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Nandy, Lisa

                  Chamber Debates

    Maiden speeches (02.06.2010) 521-3

    Queen's speech (02.06.2010) 521-3

National Grid

Nature conservation


    South China Sea 5w

Neill, Robert, Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State, Communities and Local Government

                  Chamber Debates

    Local government, Southend on Sea (27.05.2010) 412-6


    Affordable housing, Construction 29w

    Council tax, Religious buildings 30w

    Electronic equipment, Communities and Local Government 30w

    Government offices for the regions 32w

    Housing, Construction 33w

    Local government finance 34-5w

    Local government finance, Durham 31w

    Manpower, Communities and Local Government 30w

    Non-departmental public bodies, Communities and Local Government 31-2w

    Planning permission 90w

    Public expenditure, Communities and Local Government 31w

    Regional planning and development 35w, 90w

    Trade unions, Communities and Local Government 36w

    Wind power, Planning permission 36w

Network Rail



    Overseas aid 48w


Non-departmental public bodies

    Communities and Local Government 31-2w

    Department for Business, Innovation and Skills 42w

North East

    Higher education 42w

North East Development Agency

    see One NorthEast


    Railways 7w

Northern Ireland

Northern Ireland Office

    Electronic equipment 82w

    Official cars 82w

    Public expenditure 82w



Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty

Nuclear power

Nuclear submarines

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