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Safety belts

St Helena

St Helier Hospital



Sanders, Mr Adrian

                  Chamber Debates

    Water charges, South West (14.06.2010) 710

                  Westminster Hall Debates


    Bus services, Concessions 1005

    Business, Taxation 187w

    Post offices, Bank services 537w

    Tax avoidance 172


Sandys, Laura

                  Chamber Debates

    Maiden speeches (14.06.2010) 696-7

    World economy (14.06.2010) 696-7


    Armed forces, Conditions of employment 497w

    Derelict land, Thanet 452w

    Floods, Sandwich 511w

    Further education, Finance 389w

    Local development frameworks 527-8w

    Non-domestic rates, Ports 134w

    Post offices, Thanet 459w

Sarwar, Anas


    Devolution, Finance 171-2

Saville Inquiry

    see Bloody Sunday Tribunal of Inquiry


    Overseas students 519w

School leaving

School meals


    Security 21



    Electricity generation 855-7

    Future Jobs Fund 273w

    Manufacturing industries 863

    Unemployment 864

Scotland Office

    Billing 3w

    Departmental responsibilities 421-2w

    Electronic equipment 3w

    Official hospitality 4w

    Public appointments 224w

    Public expenditure 4w

    Trade unions 4w

Scott, Mr Lee

                  Westminster Hall Debates

    Sri Lanka, Armed conflict (16.06.2010) 162wh


Sea Fish Industry Authority

Seabeck, Alison

                  Chamber Debates

    Water charges, South West (14.06.2010) 710-5, 718

Seasonal agricultural workers' scheme

Second homes

Secondary education

Sector skills councils


    Schools 21

Select committees

    Elections (10.06.2010) 465



Selous, Andrew

                  Chamber Debates

    Afghanistan, Peacekeeping operations (14.06.2010) 616


    General Election 2010 219w

Senior civil servants


Sentencing Guidelines Council

Seven minutes rule

    Rulings and statements (07.06.2010) 50, (08.06.2010) 206

Sexual offences


Shannon, Jim

                  Chamber Debates

    Maiden speeches (08.06.2010) 224-7

    Queen's speech (08.06.2010) 224-7

Shapps, Rt Hon Grant, Minister of State, Communities and Local Government

                  Written Statements

    Multiple occupation, Planning permission 54ws


    Affordable housing, Construction 456

    Council housing, Construction 460-1

    Home information packs 237w

    Housing, Regeneration 462

    Housing associations 130w

    Housing revenue accounts 452-3

    Local authorities, Flags 462

    Local government, Reorganisation 133w

    Multiple occupation 461

    Non-domestic rates 460

    Private rented housing, Regulation 446-7

    Shorthold tenancies 451

    Tenant Services Authority 376-7w

Sharma, Alok

                  Chamber Debates

    Financial services, Regulation (17.06.2010) 1064

    Maiden speeches (14.06.2010) 697-9

    Public expenditure (17.06.2010) 1052

    World economy (14.06.2010) 697-9


Sheerman, Mr Barry

                  Chamber Debates

    Queen's speech (08.06.2010) 187, 197


    Jobcentre Plus, Disclosure of information 581-2

Sheffield Forgemasters

Shelbrooke, Alec

                  Chamber Debates

    Identity Documents Bill, 2R (09.06.2010) 390-2

    Maiden speeches (09.06.2010) 390-2

    Public expenditure (17.06.2010) 1050


    Public finance 179

    Public transport, Finance 1007

    Railways, Construction 559w

Shepherd, Mr Richard

                  Chamber Debates

    Business motions (15.06.2010) 768-70

                  Westminster Hall Debates

    European Union (15.06.2010) 83-4wh

Sheridan, Jim

                  Westminster Hall Debates

    Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority (16.06.2010) 151-2wh, 155-6wh


    Business questions 480

    Employment schemes, Young people 592

    Industrial health and safety, Compensation 282w

    Manufacturing industries, Scotland 863


    Conditions of employment 12ws

Shorthold tenancies

Shuker, Gavin

                  Chamber Debates

    Manufacturing industries, Government assistance (16.06.2010) 904

Simpson, David

                  Chamber Debates

    Manufacturing industries, Government assistance (16.06.2010) 894

                  Westminster Hall Debates

    Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority (16.06.2010) 148wh

Simpson, Mr Keith

                  Westminster Hall Debates

    European Union (15.06.2010) 75wh

Single parents

    see Lone parents

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