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Meacher, Rt Hon Mr Michael


    Public sector, Pay 47w

    Taxation, Financial services 104w

Mearns, Ian


    One NorthEast 436

Medical records


    Codes of practice (27.05.2010) 301-2

    Oaths and affirmations (19.05.2010) 10-20, (20.05.2010) 21-4, (24.05.2010) 25-8, (25.05.2010) 29-30, (02.06.2010) 417

Mental health services


Mercer, Patrick

                  Chamber Debates

    Queen's speech (26.05.2010) 266-8

Metcalfe, Stephen


Middle East

    Armed conflict 17w

Miliband, Rt Hon David

                  Chamber Debates

    European Union (03.06.2010) 613-23

    Palestinians, International assistance (02.06.2010) 439-41

    Queen's speech (26.05.2010) 189-97

Miliband, Rt Hon Edward

                  Chamber Debates

    Queen's speech (27.05.2010) 314-25

Miller, Andrew

                  Chamber Debates

    Queen's speech (25.05.2010) 74, (27.05.2010) 309


Miller, Maria, Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State, Department for Work and Pensions


    Children, Maintenance 23-4w

Milton, Anne, Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State, Department of Health

                  Chamber Debates

    Complementary medicine (02.06.2010) 551-4

                  Written Statements

    EU Employment, Social Policy, Health and Consumer Affairs Council 19ws


    Abortion, Advertising 82w

    Blood, Contamination 84w

    Blood, Donors 84w

    Fluoride, Drinking water 85w

    Maidstone Hospital 40w

    Marie Stopes International 86-7w

    Skipton Fund 87w

Ministerial policy advisers

    Department of Health 2w

    Prime Minister 99w

Ministerial statements

    Homicide (03.06.2010) 592-9

    Palestinians (02.06.2010) 437-54


Ministry of Justice

Mitchell, Rt Hon Mr Andrew, Secretary of State for International Development


    Afghanistan, Education 47w

    Developing countries, Maternity services 48w

    Malawi, Overseas aid 48w

    Nigeria, Overseas aid 48w

    Pakistan, Overseas aid 423-4

    Sudan, Politics and government 419-20

Mobile phones

    Prime Minister 99w

MOD St Athan

Moon, Mrs Madeleine

                  Chamber Debates

    Queen's speech (26.05.2010) 180, 195

Mordaunt, Penny


    Public expenditure 163

Morris, David

                  Chamber Debates

    Maiden speeches (25.05.2010) 124-6

    Queen's speech (25.05.2010) 124-6

Morris, Grahame M

                  Chamber Debates

    European Union (03.06.2010) 664-7

    Maiden speeches (03.06.2010) 664-7


    Home information packs 89w

    Ministerial policy advisers 51w

    Regional development agencies 94w

Morris, James

                  Chamber Debates

    Maiden speeches (26.05.2010) 233-4

    Queen's speech (26.05.2010) 233-4

Mosley, Stephen

                  Chamber Debates

    Maiden speeches (27.05.2010) 396-9

    Queen's speech (27.05.2010) 396-9

Mulholland, Greg


    Beer, Competition 571

Mundell, Rt Hon David, Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State, Scotland Office


    Official cars, Scotland Office 72w

Murdoch, Rupert

Murrison, Dr Andrew

                  Chamber Debates

    Palestinians, International assistance (02.06.2010) 449

Mutual societies

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