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Kaufman, Rt Hon Sir Gerald


    Legal Services Commission, North West 422w

Kawczynski, Daniel


    Fletcher, Yvonne 289w

    India, Overseas aid 419w

    Middle East, Foreign relations 165

    Research and development tax credit 557w

    Teachers, Training 579w

    Termination of employment 321w

    Yemen, Counter-terrorism 870w


Keeley, Barbara

                  Chamber Debates

    Business questions intervention (08.07.2010) 539

    Carers (Identification and Support) Bill, 1R (14.07.2010) 954-6

    Westminster Hall sittings, Points of order (08.07.2010) 549-50

                  Westminster Hall Debates

    Mental health services, Children (07.07.2010) 121-4wh, 126wh


    House of Commons, Plants 452w

    Jobseeker's allowance, Lone parents 216w

    Jobseeker's allowance, Worsley 438-9w

    Pensioners, Worsley 334w

    Social rented housing, Worsley 488w

    Social security benefits, Greater Manchester 221w

Keen, Alan

                  Chamber Debates

    NHS (12.07.2010) 679

Kendall, Liz

                  Chamber Debates

    Building schools for the future programme (05.07.2010) 59

    NHS (12.07.2010) 670

                  Westminster Hall Debates


Kennedy, Rt Hon Mr Charles

                  Chamber Debates

    House of Commons, Reform (05.07.2010) 29




Khan, Rt Hon Sadiq


    Driving under influence 8w

    Passenger Focus 373w

    Public expenditure, Department for Transport 10w

    Railway stations, Repairs and maintenance 11-7w

    Railways, Construction 16-7w

    Railways, Fares 265w

    Railways, North West 264w

    Reviews, Department for Transport 7w

    Rolling stock 18w

    Rolling stock, Procurement 265-6w

    Transport for London 266w

Khodorkovsky, Mikhail

Kingston upon Hull

Kirby, Simon


    Carbon reduction commitment energy efficiency scheme 650-1w

    Entry clearances, Overseas students 75w, 203-4w

    South East Airports Task Force 19w


    Secondary education 193w

Knight, Rt Hon Mr Greg

                  Chamber Debates


    A1, Large goods vehicles 468-9w

    Business questions 1092

    Crown lands and estates, Sales 409w

    Homicide, Parents 426w

    M1, Speed limits 11w

    Mobile phones, Health hazards 247w

    Property development, Floods 137w

    Radon gas, Health hazards 178w

    Speed limits, Cameras 20w

    Stamp duty land tax 98w

    Travellers, Caravan sites 138w


Kwarteng, Kwasi

                  Chamber Debates

    Finance Bill, Programme motion and Com (12.07.2010) 698, 702-3, 709


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