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Cabinet committees

Cabinet Office

    Trade unions 52w

Cable, Rt Hon Vince, Secretary of State for Business, Innovation and Skills

                  Written Statements

    One NorthEast, Public appointments 25ws


    Capital gains tax 572

    Departmental reorganisation, Department for Business, Innovation and Skills 570-1

    Departmental responsibilities, Department for Business, Innovation and Skills 570

    Financial services, Regulation 573

    Jarvis, Redundancy 576

    Manufacturing industries 571

    Nissan, Finance 571

    Regional development agencies 555-8

    Science, Research 572

    Sheffield Forgemasters 564-5

    Vergo Retail 570

Cairns, David

                  Chamber Debates

    Palestinians, International assistance (02.06.2010) 453


    Overseas aid, Malawi 48w

    Overseas aid, Russia 421

Cameron, Rt Hon David, Prime Minister, First Lord of the Treasury and Minister for the Civil Service

                  Chamber Debates

    Queen's speech (25.05.2010) 43-53

    Speaker, Elections (18.05.2010) 4-5

                  Written Statements

    Cabinet committees 7ws

    Departmental responsibilities 22-4ws

    Ministers, Codes of practice 7ws


    Afghanistan, Peacekeeping operations 433-4

    Armed forces 433

    Banks, Finance 431

    Building schools for the future programme 430

    Exservicemen, Mental health services 434-5

    Higher education, Admissions 431-2

    House of Lords, Reform 426

    Italy, Extradition 431

    Maternity services, Stroud 432-3

    Middle East 99w

    Ministerial policy advisers, Prime Minister 99w

    Mobile phones, Prime Minister 99w

    MOD St Athan 430

    Murdoch, Rupert 37w

    Nissan, Finance 432

    Official engagements, Prime Minister 426

    One NorthEast 436

    Palestinians, International assistance 426-7

    Private sector, Employment 429

    Public expenditure 430

    Public sector, Pay 431

    Rape, Rights of accused 427-8

    Tax allowances, Married people 428-9

    Terrorism, Deportation 434-5

Campbell, Mr Gregory


Campbell, Rt Hon Sir Menzies

                  Chamber Debates

    Palestinians, International assistance (02.06.2010) 442

Campbell, Mr Ronnie


    Banks, Finance 431


Capital allowances

    Manufacturing industries 100w

Capital gains tax

Caravan sites

Carbon emissions

    Department for Work and Pensions 25w

Care proceedings

Carmichael, Neil

                  Chamber Debates

    Maiden speeches (02.06.2010) 514-6

    Queen's speech (02.06.2010) 514-6


    Maternity services, Stroud 432-3

Carswell, Mr Douglas

                  Chamber Debates

    Queen's speech (25.05.2010) 112-5


    House of Lords, Reform 426

    Official engagements, Prime Minister 426

Cash, Mr William

                  Chamber Debates

    Palestinians, International assistance (02.06.2010) 448

Cellular phones

    see Mobile phones



    Human rights 16w

Chope, Mr Christopher

                  Chamber Debates


Civil servants

Clarke, Rt Hon Mr Kenneth, Lord Chancellor and Secretary of State for Justice


    Public expenditure, Ministry of Justice 13-4w

Clarke, Rt Hon Mr Tom


    Sudan, Politics and government 419

Clifton-Brown, Mr Geoffrey

                  Chamber Debates

    Dissolution (25.05.2010) 151

    Palestinians, International assistance (02.06.2010) 448

Clwyd, Rt Hon Ann

                  Chamber Debates

    Palestinians, International assistance (02.06.2010) 448

    Queen's speech (26.05.2010) 200-3


    Business questions 586

Coaker, Vernon


    Business questions 296

Coastal erosion

    Suffolk 8w

Codes of practice

    Members (27.05.2010) 301-2

Coffey, Dr The«re¬se

                  Chamber Debates

    Maiden speeches (27.05.2010) 338-40

    Queen's speech (27.05.2010) 338-40


    Coastal erosion, Suffolk 8w

Collins, Damian

                  Chamber Debates

    Maiden speeches (27.05.2010) 355-7

    Queen's speech (27.05.2010) 355-7

Communities and Local Government

    Electronic equipment 30w

    Non-departmental public bodies 31-2w

    Public expenditure 31w

    Trade unions 36w


    Industrial diseases 20-4w (511 1-6mc)


Complementary medicine

Concert halls

Conditions of employment

Connarty, Michael

                  Chamber Debates

    Queen's speech (26.05.2010) 184, 193


    Scottish Parliament 7-8ws


    Affordable housing 29w

    Council housing 30w

    Social rented housing 35-6w


Contact orders


Continuing care

Cooper, Rt Hon Yvette

                  Chamber Debates

    Future Jobs Fund, Points of order (26.05.2010) 170

Corbyn, Jeremy

                  Chamber Debates

    Palestinians, International assistance (02.06.2010) 445


    Hospitals, Greater London 40w

    Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty 17w

    Nuclear submarines 77w

    Social rented housing, Construction 35-6w

Corporation tax

Coulson, Andy

Council housing

    Construction 30w

Council Housing Finance Review

Council tax

    Religious buildings 30w

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