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Faith Communities Consultative Council

Faith schools

Fallon, Michael


    Employment and support allowance 126w

    Leave, Department for Work and Pensions 120-1w




                  See Agriculture

Farming Regulation Task Force


Farrelly, Paul

                  Chamber Debates

    Academies Bill (HL), 2R (19.07.2010) 112, 117, 119

                  Westminster Hall Debates


    Broadcasting, Political impartiality 693

    Social security benefits, EU nationals 558w

Farron, Tim


    Afghanistan, Peacekeeping operations 1051w

    British nationals abroad, Capital punishment 672w

    Hill farming, Subsidies 177w

    Military aircraft, Helicopters 616-7w

    Rural Payments Agency, Expenditure 8-10w

    Somalia, Politics and government 677-8w

Featherstone, Lynne, Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State, Home Office and Government Equalities Office

                  Written Statements

    "Criminal Records Bureau Report and Accounts 2009-10" 88ws

    "Security Industry Authority Report and Accounts 2009-10" 44ws

    "Statistics of Scientific Procedures on Living Animals in Great Britain 2009" 89-90ws


    Animal experiments, Dogs 635w

    Animal experiments, Licensing 635-6w

    Church of England, Equal opportunities 978w

    Criminal Records Bureau, Finance 1101w

    Equality, Sexuality 558

    Equality and Human Rights Commission, Manpower 611w

    EU law, Government Equalities Office 611w

    Females, Education 505w

    Flexible working 556

    Immobilisation of vehicles 200-1w

    Independent Safeguarding Authority, Darlington 1116w

    Location, Government Equalities Office 246w

    Marriage, Ceremonies 198w

    Maternity leave, Government Equalities Office 611w

    Offences against children, British nationals abroad 28w

    Official cars, Government Equalities Office 505w

    Official cars, Home Office 198w

    Operating costs, Government Equalities Office 610w

    Pay, Government Equalities Office 611w

    Regulation, Government Equalities Office 977-8w

    Security guards, Licensing 643-5w

    Speeches, Government Equalities Office 978w

Feed-in tariffs



    Developing countries 982w

    Economic situation 355w

    Social security benefits 558w

Field, Rt Hon Mr Frank


    Illegal immigrants 447w

    Sixth form education, Finance 1229w

Field, Mr Mark

                  Chamber Debates

    Equitable Life Assurance Society (22.07.2010) 583

                  Westminster Hall Debates

Film Council

    see UK Film Council

Finance and Services Select Committee

    (26.07.2010) 834

Finance Bill 2010-12

                  Chamber Debates

Finance Bill 2010-12

                  Chamber Debates

    Royal Assent (27.07.2010) 914

Financial assistance scheme

    Pensions 1154-5w (515 2mc)

Financial institutions

Financial services


    Road traffic offences 1013w

Fire Service College

Fire services



First offenders

Fish products


    Illegal immigrants 646w

Fishing Boats (Electronic Transmission of Fishing Activities Data) (England) (Scheme) 2010

                  Chamber Debates

    (20.07.2010) 243

Fishing limits

Fitzpatrick, Jim

                  Chamber Debates

    Neurology (27.07.2010) 974-6


    Agriculture, Subsidies 1075w

    Cycling, Helmets 547

    Transport, Accidents 791w

Fixed penalties

Fixed-Term Parliaments Bill 2010-12

                  Chamber Debates

    1R (22.07.2010) 594


    Department for Culture, Media and Sport 992w

Flello, Robert

                  Chamber Debates

    Police (26.07.2010) 732


    RENEW North Staffordshire 42w

    Tax allowances, Video games 949w

Fletcher, Yvonne

Flexible working

Flint, Rt Hon Caroline

                  Chamber Debates

    Police (26.07.2010) 728

    Rape, Points of order (26.07.2010) 739-40

    Sheffield Forgemasters (21.07.2010) 527-8


    Advertising, Alcoholic drinks 821-2w

    Alcoholic drinks, Labelling 1171w

    Alcoholic drinks, Prices 1096w

    Food, Advertising 832w

    Food Standards Agency 832w

    Higher education, South Yorkshire 1030-1w

    Immigration, Hungary 647w

    Palliative care 847w

    Rape, Disability 859

    Rape, Rights of accused 923w

    Teachers, Rights of accused 504w

Flood control


    House insurance 165w


Flynn, Paul

                  Chamber Debates

    Afghanistan, Peacekeeping operations (21.07.2010) 362

    Equitable Life Assurance Society (22.07.2010) 583


    Developing countries, Health services 982-3w

    Developing countries, HIV infection 979w, 987w

    Developing countries, Maternity services 984w

    Food Standards Agency 1082w

    International assistance 988w

    Pensioners, Social security benefits 1154w

    Ryder Cup, Newport (Gwent) 963w

    Swine flu, Disease control 210w


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