salaries 38WS
Transport 39WS
      Review of Investigation/Closure Procedures for Motorway Incidents 39WS

Thursday 19 May 2011

Transport 1P
      Coastguard Services (Falmouth) 1P
Treasury 1P
      Child Benefit 1P

Written Answers
Thursday 19 May 2011

Attorney-General 286W
      Crime: Prosecutions 286W
      Departmental Mobile Phones 286W
      Departmental Travel 287W
Business, Innovation and Skills 330W
      Agricultural Products: EU External Trade 330W
      Arms Trade: Export Controls 330W
      Departmental Billing 330W
      Departmental Data Protection 331W
      Departmental Pay 331W
      Foreign Investment in UK 332W
      Higher Education: Admissions 332W
      Higher Education: Private Sector 333W
      Higher Education: Procurement 333W
      Industrial Disputes 333W
      Intellectual Property and Growth Review 334W
      New Businesses 335W
      Overseas Students 335W
      Overseas Students: Entry Clearances 336W
      Post Offices 336W
      Post Offices: Bank Services 336W
      Postal Services 336W
      Regional Growth Fund 337W
Cabinet Office 290W
      Census 290W
      Civil Servants: Early Retirement 291W
      Community Relations 291W
      Departmental Ministerial Policy Advisers 291W
      Departmental Responsibilities 292W
Communities and Local Government 278W
      Audit Commission: Government Procurement Card 278W
      Eco-towns 279W
      Empty Property 279W
      Energy Performance Certificates 280W
      Gurkhas: Resettlement 280W
      Housing: Construction 281W
      Land: Databases 282W
      Religious Buildings: Planning 282W
Culture, Media and Sport 275W
      Departmental Billing 275W
      Departmental Data Protection 275W
      Telecommunications: Hearing Impairment 275W
      Television: Local Broadcasting 276W
Defence 338W
      Armed Forces: Young People 338W
      Defence and Diplomacy 338W
      EU Defence Policy 338W
      Libya: Armed Conflict 339W
      Strategic Defence and Security Review 340W
      USA: Military Bases 340W
Energy and Climate Change 341W
      Carbon Emissions 342W
      Committee on Climate Change 344W
      Offshore Wind Capacity 342W
      Oil Refineries 341W
      Trade Unions 344W
Environment, Food and Rural Affairs 294W
      Fisheries: Quotas 294W
      Fishing Vessels 297W
      Floods: Greenwich 297W
      Floods: Insurance 297W
      Hydrofluorocarbons 298W
Foreign and Commonwealth Office 283W
      Council of Europe: Finance 283W
      Departmental Ministerial Policy Advisers 284W
      South Sudan 284W
      Syria: Politics and Government 285W
      Uganda: Homosexuality 285W
Health 302W
      Departmental Ministerial Policy Advisers 302W
      Departmental Mobile Phones 303W
      Departmental Travel 303W
      Fluoride 303W
      Fluoride: Southampton 304W
      Hospitals 304W
      North Cheshire Hospitals NHS Trust 305W
      Nurses: Manpower 305W
      Southern Cross Healthcare 306W
Home Department 298W
      Alcoholic Drinks: Children 298W
      Animal Experiments 299W
      Antisocial Behaviour 299W
      DNA: Databases 299W
      Domestic Violence: Advisory Services 300W
      Drugs 300W
      Entry Clearances: Private Education 301W
      Greater Manchester Police Authority 301W
      Members: Correspondence 302W
      Victim Support Schemes: Newcastle upon Tyne 302W
House of Commons Commission 277W
      Accommodation 277W
      Environmental Targets 277W
      Times of Sittings 278W
International Development 340W
      Departmental Mobile Phones 340W
      Ethiopia: Overseas Aid 340W
      Overseas Aid 341W
Justice 288W
      Coroners 288W
      Corruption 288W
      Departmental Ministerial Policy Advisers 288W
      Fixed Penalties 289W
      Risley Prison: Suicide 289W
      Sexual Offences: Convictions 290W
Northern Ireland 282W
      Departmental Ministerial Policy Advisers 282W
      Research 283W
      Trade Unions 283W
Scotland 293W
      Departmental Ministerial Policy Advisers 293W
      Devolution 293W
      Offshore Industry: Profits 293W
      Scottish Grand Committee 293W
Transport 306W
      Departmental Information Officers 306W
      Departmental Legal Costs 306W
      Driving: Insurance 307W
      Large Goods Vehicles: Accidents 307W
      Motor Vehicle: Testing 308W
      Motor Vehicles: Insurance 308W
      Regional Airports 308W
      Shipping: EU Law 309W
      Shipping: Smoking 309W
Treasury 323W
      Child Tax Credit: EU Nationals 323W
      Commodity Markets 323W
      Corporation Tax 324W
      Departmental Billing 324W
      Departmental Correspondence 324W
      EU Budget 325W
      Income Tax: Tax Rates and Bands 325W
      Oil: Prices 326W
      Revenue and Customs: Training 326W
      Tax Avoidance 326W
      Tax Collection 328W
      Tax Yields: Financial Services 328W
      Taxation: Aviation 329W
      Taxation: Land 329W
      Trade Unions 329W
      Welfare Tax Credits: Expenditure 330W
Women and Equalities 287W
      Equality Act 2010 287W
      Left-handed People: Equality 288W
Work and Pensions 309W
      Child Maintenance 311W
      Child Support Agency 309W
      Departmental Pay 313W
      Disability Assessments 313W
      Disability Living Allowance 314W
      Employment and Support Allowance 315W
      Employment and Support Allowance: Chronic Fatigue Syndrome 316W
      Employment and Support Allowance: Visual Impairment 316W
      Housing Benefit 317W
      Housing Benefit: Disability 317W
      Jobcentre Plus: Manpower 318W
      Poverty: Children 318W
      Social Security Benefits: Autism 321W
      Social Security Benefits: Suicide 322W
      Universal Credit 323W