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Hughes, Simon

                  Chamber Debates

    Academies Bill (HL), 2R (19.07.2010) 38-9

    European investigation order (27.07.2010) 888

    UK Youth Parliament (20.07.2010) 292, 299


    Electoral register 863

    Sports, Public participation 694-5

    Unemployment, Young people 12-3

Huhne, Rt Hon Chris, Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change

                  Chamber Debates


    Trade unions, Department of Energy and Climate Change 885w

Human rights

    Developing countries 327w

    Diplomatic service 326w

Human Rights Act 1998


Human Rights Joint Select Committee

    (26.07.2010) 833

Human trafficking


Hunt, Rt Hon Mr Jeremy, Secretary of State for Culture, Olympics, Media and Sport

                  Chamber Debates

    Academies Bill (HL), 2R (19.07.2010) 82-5

                  Written Statements

    Public bodies, Department for Culture, Media and Sport 59-61ws


    Broadband, Cornwall 703

    Broadband, Isle of Wight 704

    Broadband, Rural areas 706

    Broadcasting, Political impartiality 693-4

    Contracts, Department for Culture, Media and Sport 990w

    Departmental responsibilities, Department for Culture, Media and Sport 705

    Local broadcasting 708

    Local broadcasting, Wales 705-6

    Playing fields 707

    Sports, Voluntary work 707

    Sports, Young people 706

    UK Film Council 708

Hunt, Tristram

                  Chamber Debates

    Academies Bill (HL), 2R (19.07.2010) 82


    Defence Fire Service, Manpower 481w

    Public Bodies Bill (HL) 2010-12 383w


Huppert, Dr Julian

                  Chamber Debates

    Academies Bill (HL), Com (21.07.2010) 435-6, 438

                  Westminster Hall Debates

    Transport, Cambridge (27.07.2010) 243-7wh


    Copyright, Internet 698

    Detention centres, Children 349

    Employment and support allowance, Work capability assessment 790-1w

    Human Rights Act 1998 156

    Postal services, Cycling 1032w

Hurd, Mr Nick, Parliamentary Secretary, Cabinet Office


    Allergies, Death 140w

    Charity Commission, Public consultation 731-2w

    Childbirth, Kent 142w

    Civil servants, Bristol 373-5w

    Death, Alcoholic drinks 377-9w

    Electoral register, Greater London 737-8w

    Electronic government 141w

    Life expectancy, Greater London 567-8w

    Lone parents, Edinburgh 141-2w

    Lone parents, Hornchurch 741w

    Lone parents, Liverpool 742w

    Lone parents, Newport (Gwent) 306w

    Manufacturing industries, Carlisle 1018w

    Markets, Manpower 377w

    Population, Bedfordshire 743w

    Public sector, Manpower 1020w

    Public sector, Mutual societies 142-3w

    Public sector, North East 255-6w

    Unemployment, Holborn 1164w

Hydroelectric power


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