Oral Answers
Tuesday 24 May 2011

Attorney-General 770
      CPS Advocate Panels 773
      Crown Prosecution Service 771
      Domestic and Sexual Violence 770
      Forced Marriage 773
      Fraud and Economic Crime 774
      Transnational Bribery 777
Deputy Prime Minister 757
      Disabled People (Elected Office) 757
      House of Lords 757
      Police and Crime Commissioners 762
      Political and Constitutional Reform 763
      Postal Voting 760
      Topical Questions 763
      Voting Facilities (Service Personnel) 761

Written Ministerial Statements
Tuesday 24 May 2011

Business, Innovation and Skills 47WS
      Draft Groceries Code Adjudicator Bill 47WS
Culture, Media and Sport 49WS
      Lords Parliamentary Written Question (Correction) 49WS
Defence 49WS
      Sovereign Base Areas 49WS
Home Department 50WS
      EU Directive (Third Country Nationals) 50WS
Transport 50WS
      British Transport Police 50WS
Treasury 47WS
      Planned Tax Consultations 48WS
      Tax Avoidance 47WS
Work and Pensions 52WS
      Defined Contribution Pension Schemes 52WS

Tuesday 24 May 2011

Business, Innovation and Skills 3P
      ESOL Funding 3P
      Funding for English for Speakers of other Languages Courses 4P
Home Department 5P
      Student Visas 5P
Justice 6P
      Minimum Sentence for Murder 6P
Work and Pensions 6P
      Mobility Component of Disability Living Allowance 6P

24 May 2011 : Column 499

24 May 2011 : Column 499

Written Answers
Tuesday 24 May 2011

Attorney-General 652W
      Prosecutions: Northamptonshire 652W
Business, Innovation and Skills 639W
      Adult Education: Finance 639W
      Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre 639W
      Apprentices 640W
      Bakery Products 641W
      Departmental Ministerial Policy Advisers 641W
      Employment Agencies 642W
      English Language: Universities 642W
      Export Credit Guarantees 642W
      Fossil Fuels: Export Credit Guarantees 643W
      Higher Education: Admissions 643W
      Higher Education: Finance 644W
      Local Enterprise Partnerships 645W
      Manufacturing Industries 646W
      Press: Competition 646W
      Royal Mail 646W
      Small Businesses 647W
      Technology Transfer: Developing Countries 647W
      Trade Unions 647W
      Universities 649W
      Universities: Overseas Students 651W
Cabinet Office 601W
      Departmental Co-ordination 601W
      Electoral Register 602W
      Married People 615W
Communities and Local Government 677W
      Allotments 677W
      Anti-Semitism 677W
      Care Homes: Planning Permission 678W
      Council Tax Benefits 678W
      Departmental Charitable Donations 678W
      Departmental Data Protection 679W
      Departmental Ministerial Policy Advisers 679W
      Departmental NDPBs 679W
      Domestic Visits 680W
      European Regional Development Fund 682W
      Fire Services: Crimes of Violence 683W
      Housing Associations: Fraud 684W
      Housing: Construction 684W
      Housing: Energy 685W
      Local Government Act 1988 685W
      Local Government: Finance 685W
      Local Government: Standards 686W
      Planning Permission: Appeals 686W
      Playing Fields 686W
      Social Care 687W
      Trading Standards: Video Recordings 688W
      Vacant Land 688W
Culture, Media and Sport 504W
      Arts: Ethnic Groups 504W
      Broadband: Sunderland 505W
      Copyright: Internet 505W
      Cultural Heritage: Qualifications 505W
      Departmental CCTV 506W
      Heritage Lottery Fund: Reading 506W
      Heritage: Repairs and Maintenance 506W
      Intellectual Property 507W
      Local Broadcasting: Television 507W
      National Lottery 508W
      Olympic Games 2012 508W
      Olympic Games 2012: Contracts 508W
      Prince William: Marriage 509W
      Public Holidays 509W
      Sports: VAT 510W
      Television: Local Broadcasting 510W
      Trade Unions 510W
Defence 520W
      Afghanistan: Peacekeeping Operations 521W
      Armed Forces 522W
      Armed Forces: Casualties 522W
      Armed Forces: Compensation 522W
      Armed Forces: Complaints 524W
      Armed Forces: Conditions of Employment 525W
      Armed Forces: Pensions 527W
      Armoured Fighting Vehicles 527W
      Community Covenant 527W
      Defence: Exports 528W
      Departmental Billing 529W
      Departmental CCTV 527W
      Departmental Data Protection 529W
      Departmental Ministerial Policy Advisers 530W
      Departmental Mobile Phones 531W
      Departmental Rail Travel 531W
      Departmental Work Experience 531W
      Guided Weapons 532W
      Hawk Aircraft 532W
      Joint Strike Fighter Aircraft 533W
      Joint Strike Fighter Programme 533W
      Legal Arbitrator: Military Covenant 520W
      Libya: Armed Conflict 534W
      Nuclear Submarines 534W
      Peacekeeping Operations 535W
      Public Expenditure 535W
      Research 536W
      RFA Largs Bay 536W
      Saudi Arabia: Military Aid 520W
      Trident Submarines 537W
Deputy Prime Minister 622W
      Electoral Register 623W
      Political Party Funding 622W
      Recall of Members of Parliament 623W
      Voting Rights: Prisoners 623W
      West Lothian Question 623W
Education 624W
      Children in Care: Higher Education 624W
      Class Sizes: Middlesbrough 624W
      Classroom Assistants 625W
      Departmental Official Engagements 625W
      Departmental Research 626W
      Free School Meals 630W
      Free School Meals: Cheshire 631W
      GCE A-Level 631W
      Greater Manchester 633W
      Higher Education: Admissions 633W
      Pupils: Disadvantaged 634W
      Pupils: Reading Berkshire 636W
      Schools: Catering 635W
      Schools: Crimes of Violence 635W
      Schools: Finance 637W
      Teachers 638W
      Teachers: Training 638W
Energy and Climate Change 499W
      Biofuels 499W
      Carbon Emissions: Ceramics 499W
      Departmental CCTV 500W
      Departmental Charitable Donations 500W
      Departmental Ministerial Policy Advisers 500W
      Departmental Taxis 501W
      Electricity Generation 501W
      Energy: Meters 502W
      Energy: Prices 502W
      Fossil Fuels 503W
      Fuel: Households 503W
      Natural Gas 503W
      Nuclear Power 503W
      River Severn: Tidal Power 504W
      Welsh Assembly Government 504W
      Wind Power: Planning Permission 504W
Environment, Food and Rural Affairs 537W
      Aarhus Convention 537W
      Air Pollution: Greater London 538W
      Angling 538W
      Animal Welfare: Circuses 539W
      British Waterways Board 539W
      Carbon Emissions 539W
      Commons Councils 540W
      Dairy Farming 540W
      Dairy Farming: Insolvency 540W
      Departmental Buildings 542W
      Departmental Mobile Phones 543W
      Departmental Travel 543W
      Food: Origin Marking 545W
      Food: Waste 546W
      Origin Marking: Israel 546W
      Pigs: Animal Welfare 546W
      Plastic Bags 547W
      Poultry: Animal Welfare 548W
      River Rom 549W
      Scallops: Dredging 549W
      Set-aside Schemes 550W
      Zoos: Licensing 550W
Foreign and Commonwealth Office 580W
      Ai Weiwei 580W
      Antarctic Treaty 580W
      Central Africa: Armed Conflict 581W
      Crown Relocations 582W
      David Houtan Kian 582W
      Departmental Ministerial Policy Advisers 582W
      Departmental Pensions 583W
      Egypt: Internet 583W
      Embassies: Buildings 583W
      Internet 584W
      Libya: Foreign Relations 584W
      Libya: Oil 584W
      Middle East: Demonstrations 585W
      Palestinians: Borders 585W
      Syria: Demonstrations 585W
      Uganda: Violence 586W
Health 652W
      Bowel Cancer: Health Services 652W
      Breast Cancer: Screening 653W
      Breast Cancer: Surgery 653W
      Cancer: Drugs 654W
      Cancer: Health Services 654W
      Carers 655W
      Continuing Care 659W
      Counselling 659W
      Dental Services 659W
      Dental Services: Standards 660W
      Dentistry: Pay 665W
      Departmental Assets 665W
      Departmental CCTV 658W
      Departmental Manpower 665W
      Drugs: Prisoners 666W
      Health Professions: Regulation 666W
      Health Services: Older People 667W
      Health: Social Isolation 667W
      Heart Disease 667W
      Hospital Wards: Standards 668W
      Macular Degeneration: Drugs 669W
      Malnutrition 669W
      Mental Health 670W
      NHS: Middlesbrough 670W
      Nutrition 671W
      Obesity 671W
      Research 672W
      Southern Cross Healthcare 676W
      Spinal Injuries: Continuing Care 676W
Home Department 512W
      Antisocial Behaviour Orders 512W
      Aviation: Security 513W
      Departmental Research 513W
      Departmental Responsibilities 515W
      Drugs: Technology 516W
      Entry Clearances: Appeals 516W
      Entry Clearances: Overseas Students 516W
      Forensic Science Service 517W
      Greater Manchester Police 517W
      Human Trafficking 517W
      Immigrants: Employment 518W
      Immigrants: Gurkhas 518W
      Immigration Controls 518W
      Khat 518W
      Overseas Students 519W
      Police 519W
      Stalking: Victims 520W
House of Commons Commission 571W
      Internet 571W
International Development 551W
      China: Overseas Aid 551W
      Departmental CCTV 551W
      Departmental Manpower 551W
      Departmental Ministerial Policy Advisers 552W
      Departmental Procurement 552W
      Departmental Research 553W
      Developing Countries: Fossil Fuels 553W
      Developing Countries: Sanitation 553W
      Indian Subcontinent: Sanitation 555W
      Overseas Aid 556W
Justice 556W
      Civil Proceedings 556W
      Courts: Fees and Charges 557W
      Departmental Charitable Donations 557W
      Departmental Manpower 558W
      Land Registry 563W
      Magistrates Courts 565W
      Parenting Orders 566W
      Prisons 567W
      Wills: Regulation 570W

24 May 2011 : Column 503

Leader of the House 511W
      St Helens and Knowsley NHS Trust 511W
Northern Ireland 511W
      Personal Income 511W
Prime Minister 510W
      Animal Welfare: Circuses 510W
      Mark Britnell 511W
Scotland 651W
      Housing Benefit 651W
Transport 571W
      Biofuels 571W
      Biofuels: Aviation 571W
      Crossrail: Rolling Stock 571W
      Departmental Data Protection 573W
      Departmental Vacancies 573W
      Departmental Work Experience 573W
      Driving: Alcohol 574W
      High Speed Two Railway Line 574W
      Motor Vehicles: Insurance 575W
      Motorways: Repairs and Maintenance 576W
      Railways 576W
      Railways: Snow and Ice 577W
      Road Traffic 577W
      Roads: Finance 577W
      Roads: Safety 577W
      Speed Limits 578W
      Speed Limits: Cameras 578W
      Thameslink Railway Line 579W
      Tolls 579W
      Transport: Snow and Ice 579W
Treasury 586W
      Banks: Pay 586W
      Climate Change: EU Action 587W
      Guardian's Allowance: Grandparents 587W
      Public Sector: Pensions 587W
      VAT: Channel Islands 588W
Work and Pensions 588W
      Departmental CCTV 588W
      Departmental Data Protection 588W
      Disability Living Allowance: Care Homes 589W
      Employment Schemes: Older Workers 589W
      Housing Benefit 590W
      Industrial Health and Safety 591W
      Jobcentre Plus 591W
      Jobcentre Plus: Clydebank 592W
      Jobcentre Plus: Scotland 595W
      Jobseeker’s Allowance: Work Experience 596W
      Mortgages: Government Assistance 596W
      National Insurance Contributions 596W
      New Enterprise Allowance 598W
      New Enterprise Allowance: Wales 598W
      Pensioners: Benefits 598W
      Pensioners: British Nationals Abroad 599W
      Poverty: Children 599W
      Social Security Benefits 600W
      State Retirement Pensions 601W
      Winter Fuel Payments: Expenditure 601W