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Eagle, Ms Angela

                  Chamber Debates


    Council tax benefits 1129w

    Internet, Cabinet Office 938-9w

    Internet, Deputy Prime Minister 1072w

    Pension, Disability and Carers Service 1164-5w

    Pension credit, Uprating 1153w

    Public expenditure, Public consultation 938w, 940w

    State retirement pensions, Uprating 1155-6w

    Women's National Commission 978w

Eagle, Maria


    Crimes of violence, Females 856-7

    Equality, Finance 555

    Hospitals, Admissions 837w

    Magistrates' courts, Closures 913-4w

    Prisons, Mental health services 154

    Rape, Rights of accused 161


Early day motions


East Africa

East coast railway line

East London line

East Lothian

East of England

East of England Development Agency

East of England Faiths Council

East Riding

    Automatic number plate recognition 337-8w

Eating disorders

Economic growth

Economic situation

    North West (20.07.2010) 1-23wh


    Social security benefits 557w


    English language 590w

    International assistance 352w

Education maintenance allowance

Educational exchanges

Educational psychology

Edwards, Jonathan

                  Chamber Debates

    Finance Bill, 3R (20.07.2010) 220


    Administration of justice, Wales 472w

    Alternative vote, Referendums 136w

    Business questions 573

    Constituencies, Wales 1071w

    Disability living allowance 547w

    Internet, Cabinet Office 248w

    Magistrates' courts, Ammanford 467w

    Public expenditure, Scotland 727w

    Railways, Electrification 512w

    Wales, Cabinet Office 568w

    Wales, Department for Business, Innovation and Skills 859-60w

    Wales, Department for Transport 24w

    Wales, Department for Work and Pensions 423w

    Wales, Department of Energy and Climate Change 756w

    Winter fuel payments, Disability 423-4w

Efford, Clive

                  Chamber Debates

    Energy (27.07.2010) 880

    Finance Bill, 3R (20.07.2010) 236-8


    Building schools for the future programme 1202-3w

    Office of Tax Simplification 180

Eight minutes rule

    Rulings and statements (27.07.2010) 896

Elected mayors

    see Mayors


Electoral Commission

    (19.07.2010) 145

Electoral register

    Expenditure 36w

Electoral systems


Electric cables

Electric vehicles


Electricity and Gas (Carbon Emissions Reduction) (Amendment) Order 2010

                  Chamber Debates

    (27.07.2010) 895


Electronic equipment

    Department for Business, Innovation and Skills 392-4w

    Department for Education 97-8w

    Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs 1078w

    Department for Work and Pensions 759-61w

    Department of Energy and Climate Change 70-1w

    Ministry of Defence 1060w

Electronic government

Electronic warfare

Elliott, Julie

                  Westminster Hall Debates

    Social rented housing, Houghton-le-Spring (21.07.2010) 133wh


    Building schools for the future programme, Sunderland 1209w

Ellis, Michael

                  Chamber Debates

    European investigation order (27.07.2010) 889-90

Ellison, Jane

                  Chamber Debates

    Dangerous dogs (20.07.2010) 323

    Ministerial statements (20.07.2010) 274-5

    Recess motions (27.07.2010) 954-5


    Disability, Employment 610w (515 1mc)

    Housing benefit 115w

    Housing benefit, Greater London 21-2

    Tour operators, Insolvency 545

Ellman, Mrs Louise


    Building schools for the future programme 1205w, 1208w

    Civil servants, Liverpool 732w

    EU grants and loans 860w

    Government Office for the North West 627w

    Government offices for the regions 1037w

    Railways, Cost effectiveness 538

    Revenue and Customs, Liverpool 169w

Ellwood, Mr Tobias

                  Chamber Debates

    Academies Bill (HL), 2R (19.07.2010) 26, 34

    Energy (27.07.2010) 877-8


    Afghanistan, Reconstruction 663w

Elphicke, Charlie

                  Chamber Debates

                  Westminster Hall Debates

    Equitable Life Assurance Society (20.07.2010) 59wh


    Departmental responsibilities, Deputy Prime Minister 850

    Freedom (Great Repeal) Bill (Draft) 850

    Government Car and Despatch Agency 341-2w

    Non-domestic rates, Garages and petrol stations 167w, 943w

    Office of Tax Simplification 181

    Regional development agencies 598w

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