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Safety of Medicines Bill 2010-12

                  Chamber Debates

St Albans

St Helena

St Peter's School Croydon


    Health education 435w

Sanders, Mr Adrian


    Agriculture, Environment protection 698w

    Capital gains tax 936w

    Developing countries, Education 981-2w

    Developing countries, HIV infection 983w

    Disability living allowance, Mental illness 1132w

    East Africa, Water 541w

    Fruit and Vegetables Task Force 1083-4w

    General practitioners, Training 577w

    Guatemala, Human rights 56w

    Hearing impairment, Music 835w

    Higher education, Mental health services 155-6w

    House of Commons, Procurement 660w

    Mental health services 92-3w

    Mental illness, Death 92w

    National Insurance Fund 942w

    NHS Commissioning Board 844w

    Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty 192-3w

    Palestinians, International assistance 677w

    Railways, Electrification 512w

    Renewable energy, Feed-in tariffs 78w, 754w

    Renewable energy, Finance 755w

    Renewable energy, Heating 755-6w

    Revenue and Customs, Debt collection 948w

    Rural areas 6w

    Taxation, Banks 169w

    Taxation, Environment protection 729w

    Tidal power 79w

Sandys, Laura

                  Chamber Debates

    Energy (27.07.2010) 873-4

                  Westminster Hall Debates

    Coastal areas, Regeneration (20.07.2010) 29-32wh


    Entry clearances, Overseas students 642w

    Science, Research 162w

Sarwar, Anas


    Iraq conflict 854

    Students, Finance 877w

Saville Inquiry

    see Bloody Sunday Tribunal of Inquiry

Saving Gateway


School improvement partners

School leaving


    Employment Tribunals Service 818w



    Act of Settlement 1701 974w

    Building schools for the future programme 498w

    Equality and Human Rights Commission 611w

    Incapacity benefit 783w

    Social security benefits 559w

    Video games 337

Scotland Office

    Ministerial policy advisers 179w

    Official engagements 975w

    Official hospitality 358w

    Operating costs 358w

Scott, Mr Lee


    Middle East 972

Scottish Government

Sea rescue

Seabeck, Alison

                  Chamber Debates

    Bus services, Petitions (26.07.2010) 834-5

    Equitable Life Assurance Society, Points of order (22.07.2010) 592-3

    Ministerial statements (20.07.2010) 254-9


    Building schools for the future programme 1203-4w

    Bus services, Concessions 551

    Business questions 574

    Employment schemes 425w


Seas and oceans

    Environment protection 319w

Secondary education


    Department for Business, Innovation and Skills 860w

    Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs 706w

    Department for International Development 352w

    Department for Work and Pensions 1131w

    Department of Energy and Climate Change 241w

    Foreign and Commonwealth Office 967w (516 5-6mc)

Secret Intelligence Service

Sector skills councils

Secure training centres


    Department for Business, Innovation and Skills 398-400w

    Department for Education 1214w

    Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs 1079w

    Department for Work and Pensions 766-8w

    Department of Health 429w

Security guards

"Security Industry Authority Report and Accounts 2009-10"

Select committees



Selous, Andrew

                  Chamber Debates

    Afghanistan, Peacekeeping operations (21.07.2010) 366

    Ministerial statements (20.07.2010) 248-9


    East of England Faiths Council, Finance 626-7w

    Schools, Information and communications technology 442w


    Bypasses 6p


    First offenders 908w

"Serious Organised Crime Agency Report and Accounts 2009-10"

Serious Organised Crime and Police Act 2005 (Disclosure of Information by SOCA) Order 2010

                  Chamber Debates

    (26.07.2010) 833

Service Personnel and Veterans Agency

Severn Bridge

Sexual offences

    British nationals abroad 55w

    Medical records 441w

    Travel restrictions 35-6w


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