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Lucas, Caroline

                  Chamber Debates

    Police (26.07.2010) 731

    UK Youth Parliament (20.07.2010) 319


    Animal experiments, Licensing 635-6w

    Crossrail line, Finance 508w

    Departmental responsibilities, Department of Energy and Climate Change 240-1w

    Departmental responsibilities, Ministry of Defence 482w

    Domestic violence, Immigrants 198-9w

    Environment protection 746w

    MITIE Group, Government departments 725-6w

    Nuclear Development Forum 348w

    Office for Nuclear Development 890w

    Secure training centres 924-8w

    Secure training centres, Restraint techniques 170, 929-33w

    Supermarkets, Planning permission 1049w

    Sustainable Development Commission 1094w

Lucas, Ian

                  Chamber Debates

    Sheffield Forgemasters (21.07.2010) 531

                  Westminster Hall Debates


    Crimes of violence, Sentencing 904-5w

    Electoral Commission, Correspondence 720w

    Local broadcasting, Wales 705-6

    Office of Tax Simplification 180

Luff, Peter, Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State, Ministry of Defence

                  Written Statements

    Animal Welfare Advisory Committee 15ws

    Defence Storage and Distribution Agency 29ws


    Aircraft carriers 1w

    Armoured fighting vehicles 367w

    Astute class submarines 480-1w

    Billing, Ministry of Defence 1059w

    Defence, Procurement 181w

    Defence equipment 1-2w

    Rescue services, Helicopters 620w

Lumley, Karen


    Children, Maintenance 1150w

    County courts, Redditch 895w

    Legal Services Commission, Finance 911w

    Official cars, Ministry of Defence 1063w

    Schools, Standards 820w

    Travel, Ministry of Defence 1062w

    United Arab Emirates 621w

Luton Station

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