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Buck, Ms Karen

                  Chamber Debates

                  Westminster Hall Debates

    Palestinians, International assistance (15.06.2010) 92-7wh, 112wh


    Shorthold tenancies 451

Buckland, Mr Robert

                  Chamber Debates

    Identity Documents Bill, 2R (09.06.2010) 357, 406-8

    Maiden speeches (07.06.2010) 85-7

    Queen's speech (07.06.2010) 85-7

                  Westminster Hall Debates

    Pupils, Bullying (16.06.2010) 193wh


    Care homes, Finance 46w

    Conditional fee agreements 91w

    Drugs, Misuse 738

    Housing, Construction 461

    Private rented housing, Regulation 446-7

    Regional planning and development 236w

Budget Responsibility Office

    see Office for Budget Responsibility

Building schools for the future programme

    Barking and Dagenham (15.06.2010) 123-9wh



Burden, Richard

                  Chamber Debates

    Afghanistan, Peacekeeping operations (14.06.2010) 614

    Manufacturing industries, Government assistance (16.06.2010) 898

    Middle East, Peace negotiations (14.06.2010) 643, 665-7

    Queen's speech (07.06.2010) 42

                  Westminster Hall Debates

    Palestinians, International assistance (15.06.2010) 106-7wh, 114wh


    Building schools for the future programme 306w

    Housing, Construction 327

    Regional planning and development, West Midlands 272w


Burley, Mr Aidan

                  Chamber Debates

    Mid Staffordshire NHS Foundation Trust Public Inquiry (09.06.2010) 340

    Public expenditure (17.06.2010) 1049


Burnham, Rt Hon Andy

                  Chamber Debates

    Mid Staffordshire NHS Foundation Trust Public Inquiry (09.06.2010) 335-6

    Ministerial statement intervention (09.06.2010) 341

Burns, Conor

                  Chamber Debates

    Bloody Sunday Tribunal of Inquiry (15.06.2010) 751

    Identity Documents Bill, 2R (09.06.2010) 358

Burns, Mr Simon, Minister of State, Department of Health

                  Chamber Debates

    Wirral University Teaching Hospital NHS Foundation Trust (09.06.2010) 438-42

                  Westminster Hall Debates

    Royal Liverpool University Hospital (09.06.2010) 41-6wh


    Billing, Department of Health 111w

    Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, Health services 260-2w, 404w

    Coroners, Children 507w

    Electronic equipment, Department of Health 47w

    Flags, Department of Health 261-2w

    Fluoride, Drinking water 48w

    Health centres, Christchurch 112w

    Health services, Rural areas 443-4w

    Health services, West Midlands 113-4w

    Hospitals, Food 265w

    Hospitals, Parking 220w

    Hospitals, Tees Valley 49w

    Hospitals, Waiting lists 265w

    Internet, Department of Health 404-5w

    Manpower, Department of Health 111w, 262w

    Members, Correspondence 444w

    Mental health services, Children 266w

    Ministerial policy advisers, Department of Health 220w

    Mobile phones, Department of Health 262w

    NHS, Information and communications technology 113w

    Official cars, Department of Health 220w, 443w

    Official hospitality, Department of Health 263w

    Official residences, Department of Health 263w

    Patients, Passports 112w

    Prescription drugs 114w

    Primary care trusts, Elections 52w

    Private finance initiative, Department of Health 405w

    Public expenditure, Department of Health 111w

    Redundancy pay, Department of Health 112w

    Royal Liverpool University Hospital 114-5w

    Trade unions, Department of Health 115w

    Translation services, Department of Health 263w

    Wigan, Department of Health 270w

Burrowes, Mr David

                  Chamber Debates

    Middle East, Peace negotiations (14.06.2010) 660

    Public expenditure (17.06.2010) 1045


Burstow, Mr Paul, Minister of State, Department of Health


    Care homes, Finance 46w

    Care homes, Mental illness 442w

    Gosport War Memorial Hospital 264w

    Mental health services, Finance 50-1w

    Motor neurone disease 221w

    Palliative care, Nottinghamshire 508w

    Public expenditure, Department of Health 47w

    Social services, West Yorkshire 409w

Burt, Alistair, Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State, Foreign and Commonwealth Office

                  Chamber Debates

                  Westminster Hall Debates

    Palestinians, International assistance (15.06.2010) 112-5wh

    Sri Lanka, Armed conflict (16.06.2010) 166-70wh


    Afghanistan, Peace negotiations 353w

    Billing, Foreign and Commonwealth Office 296w

    Diplomatic service, Housing 354w

    Iran, Human rights 518w

    Israel, Nuclear weapons 217w

    Israel, UN resolutions 165w

    Manpower, Foreign and Commonwealth Office 23w, 296w

    Middle East, Peace negotiations 26w

    Ministerial policy advisers, Foreign and Commonwealth Office 99-100w

    Mobile phones, Foreign and Commonwealth Office 164w

    Nuclear weapons, Decommissioning 166w

    Occupied territories, Housing 26-7w

    Official cars, Foreign and Commonwealth Office 354w

    Official hospitality, Foreign and Commonwealth Office 297-8w

    Pakistan, British nationals abroad 217w

    Palestinians, Politics and government 301-2w

    Press, Foreign and Commonwealth Office 215-6w

    Public appointments, Foreign and Commonwealth Office 164w

    Public expenditure, Foreign and Commonwealth Office 23-4w, 298w, 354w

    Redundancy pay, Foreign and Commonwealth Office 24w

    Trade unions, Foreign and Commonwealth Office 28w

    Unmanned air vehicles 360w

    Vanunu, Mordechai 166w

    Yemen, Politics and government 103-4w

Burt, Lorely

                  Chamber Debates

    Manufacturing industries, Government assistance (16.06.2010) 893-4, 904

                  Westminster Hall Debates

    Railways, Construction (09.06.2010) 11-2wh

Bus services


    Government assistance 868

Business motions

Business statements

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