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Backbench debates

    CAFCASS (11.11.2010) 472-5

    Department of Health (11.11.2010) 147-88wh

    Economic growth (11.11.2010) 476-539

    Multiple occupation (18.11.2010) 349-70wh

Bacon, Mr Richard

                  Chamber Debates

    CAFCASS (11.11.2010) 474

    RAF Marham (11.11.2010) 540, 542

Bagshawe, Ms Louise

                  Chamber Debates

    Economic growth (11.11.2010) 481

    Fixed-term Parliaments Bill, Com (16.11.2010) 774, 807, 812, 822

    Housing benefit (09.11.2010) 212, 214


    Autism, Health services 762-3w

Baha'i faith

Bailey, Mr Adrian

                  Chamber Debates

    Economic growth (11.11.2010) 515-6


Bain, Mr William

                  Chamber Debates

    Economic growth (11.11.2010) 491-2

    Housing benefit (09.11.2010) 180-2

    Sustainable Livestock Bill, 2R adjourned (12.11.2010) 585-9


    British constitution 504w

    Crown Currency Exchange 287w

    Disability living allowance, Care homes 581-2w

    English Forestry Forum 309w

    Forestry Commission 310w

    Housing benefit, Down's syndrome 346w

    Renewable energy, Feed-in tariffs 926-7w

    State retirement pensions, Uprating 100w

Baker, Norman, Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State, Department for Transport

                  Westminster Hall Debates

    Exeter-Plymouth railway line (10.11.2010) 137-9wh


    Aviation, Security 566w

    Blue badge scheme 331w

    Bus services, Disability 697w

    Bus services, Driver information systems 782-3w

    Conditions of employment, Department for Transport 698w

    Disabled Persons Transport Advisory Committee 699-700w

    Electric vehicles 573w

    Exhaust emissions, EU action 573w

    Institute for Fiscal Studies, Department for Transport 700w

    Mental health, Department for Transport 701-2w

    Nottingham Express Transit 578w

    Official hospitality, Department for Transport 105w

    Parking, Disability 702w

    Policy, Department for Transport 698w

    Redundancy, Department for Transport 698-9w

    Renewable transport fuel obligation 111w

    Road traffic, Morecambe 336w

    Transport, Schools 578w

    UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, Department for Transport 183w

    Work experience, Department for Transport 699w

Baker, Steve

                  Chamber Debates


    National Insurance Fund 616w

    Police, Private sector 120w

Baldry, Tony, Second Church Estates Commissioner

                  Chamber Debates

    Detainees, Afghanistan (16.11.2010) 758

    Government departments, Business plans (08.11.2010) 28

    Sustainable Livestock Bill, 2R adjourned (12.11.2010) 573-9

    Welfare state, Reform (11.11.2010) 449

                  Westminster Hall Debates

    Unemployment, Young people (09.11.2010) 65-71wh


    Auckland Castle, Art works 913-4w

    Church Commissioners 914w

    Church Commissioners, Legal opinion 914w

    Heathrow Airport, Railways 110w

    High Speed 2 railway line 576w

    History, Curriculum 633-4

    International assistance 797-8w

Baldwin, Harriett

                  Chamber Debates

    Equitable Life (Payments) Bill, Com and 3R (10.11.2010) 315

    Public Services (Social Enterprise and Social Value) Bill, 2R (19.11.2010) 1183-6, 1198-9


    Equality, Public bodies 1060

    Home education 48w

    Loans, Republic of Ireland 894

    Regional planning and development 806w

    Technology and innovation centres 481w

Balls, Rt Hon Edward

                  Chamber Debates

    Demonstrations, Greater London (11.11.2010) 458-60


    Building schools for the future programme 266w

    Counter-terrorism 516w

    Deportation, Private sector 454w

    Domestic violence protection orders 935w

    GCSE, Disadvantaged 505w

    Olympic Games 2012, Security 935-6w

    Police, Accountability 936w

    Police, Finance 724w

    Police, Termination of employment 936-8w

    Public expenditure, Home Office 722w

Bank levy

Bank services

    Revenue and Customs 617w


Banks, Gordon


    Building schools for the future programme 476-7w

    Higher education, Finance 744w

    Office for Fair Access 747w

    Technology Strategy Board, Finance 495w

Barclay, Stephen


    Arts, Finance 39w

    Driving offences, EU nationals 917w

    Excise duties, Beer 818w

    Government departments, Consultants 779w

    Hepatitis, Health services 765w

    Land, Ministry of Defence 733-4w

    Manpower, Department for International Development 421w, 517w

Barker, Gregory, Minister of State, Department of Energy and Climate Change

                  Westminster Hall Debates

    Dungeness power stations (16.11.2010) 244-8wh


    Agriculture, Renewable energy 419

    Carbon emissions, Business 927w

    Climate change, Developing countries 405-6

    Climate change, International cooperation 417, 420, 927w

    Climate Change Act 2008 418

    Computer software, Department of Energy and Climate Change 821-2w

    Energy, Conservation 407-8

    Energy, Government departments 611w

    Energy, Manufacturing industries 420

    Energy, Scotland 420

    Institute for Fiscal Studies, Department of Energy and Climate Change 929w

    Lobbying, Department of Energy and Climate Change 469w

    Official hospitality, Department of Energy and Climate Change 225w

    Policy, Department of Energy and Climate Change 12-4w

    Postal services, Department of Energy and Climate Change 928w

    Press, Department of Energy and Climate Change 655w

    Regulation, Department of Energy and Climate Change 606-7w, 928-30w

    Renewable energy 470w

    Renewable energy, Israel 825-6w

    Renewable energy, Waste 420

    Solar power, VAT 422


    Building schools for the future programme 800w

Baron, Mr John

                  Chamber Debates

    Equitable Life (Payments) Bill, Com and 3R (10.11.2010) 320


    Afghanistan, Peacekeeping operations 287

    Older people, Health services 513w

Barron, Rt Hon Kevin

                  Chamber Debates

    Government departments, Business plans (08.11.2010) 29

    NHS, Reorganisation (17.11.2010) 921-2

                  Westminster Hall Debates

    Public expenditure, Department of Health (11.11.2010) 152-7wh, 178wh


    Business questions 427

Barwell, Gavin

                  Chamber Debates

                  Westminster Hall Debates

    Science, Research (10.11.2010) 125-6wh

Basic skills

Bayley, Hugh


    Afghanistan, Peacekeeping operations 19

    Identity and Passport Service 119w

    International assistance 915w

    Loans, Republic of Ireland 896

    Official cars, Treasury 359w

    Regional Growth Fund, Yorkshire and the Humber 1037-8


    Deputy Prime Minister 773w

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