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Crausby, Mr David

                  Chamber Debates

    Defence (21.06.2010) 71-3


    Council housing, Bolton 211w

    Dental services, Bolton 169w

    Maternity services, Greater Manchester 289

Creagh, Mary

                  Chamber Debates

    Budget June 2010 (22.06.2010) 190, (28.06.2010) 609

    Energy, Conservation (30.06.2010) 871, 874

                  Westminster Hall Debates


    British nationality, War crimes 144w

    Developing countries, Human rights 116w

    Nutrition, Health education 704-5

    Rape, Rights of accused 138w

Creasy, Stella

                  Chamber Debates

    European Council (21.06.2010) 47


    Olympic Games 2012, Renewable energy 18w

Credit cards

Credit unions


    North Yorkshire 558

Crime prevention

Crimes of violence

Critchley, Gary

Crockart, Mike


    Nuclear power stations, Finance 988-9

Crossrail line

Crouch, Tracey

                  Westminster Hall Debates


Crown dependencies

Crown Prosecution Service

    Operating costs 157

Cryer, John


    British Waterways Board 427-8

    Timetabling of bills 22


Cumbria University

Cunningham, Alex


    Environment protection, Employment 982-3

    Hospitals, Tees Valley 716

    Local government finance, North East 631w

    Local government finance, Stockton on Tees 586w

    Public expenditure, Communities and Local Government 381w

Cunningham, Mr Jim

                  Chamber Debates

    Budget June 2010 (28.06.2010) 627

    Local government finance (29.06.2010) 747-9


    Alternative vote, Referendums 143-4

    Building schools for the future programme 486w

    Employment schemes, Graduates 275w

    Employment schemes, Young people 306w

    Free school meals 205w

    GCSE, West Midlands 337w

    Green belt, Coventry 426

    Listed buildings, Coventry 16w

    Qualifications and Curriculum Development Agency, Manpower 206w

    Unemployment, Young people 316w

    Vocational training, West Midlands 316-7w

Cunningham, Tony

                  Westminster Hall Debates



    Peace negotiations 36w

Cystic fibrosis

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