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Buck, Ms Karen

                  Westminster Hall Debates


    Housing, Greater London 27-8w

    Housing benefit, Greater London 396w

    Social rented housing 31w

    Tenancy agreements 27w

Buckland, Mr Robert

                  Chamber Debates

    Fixed-term Parliaments Bill, 2R (13.09.2010) 629

    Identity Documents Bill, Programme motion, Rep and 3R (15.09.2010) 925-6

                  Westminster Hall Debates

    Legal aid, Criminal proceedings (15.09.2010) 252wh, 259wh

    Public libraries (07.09.2010) 68wh


    Housing benefit 82w

    Housing benefit, Swindon 397w

    Local enterprise partnerships 1063w

    Regional development agencies 979w

Budget June 2010

Budget Responsibility Office

    see Office for Budget Responsibility

Building schools for the future programme


    Communities and Local Government 19w

    Department for Business, Innovation and Skills 361w, 1257-8w

    Department for Culture, Media and Sport 313-4w

    Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs 125-6w

    Department for International Development 645w

    Department for Transport 400w

    Department for Work and Pensions 71-2w

    Department of Energy and Climate Change 138w

    Department of Health 240w

    Foreign and Commonwealth Office 466-70w

    Northern Ireland Office 121w

    Office of the Secretary of State for Wales 108w


Burden, Richard

                  Westminster Hall Debates

    Economic situation, West Midlands (07.09.2010) 1-9wh, 22wh


    Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority, Communication 3w

    Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority, Pay 4w

    Members, Correspondence 5-6w

    Written questions, Government responses 358w



Burley, Mr Aidan

                  Chamber Debates

    Identity Documents Bill, Programme motion, Rep and 3R (15.09.2010) 922, 927, 930


    Commonwealth, Foreign relations 962w


    Internally displaced people 1160w

    Nuclear weapons 210w

Burnham, Rt Hon Andy

                  Chamber Debates

    NHS Direct, Points of order (08.09.2010) 336


Burns, Conor


    Economic situation, Northern Ireland 1040w

Burns, Mr Simon, Minister of State, Department of Health

                  Westminster Hall Debates

                  Written Statements

    NHS, Information and communications technology 21-2ws


    Accident and emergency departments 167-8

    Accident and emergency departments, Greater London 440-54w

    Allowances, Department of Health 770-1w

    Ambulance services, Winchester 176

    Appointments Commission, Civil Service Live conference 453-5w

    Assets, Department of Health 237-40w

    Billing, Department of Health 771-2w

    Brighton, Department of Health 768w

    Buildings, Department of Health 240w

    Cancer, Health services 455w

    Cheshire and Wirral Partnership NHS Foundation Trust 1133w

    Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, Health services 1321w

    Community hospitals 769w

    Community hospitals, Leighton Buzzard 175

    Dental services, Gateshead 1003w

    Empty property, Department of Health 457w

    Epilepsy, Nurses 248w

    Eyesight, Testing 774w

    Fines, Department of Health 772w

    Furniture, Department of Health 458w

    General practitioners, Doncaster 164-5

    General practitioners, Greater London 252w

    General practitioners, Pharmacy 657-8w

    General practitioners, Rural areas 1111w

    General practitioners, St Albans 253-4w

    General practitioners, Yorkshire and the Humber 460w

    Guy's and St Thomas NHS Foundation Trust, Clinical trials 778w, 1323w

    Health centres, Christchurch 254w

    Health centres, Finance 657w

    Health centres, Greater Manchester 778w

    Health professions, Insurance 658w

    Health services, Charities 1114w

    Health services, Children 1113w

    Health services, Greater London 257w, 267w

    Health services, Learning disability 779w

    Health services, Private sector 778w

    Health services, Thames Valley 783w

    HealthWatch England 779w

    Hospitals, Closed circuit television 1320-1w

    Hospitals, Construction 261w

    Hospitals, Greater London 261w

    Information and communications technology, Department of Health 240-2w, 458w

    Malton Hospital 174

    Members, Correspondence 663w

    Methadone, Prescriptions 1009w

    Motor neurone disease 264w

    Motor vehicles, Department of Health 241-3w

    Neurology, Research 265w

    NHS, Accountancy 266w

    NHS, Civil Service Live conference 461w

    NHS, Information and communications technology 461w

    NHS, Innovation 267w

    NHS, Local government 1115w

    NHS, Political activities 1326w

    NHS, Private finance initiative 781w

    NHS, Temporary employment 1118w

    NHS Commissioning Board 653-4w

    NHS walk-in centres 666w

    North West London Hospitals NHS Trust, Finance 1118w

    Official hospitality, Department of Health 243w

    Pay, Department of Health 243w

    Pensions, Department of Health 243-4w

    Primary care trusts, Wiltshire 439-40w

    Public consultation, Department of Health 655w

    Public expenditure, Department of Health 1322w

    Public relations, Department of Health 244-6w

    Redundancy pay, Department of Health 1134w

    Rents, Department of Health 245-6w

    Taxis, Department of Health 273-4w

    Trade unions, Department of Health 276-7w

    Training, Department of Health 561w

    Wines, Department of Health 277-8w

Burrowes, Mr David

                  Chamber Debates

    Equitable Life (Payments) Bill, 2R (14.09.2010) 779

                  Westminster Hall Debates


    Building schools for the future programme 342w

Burstow, Mr Paul, Minister of State, Department of Health

                  Chamber Debates

                  Westminster Hall Debates

    Diabetes, Young people (15.09.2010) 291-7wh

                  Written Statements


    Ambulance services, South West 654w

    Ankylosing spondylitis, Health services 231w

    Audio equipment, Health hazards 1319-20w

    Bone cancer, Medical treatments 1131w

    Cancer, Blackpool 439w

    Cancer, Hertfordshire 1137w

    Cancer, Medical treatments 1132w

    Cerebral palsy, Gateshead 1003w

    Chronic fatigue syndrome, Medical treatments 455w

    Compulsorily detained mental patients 1133w

    Continuing care 560w

    Dementia, Drugs 456w

    Dementia, Hertfordshire 456-7w

    Diabetes, Care homes 234w

    Diabetes, Health education 166-7

    Epilepsy, Nurses 656w

    General practitioners, Training 1111-2w

    Health services, Disability 778w

    Health services, Learning disability 658-62w

    Health services, Prisons 258w

    Independent Living Fund 261-2w

    Mental health services, Children 664-6w

    Mental health services, Gender recognition 656w

    Mental health services, Older people 564w

    Mental illness, Life expectancy 665w

    Mental illness, Offenders 1324w

    Mental illness, Prisoners 1324w

    NHS, Social enterprises 1117w

Burt, Alistair, Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State, Foreign and Commonwealth Office

                  Westminster Hall Debates


    Afghanistan, Chevening scholarships programme 963w

    Afghanistan, Corruption 962w

    Afghanistan, Diplomatic service 208w

    Afghanistan, Overseas aid 208-9w

    Afghanistan, Religious freedom 465w

    Allowances, Foreign and Commonwealth Office 211w

    Arms trade, Treaties 466w

    Assets, Foreign and Commonwealth Office 211-3w

    Billing, Foreign and Commonwealth Office 466w, 712w

    Buildings, Foreign and Commonwealth Office 466-70w

    Consultants, Foreign and Commonwealth Office 213w, 470-1w

    Departmental responsibilities, Foreign and Commonwealth Office 963w

    Diplomatic service, Flags 963w

    Diplomatic service, Manpower 214w

    Empty property, Foreign and Commonwealth Office 471w

    Falkland Islands, Sovereignty 963w

    Fines, Foreign and Commonwealth Office 471w

    Furniture, Foreign and Commonwealth Office 214w

    India, Foreign relations 1186w

    Indonesia, Religious freedom 963-4w

    Information and communications technology, Foreign and Commonwealth Office 214w

    International Atomic Energy Agency, Finance 217w

    Iran, Baha'i faith 717w

    Iran, Homosexuality 731

    Iraq, Trade unions 218w

    Israel, Education 219w

    Israel, Equality 219w

    Israel, Overseas trade 474w

    Libya, Foreign relations 474-5w

    Lockerbie, Bombings 718w

    Malaysia, Foreign relations 718-9w

    Maldives, Politics and government 222w, 729

    Manpower, Foreign and Commonwealth Office 1184w

    Middle East, Peace negotiations 219-21w

    Motor vehicles, Foreign and Commonwealth Office 471-2w

    Official hospitality, Foreign and Commonwealth Office 472w

    1 Carlton Gardens 465w

    Pakistan, Foreign relations 961w

    Pakistan, Religious freedom 223w

    Palestinians, International assistance 224-5w

    Pensions, Foreign and Commonwealth Office 713-4w

    Redundancy pay, Foreign and Commonwealth Office 1184w

    Rents, Foreign and Commonwealth Office 713-4w

    Sri Lanka, Armed conflict 965w

    Syrian Arab Republic, EU external trade 644w

    Syrian Arab Republic, Nuclear power 645w

    Taxis, Foreign and Commonwealth Office 226-8w

    Temporary employment, Foreign and Commonwealth Office 472w

    Trade unions, Foreign and Commonwealth Office 227w

    Training, Foreign and Commonwealth Office 472-3w

    Weapons of mass destruction, Proliferation 209w

    Yemen, Terrorism 739

Burt, Lorely

                  Chamber Debates

    Fixed-term Parliaments Bill, 2R (13.09.2010) 643-4, 667, 685

                  Westminster Hall Debates

    Economic situation, West Midlands (07.09.2010) 8-13wh, 16wh


    Electricity, Local government 1155w

    Immigration controls 7-8

Bus services

    Petitions 1p


    East of England 888w

Business improvement districts

Business links

    Civil Service Live conference 359w

Business motions

    (13.09.2010) 710

Business premises

Business statements

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