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de Bois, Nick

                  Chamber Debates

    Recess motions (27.07.2010) 932-4


    Electoral register, Greater London 737-8w

    Future Jobs Fund, Greater London 414w

    Legal aid, Immigrants 911w

    Pesticides, Regulation 497w

    Railways, Franchises 539

    Unemployment benefits, Greater London 1161-2w

De Piero, Gloria


    Ashfield Community Hospital 85w

    Aviation, Department of Energy and Climate Change 70w

    Gambia, Capital punishment 675w

    Housing benefit, Nottinghamshire 115-6w

    Maternity payments 281w

    National Concessionary Fuel Office 752w

    Private education, Department for International Development 665w, 980-1w

    Private education, Foreign and Commonwealth Office 673w

    Private education, Ministry of Defence 1063w


    see Hearing impairment


    Mental illness 92w

Debt collection

    Revenue and Customs 948w



Defence equipment

Defence Estates

Defence Fire Service

Defence Storage and Distribution Agency


    Department for Culture, Media and Sport 604w



Denham, Rt Hon Mr John


Department for Business, Innovation and Skills

    Civil Service Live conference 586w

    Information and communications technology 855-7w

    Non-departmental public bodies 295w

    Operating costs 398w

    Public bodies 1ws

    Public consultation 295w

    Written questions 154w

Department for Communities and Local Government

    see Communities and Local Government

Department for Culture, Media and Sport

    Bolton and Quinn 603w

    Civil Service Live conference 331w

    Departmental responsibilities 705

    Information and communications technology 194-5w

    Official hospitality 195w

    Operating costs 605w

Department for Education

    Departmental reorganisation 261w

    Electronic equipment 97-8w

    Legal costs 98w

    Personnel management 811w

    Temporary employment 1230w

Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs

    Civil Service Live conference 308w

    Electronic equipment 1078w

    Equal opportunities 308w

    Information and communications technology 703-4w

Department for International Development

    Cabinet committees 664w

    Civil Service Live conference 349-50w

    Official hospitality 664w

"Department for International Development Resource Accounts 2009-10"

"Department for International Development: DfID in 2009-10: Response to the International Development (Reporting and Transparency) Act 2006"

Department for Transport

    Civil Service Live conference 794w

    Departmental responsibilities 548-9

    Information and communications technology 338w

"Department for Transport Resource Accounts 2009-10"

Department for Work and Pensions

    Civil Service Live conference 120w

    Departmental responsibilities 17

    Information and communications technology 762-4w

    Office for Budget Responsibility 1152-3w

    Public expenditure 121w

    Temporary employment 272w

Department of Energy and Climate Change

    Carbon emissions 240w

    Civil Service Live conference 348w

    Departmental responsibilities 240-1w

    Electronic equipment 70-1w

    Equal opportunities 71w

    Information and communications technology 747-8w

    Non-departmental public bodies 84-5ws

    Official hospitality 883w

    Operating costs 476w

    Temporary employment 884w

Department of Health

    Civil Service Live conference 204w

    Consumer organisations 824w

    Operating costs 570w

Departmental reorganisation

    Department for Education 261w

Departmental responsibilities

    Department for Culture, Media and Sport 705

    Department for Transport 548-9

    Department for Work and Pensions 17

    Department of Energy and Climate Change 240-1w

    Deputy Prime Minister 850

    Ministry of Defence 482w

    Ministry of Justice 168

    Overseas trade 51w

Depleted uranium


Depressive illnesses

Deputy Prime Minister

    Civil Service Live conference 584w

    Departmental responsibilities 850

    Operating costs 584w



Detention centres

Developing countries

    Carbon emissions 968w


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