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Sri Lanka

Standards Board for England

Stanley, Rt Hon Sir John

                  Westminster Hall Debates

    Balkans, Politics and government (29.06.2010) 215-8wh

State Pension Age Review

State retirement pensions

    Northern Ireland 219w

State second pension


Stephenson, Andrew


    Community infrastructure levy 628-9w

    Economic situation, Wales 217w

    Fixed-term parliaments 176w

    Gas fired power stations 599w

    Palestinians, International assistance 269w

Stevenson, John

                  Chamber Debates

    Budget June 2010 (23.06.2010) 375-7

    Maiden speeches (23.06.2010) 375-7

Stewart, Bob

                  Chamber Debates

    Budget June 2010 (23.06.2010) 347


    Presbyterian Mutual Society 852

Stewart, Iain

                  Chamber Debates

    Budget June 2010 (22.06.2010) 186

    Bus services, Milton Keynes (29.06.2010) 836-9

                  Westminster Hall Debates

    Regional planning and development (30.06.2010) 267-8wh

Stewart, Rory

                  Westminster Hall Debates

    Homicide, Cumbria (23.06.2010) 113-4wh

    Maiden speeches (23.06.2010) 113-4wh


    Child tax credit 580w


    Social rented housing 164w

Stockton on Tees

    Local government finance 586w

Stomach cancer

Stop and search


    Central America 33w

Strategic Defence and Security Review

Strategy Insurance

Straw, Rt Hon Mr Jack



    Future Jobs Fund 308w

Street trading

    Public consultation 540w

Streeter, Mr Gary


    Alternative vote, Referendums 594w

    Children in care 857

    Crown Prosecution Service, South West 153

    Electoral register, Scotland 160

    Political parties, Finance 162-3

Stringer, Graham

                  Chamber Debates

    Local government finance (29.06.2010) 724

                  Westminster Hall Debates

    Nuclear power (22.06.2010) 15wh


    Civil service agencies, Department for Transport 43-4w

    Fines, Surcharges 280w

    Macular degeneration, Health services 569w

    Non-departmental public bodies, Department for Transport 43w

    Primary education, Literacy 206w


Stuart, Ms Gisela

                  Chamber Debates

    Defence (21.06.2010) 55

    European Council (21.06.2010) 40

    G8, Canada (28.06.2010) 576

Stuart, Mr Graham

                  Chamber Debates

    Budget June 2010 (22.06.2010) 217, 220


    Defence, Procurement 622w

    NHS, Translation services 571w

Student Loans Company


Stun guns

Stunell, Andrew, Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State, Communities and Local Government

                  Chamber Debates

    Local government finance (29.06.2010) 824-6

                  Westminster Hall Debates

    Housing, Greater London (29.06.2010) 196-8wh


    Community relations, Religion 374w

    Council housing, Bolton 211w

    Council housing, Construction 157w, 211w

    Housing, Cornwall 23w

    Housing, Kingston upon Hull 311w

    Housing, Regeneration 532w

    Local government, Public consultation 24-5w

    Regeneration, Greater London 381w

    Regional planning and development 25w

    Security of tenure 632w

    Social rented housing, Construction 21w

    Social rented housing, Finance 381w

Sturdy, Julian


    Back pain, Health services 714

    Fixed-term parliaments 144-5

    Regional planning and development 856




    Peace negotiations 117w






Surgical dressings


Sustainable development

    International cooperation 562w

Sustainable Livestock Bill 2010-11

                  Chamber Debates

    1R (30.06.2010) 866

Sutcliffe, Mr Gerry


    Sports, Females 6-7

Swales, Ian

                  Chamber Debates


    Building schools for the future programme, Redcar 198-9w

    Carer's allowance, Redcar 69-70w

    Education maintenance allowance, Redcar 203w

    Iron and steel 92w

    Job creation, Redcar 450w

    Nuclear power stations, Construction 356w

    Nuclear power stations, Finance 600-1w

    One NorthEast 94w

    Public expenditure, Redcar 497w

    Renewable energy, Feed-in tariffs 59w

    State retirement pensions, Redcar 394w

Swayne, Mr Desmond


    Affordable housing, Rural areas 20-1w

    Business questions 1011

    National parks 30w


    Concessions 15


Swinson, Jo

                  Chamber Debates

    Backbench Business Committee, Points of order (21.06.2010) 49

    Budget June 2010 (22.06.2010) 191

                  Westminster Hall Debates


    Burma, Export controls 619w

    Business statements 21

    Females, Crimes of violence 36w

    Females, Sports 6

    Milngavie Reservoir, Security 550-1

    UK Youth Parliament 294w

    VAT, Sunscreens 460w

    Written questions, Email 294w

    Youth Citizenship Commission 399w

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