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de Bois, Nick

                  Chamber Debates

    EU budget (13.10.2010) 442

    Lawful Industrial Action (Minor Errors) Bill, 2R adjourned (22.10.2010) 1242, 1252, 1263, 1267-8

    London Local Authorities Bill (HL), 2R (13.10.2010) 402

    Public expenditure (20.10.2010) 980

                  Westminster Hall Debates

    Returning officers (20.10.2010) 264wh


    Drinking water, Attorney General 437w

    Drinking water, Cabinet Office 685w

    Drinking water, Communities and Local Government 502w

    Drinking water, Department for Business, Innovation and Skills 600w

    Drinking water, Department for Culture, Media and Sport 419w

    Drinking water, Department for Education 669w

    Drinking water, Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs 383w

    Drinking water, Department for International Development 439-40w

    Drinking water, Department of Health 568w

    Drinking water, Ministry of Justice 712w

    Drinking water, Northern Ireland Office 444w

    Drinking water, Office of the Secretary of State for Wales 291w

    Drinking water, Scotland Office 407w

    Drinking water, Treasury 807w

De Piero, Gloria


    Debt collection, Regulation 880w


    see Hearing impairment


Debt collection


    Advisory services 599w



Defence equipment

Defence Storage and Distribution Agency


Democratic Republic of Congo

    Sexual offences 617w


Denham, Rt Hon Mr John

                  Chamber Debates

    Students, Points of order (11.10.2010) 49


    Students, Fees and charges 469-70

Dental services

    Fees and charges 844w

Department for Business, Innovation and Skills

    Chief scientific advisers 163w

    Non-departmental public bodies 476-7

    Public expenditure 164w

    Voluntary organisations 333w

Department for Communities and Local Government

    see Communities and Local Government

Department for Culture, Media and Sport

    Carbon emissions 419w

    Chief scientific advisers 221w

    Newspaper press 421w

    Voluntary organisations 423-4w

Department for Education

    Departmental responsibilities 17

    Information and communications technology 378w

    Information officers 13w

    Ministerial policy advisers 13w

    Official hospitality 13w

    Private finance initiative 463w

    Procurement 14w

    Public consultation 324w

Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs

    Carbon emissions 629w

    Voluntary organisations 425w

Department for International Development

    Carbon emissions 348w

    Work experience 440w

Department for Transport

    Chief scientific advisers 48w

    Conditions of employment 888w

    Motor vehicles 50w

    Trade unions 61w

Department for Work and Pensions

    Departmental responsibilities 622

    Freedom of information 337w

    Official hospitality 337w

    Public expenditure 111w

    Temporary employment 346w

Department of Energy and Climate Change

    Chief scientific advisers 101w

    Official hospitality 102w

    Public expenditure 103w

    Telephone services 305w

    Voluntary organisations 923w

    Work experience 479w

Department of Health

    Chief scientific advisers 75w

    Public expenditure 76w

    Work experience 569w

Departmental responsibilities

    Department for Business, Innovation and Skills 482, 601w, 915w

    Department for Education 17

    Department for Work and Pensions 622

    Ministry of Justice 791


Deputy Prime Minister


    Alternatives to prison 704w

Derelict land

Detection rates

Detention centres

Developing countries

    Disease control 441w

    Family planning 441w

    Infant mortality 666w

"Development of Services for People with Learning Disabilities or Mental Illness in England Report 14"



    Vocational training 614w

Devon and Cornwall Police

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