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Higher education

Higher Education and Student Finance Independent Review

Highways Agency

    Telephone services 626w

Hillier, Meg

                  Chamber Debates

    British Waterways Board (07.07.2010) 495, 498, 501

                  Westminster Hall Debates


    Mental health services, Finance 788

Hilling, Julie


    Building schools for the future programme 659-60

    Developing countries, Climate change 358

    Government Office for the North West 1086


    Council housing (15.07.2010) 1189-96

Hillsborough Stadium

    Disclosure of information 744w

Hinds, Damian

                  Westminster Hall Debates

    Housing benefit, Greater London (13.07.2010) 214-5wh


Historic buildings

Historic Buildings and Monuments Commission for England

    see English Heritage

Historical Enquiries Team


HIV infection

    Developing countries 418w

HM Prison Service

    see Prison Service

HM Revenue and Customs

    see Revenue and Customs

HMS Sultan

Hoban, Mr Mark, Financial Secretary

                  Chamber Debates

                  Written Statements


    Bank services, Fees and charges 408w

    Business Services Association, Treasury 93w

    Capital gains tax 780

    Child Trust Fund, Greater London 290-1w

    Developing countries, Debts 409-10w

    Developing countries, Fossil fuels 49w

    Economic growth, North East 785

    Economic growth, South West 785-6

    Financial services, Regulation 410w

    Financial services, Taxation 794

    Insurance, Construction 717-8w

    Personal savings 95w

Hodge, Rt Hon Margaret

                  Chamber Debates

    Building schools for the future programme (05.07.2010) 57

    Public expenditure (05.07.2010) 87-8, 94-6

                  Westminster Hall Debates

Hodgson, Mrs Sharon


    Chevening scholarships programme 171

    Continuing care 885w

    Education, Third sector 567w

    Electric vehicles 880w

    Epilepsy, Diagnosis 400w

    Nurses, Standards 402w

    Special educational needs 576w

Hoey, Kate

                  Westminster Hall Debates


    Disability living allowance 681w

    Disability living allowance, Medical examinations 681-2w

    Electronic government, Petitions 712w

    Zimbabwe, Foreign relations 154

Holiday accommodation

Hollingbery, George


    Housing, Construction 1086

    Regional planning and development 1073

Hollobone, Mr Philip

                  Chamber Debates

    Apprehension of Burglars Bill, 1R (05.07.2010) 82

    European Communities Act 1972 (Repeal) Bill, 1R (05.07.2010) 82

    European Union (Audit of Benefits and Costs of UK Membership) Bill, 1R (05.07.2010) 81

    Foreign Prisoners (Repatriation) Bill, 1R (13.07.2010) 813-4

    National Service Bill, 1R (05.07.2010) 81

    Residential Roads (Adoption by Local Authorities) Bill, 1R (05.07.2010) 81

    Return of Asylum Seekers (Applications from Certain Countries) Bill, 1R (05.07.2010) 81

    Rights Bill, 1R (05.07.2010) 82

    Sentencing (Reform) Bill, 1R (05.07.2010) 82

    Taxation Freedom Day Bill, 1R (05.07.2010) 82

    Young Offenders (Parental Responsibility) Bill, 1R (05.07.2010) 81


    UK membership of EU 799w

Holloway, Mr Adam


    Bosnia and Herzegovina, Politics and government 167-8

Home Affairs Select Committee

    (12.07.2010) 764

Home education

Home Education Independent Review

Home information packs

Home Office

    Electronic equipment 743w

    Equal opportunities 286w

    Legislation 71w

    Personnel management 196w

    Private finance initiative 71-2w



    West Kent Primary Care Trust 711w


Hopkins, Kelvin

                  Chamber Debates

    House of Commons, Reform (05.07.2010) 40


    Chief Fire Officers' Association, Finance 905w

    Funeral payments 324w

    Members, Conduct 799w

    Rescue services, Developing countries 909w

    Trade unions, Department for Transport 20w

Hopkins, Kris

                  Chamber Debates

    Terrorism Act 2006 (Disapplication of Section 25) Order (14.07.2010) 1014


    Afghanistan, Peacekeeping operations 601w

Horserace Totalisator Board


Horwood, Martin

                  Chamber Debates


    Housing, Construction 1087

    Local government finance 692w

Hosie, Stewart

                  Chamber Debates


    Ministerial policy advisers, Treasury 94-5w

Hospital beds

Hospital wards



    Office of the Secretary of State for Wales 22w


House of Commons

    Buildings 2w

    Ministerial statements (05.07.2010) 23-46

House of Lords


Housing and planning delivery grant

Housing benefit

    Nottinghamshire 520w

Housing revenue accounts

Howarth, Rt Hon Mr George

                  Chamber Debates

    Rendition (06.07.2010) 183

    Terrorism Act 2006 (Disapplication of Section 25) Order (14.07.2010) 1025


    Civil servants, Conditions of employment 936

Howarth, Mr Gerald, Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State, Ministry of Defence


    European fighter aircraft 17

Howell, John

                  Chamber Debates

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