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Ruane, Chris

                  Chamber Debates

    Bloody Sunday Tribunal of Inquiry (03.11.2010) 1006

    Identity and Passport Service, Newport (Gwent) (25.10.2010) 138-9

    Parliament (Amendment) Bill, 1R (26.10.2010) 202

    Parliamentary Voting System and Constituencies Bill, Com (25.10.2010) 49, 57-8, 61-2

                  Westminster Hall Debates


    Coastal areas, Wales 908

    Free school meals, Wales 729w

    House of Commons, Reform 919-20

Rudd, Amber

                  Chamber Debates

    Higher education, Finance (03.11.2010) 937


    Electoral register 251w

    Health, Children 871w

    Health visitors 762w

    Members, Correspondence 940w

    Parliamentary session 19-20

    Personal income, South East 908w

    Piers, Hastings 15

    Social security benefits, East Sussex 168-9w

Ruddock, Rt Hon Joan

                  Chamber Debates

    Higher education, Finance (03.11.2010) 931

    Public expenditure (28.10.2010) 541-2


    Child Trust Fund, Lewisham 662-3w

    Pregnant women, Grants 826w

    Waiting lists, Cataracts 766w

    Waiting lists, Hospitals 773w

Ruffley, Mr David

                  Chamber Debates


    Listed places of worship grant scheme 163

    National Crime Agency 596


Rugby (Warwickshire)

Rural areas

    Postal services 623w

    Regional planning and development 407w

Russell, Bob

                  Chamber Debates

    Afghanistan, Peacekeeping operations (27.10.2010) 335

    Public expenditure (28.10.2010) 536-7


    Allowances, Prime Minister 495w

    Fertility, Medical treatments 778w

    Football 9

    Housing benefit, Children 436-7w

    Local enterprise partnerships, Essex 538-9w

    Local government finance 672-3w

    Local strategic partnerships 673w

    Prisons, Chelmsford 215w

    Vetting, Voluntary organisations 500w


Rutley, David

                  Chamber Debates

    Public expenditure (28.10.2010) 559-60

    Transport (26.10.2010) 197


    BAE Systems, Woodford 311

Ryder Cup

    Newport (Gwent) 14

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