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    Capital punishment 675w



Gaming machines

Gapes, Mike

                  Chamber Debates

    Afghanistan, Peacekeeping operations (21.07.2010) 358-9

    European investigation order (27.07.2010) 886

    UK Border Agency, Points of order (27.07.2010) 891


    Russia, Human rights 62w

Garages and petrol stations

Gardiner, Barry

                  Chamber Debates

    Energy (27.07.2010) 875

    Ministerial statements (20.07.2010) 246, 249, 259

    Office of Tax Simplification, Points of order (20.07.2010) 187

    Police (26.07.2010) 736

    Recess motions (27.07.2010) 962-3


    Office of Tax Simplification 178

Garnier, Mr Edward, Solicitor General


    Conferences, Attorney General 53w

    Rape, Rights of accused 854-5

    Terrorism, Prosecutions 54w

    Travel, Attorney General 53-4w

Garnier, Mark


    Gaming machines 992w

Gas supply

    see Natural gas


    Building schools for the future programme 341-2

Gauke, Mr David, Exchequer Secretary

                  Chamber Debates

    Finance Bill, 3R (20.07.2010) 192-9

                  Written Statements

    Office of Tax Simplification 8ws


    BP, Gulf of Mexico 253w

    Car allowances, Voluntary work 163w

    Corporation tax 937w

    Excise duties, Biofuels 164-5w

    Housing benefit, Durham 165w

    Housing benefit, Warrington 165w

    Income tax, Females 942w

    Income tax, Tax allowances 166w

    Income tax, West Yorkshire 165-6w

    National Insurance Fund 942w

    Non-domestic rates, Garages and petrol stations 167w, 943w

    Overseas trade, Israel 944w

    Poverty, Lancashire 1158w

    Research and development tax credit 168w, 255w

    Revenue and Customs, Debt collection 948w

    Revenue and Customs, Information and communications technology 948-9w

    Revenue and Customs, Liverpool 169w

    Revenue and Customs, Telephone services 387w

    Tax evasion, Construction 949w

    Taxation, Wimbledon 524w

    VAT, Health foods 941w

    VAT, Pensioners 170w

    Welfare tax credits 951w

    Welfare tax credits, Liverpool 171w

    Welfare tax credits, Overpayments 951-2w

    Welfare tax credits, Warrington 171-2w


    see Palestinians

GCE A-level


General Motors

General practitioners

Genetically modified organisms

George, Andrew

                  Chamber Debates

    Academies Bill (HL), Rem stages (26.07.2010) 804-5, 807-8

    Energy (27.07.2010) 877


    Bovine tuberculosis, Disease control 1077w

    Bus services, Rural areas 549-50

    Capital gains tax 936w

    Nature conservation, Crime 718w

    Taxation, Banks 722w

Gibb, Mr Nick, Minister of State, Department for Education

                  Chamber Debates


    Academies, Chesterfield 440w

    Academies, Faith schools 1199w

    Academies, Finance 807w

    Academies, North Tyneside 1200w

    Academies, Special educational needs 807-8w

    Academies, Warrington 1201w

    Academies, West Midlands 1201w

    Building schools for the future programme, Cumbria 1206w

    Building schools for the future programme, Dudley 1227-8w

    Building schools for the future programme, Sunderland 1209-10w

    Building schools for the future programme, Telford 1210w

    Building schools for the future programme, Wandsworth 1211w

    Business, Curriculum 810w

    Connexions Service, West Midlands 810-1w

    Employment Tribunals Service, Schools 818w

    Free school meals, Cornwall 813-4w

    Free school meals, Greater Manchester 262w

    Free schools, Greater London 1222w

    Free schools, South West 1228w

    Headteachers, Pay 815w

    Local history, Curriculum 816w

    Music, Curriculum 819w

    National curriculum tests 816-7w

    National curriculum tests, Industrial disputes 264-5w

    Office for Standards in Education, Children's Services and Skills 817w

    Outdoor education 441w

    Personal, social, health and economic education 817w, 1225w

    Pupil referral units 266w

    Qualifications and Curriculum Development Agency 1226w

    School improvement partners 818w

    Schools, Rural areas 265w

    Schools, Transport 265w

    Secondary education, Standards 820w

    Sixth form education, Finance 1228-9w

    Special educational needs, Pupil referral units 266-9w

    Teachers, Conditions of employment 444w

    Teachers, Training 444w

    Written questions, Government responses 821w

Gilbert, Stephen

                  Chamber Debates

    UK Youth Parliament (20.07.2010) 298

                  Westminster Hall Debates

    Coastal areas, Regeneration (20.07.2010) 41-2wh

    National Lottery (22.07.2010) 155-9wh


    Broadband, Cornwall 703

    Free school meals, Cornwall 813-4w

    Personal, social, health and economic education 817w

    Pupils, Disadvantaged 502w

Gillan, Rt Hon Mrs Cheryl, Secretary of State for Wales


    Cabinet, Wales 9w

    Public sector, Wales 962w

Gilmore, Sheila

                  Chamber Debates

    Recess motions (27.07.2010) 942-4

                  Westminster Hall Debates


    Housing benefit 117w

    Housing benefit, Edinburgh 550-2w

    Jobseeker's allowance, Lone parents 553-4w

    Lone parents, Edinburgh 141-2w

    Social security benefits, Edinburgh 557w

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