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Lucas, Caroline

                  Westminster Hall Debates


    Animal experiments 195w

    Business questions 1096

    Clyde submarine base, Safety 155-6w

    Energy, Non-departmental public bodies 846-7w

    Entry clearances, Overseas students 387w

    Green Investment Bank 657w

    Human Tissue Analysis in UK Nuclear Facilities Inquiry 38w

    Incapacity benefit 215w

    National Defence Industries Council 604-5w

    Nuclear Installations (Excepted Matter) Regulations 1978 653w

    Office for Nuclear Development 796w

    Postal Services Commission, Public appointments 320w

    Private military and security companies 30w

    Schools, Standards 193w

    Shipping, Radioactive materials 373-5w

Lucas, Ian

                  Chamber Debates

    Finance Bill, 2R (06.07.2010) 205

    Finance Bill, Programme motion and Com (12.07.2010) 714, 717, 723, 726

    Finance Bill, Com (13.07.2010) 883, 886-7

    Unemployment (07.07.2010) 427

                  Westminster Hall Debates


    Prisoners' release, Reoffenders 300-1w

    Third sector, Regulation 935

Luff, Peter, Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State, Ministry of Defence


    Afghanistan, Peacekeeping operations 82-3w, 601w

    Armed forces, Uniforms 20

    Clyde submarine base, Safety 155-6w

    Frigates, Portsmouth 81w

    Information and communications technology, Ministry of Defence 733w

    National Defence Industries Council 604-5w

    Postal services, Ministry of Defence 603w

    Public expenditure, Ministry of Defence 157w

    3d-Radar, Ministry of Defence 601w

    Type 23 frigates 606w

    Vector Aerospace 19

    Weapons, Animal experiments 159w

Lumley, Karen


    Advantage West Midlands 672w

    Crime prevention 741w

    Education, Worcestershire 271w

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