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MacLeod, Mary

                  Chamber Debates

    Government departments, Business plans (08.11.2010) 33


    Exservicemen 20

    Secondary education, Standards 636-7

McLoughlin, Rt Hon Mr Patrick, Parliamentary Secretary to the Treasury (Chief Whip)

                  Chamber Debates

    Fixed-term Parliaments Bill, Com (16.11.2010) 836

MacNeil, Mr Angus

                  Chamber Debates

    Summertime, Scotland (16.11.2010) 861-2, 865


    Afghanistan, Politics and government 134

    Large goods vehicles, Tolls 112-3w

    Tugboats, Western Isles 332-3w

    Wind power, Western Isles 19w

McPartland, Stephen


    Health services 765w

MacShane, Mr Denis

                  Chamber Debates

    G20, South Korea (15.11.2010) 650

    Oral question time intervention (09.11.2010) 139

                  Westminster Hall Debates


    Academies, Rotherham 52-3w

    Assange, Julian 551w

    Aviation, Foreign and Commonwealth Office 508-9w

    Education maintenance allowance 270w, 753w

    Foreign nationals, Immunity from prosecution 435w

    Loans, Republic of Ireland 892

    Military decorations 10

    Public expenditure, Ministry of Defence 22-3w

    Renewable energy, Heating 410

Mactaggart, Fiona

                  Chamber Debates

    Welfare state, Reform (11.11.2010) 455-6


    Equality, Public bodies 1057-9

    Secondary education, Standards 636

McVey, Esther

                  Westminster Hall Debates

    Non-domestic rates, Empty property (17.11.2010) 279wh


    Aircraft carriers 15

    Broadband, Finance 476w

    Railways, North West 577w

Magistrates' courts

Magnetic resonance imagers

Mahmood, Mr Khalid


    Abdulmutallab, Umar Farouk 516-7w

Mahmood, Shabana



    Antisocial behaviour orders 114w

Main, Mrs Anne

                  Chamber Debates

    Equitable Life (Payments) Bill, Com and 3R (10.11.2010) 329, 347, 349

    Schools (17.11.2010) 963


    Empty dwelling management orders 676w

    Schools, Transport 282w




    Eating disorders 877w


Malton Hospital


    see Greater Manchester


Mann, John


    Anglo Irish Bank 284w

    Civil servants, Labour turnover 251w

    Corporation tax 614w

    Global Peace and Unity Conference 225-6w

    Industrial diseases, Compensation 469w

    Police, Pensions 131w

Manufacturing industries

    Government assistance 298w

Manufacturing Insight


    Public footpaths 35w


    Ministry of Defence 201w


    Prince William (16.11.2010) 723

Marsden, Mr Gordon

                  Chamber Debates

    Housing benefit (09.11.2010) 158, 168


    Armed forces, Mental health services 2-3

    Energy supply, Pensions 607-8w

    EU grants and loans 160w

    Local enterprise partnerships, South West 1040

    Public expenditure, Department for Business, Innovation and Skills 478w

    Regional development agencies 301w

    Science, Finance 297w

    Skills Funding Agency 341w

Mass media

    Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority 963-4w

Maternity services


Maude, Rt Hon Mr Francis, Minister for the Cabinet Office and Paymaster General

                  Written Statements

    Public sector, Mutual societies 41-2ws


    Civil servants, Ayrshire 429w

    Civil servants, Pensions 470-1w

    Emergencies, Weather 430w

    Freedom of information, Cabinet Office 429w

    Government departments, Photography 340w

    Institute for Fiscal Studies, Cabinet Office 780w

    Local government, Procurement 848w

    Ministers, Codes of practice 780w

    Parliamentary private secretaries 780w

    Public bodies, Land 473w

    Public bodies, Wales 341w

    Public expenditure, Cabinet Office 341w

    Public sector, Procurement 856-7w

    Skills Funding Agency 341w

May, Rt Hon Mrs Theresa, Secretary of State for the Home Office and Minister for Women and Equality

                  Written Statements

    Domestic violence, Supporting people programme 5-6ws


    Counter-terrorism 516w

    Deportation, Private sector 454w

    Domestic violence protection orders 935w

    Olympic Games 2012, Security 935-6w

    Police, Accountability 936w

    Police, Finance 724w

    Police, Termination of employment 936-8w

    Public expenditure, Home Office 722w

    Terrorism, Detainees 817w

Maynard, Paul


    Book Trust, Finance 589w

    Listed buildings, Nuclear installations 671-2w

    Renewable transport fuel obligation 111w

Meacher, Rt Hon Mr Michael


    Renewable energy 470w

Meale, Mr Alan

                  Westminster Hall Debates


    Respiratory system, Diseases 236w

Mearns, Ian

                  Chamber Debates

    Demonstrations, City of Westminster (11.11.2010) 467

    Economic growth (11.11.2010) 485-7

    Schools (17.11.2010) 963

    Welfare state, Points of order (11.11.2010) 470

    Welfare state, Reform (11.11.2010) 454

                  Westminster Hall Debates

    Public expenditure, Department of Health (11.11.2010) 168-70wh


    Access to work programme 990-2w

    Debts, Advisory services 478w

    Free school meals, Gateshead 46-8w


Meat Hygiene Service


    Territorial Army 556w

Medical examinations

    Disability living allowance 423w

Medical Profession (Responsible Officers) Regulations 2010

                  Chamber Debates

Medical treatments

    Multiple sclerosis 136w




    National insurance contributions 758-9w

Members' staff

    National insurance contributions 758-9w


    see Males

Mental health

    Department for International Development 26w

    Department for Transport 701-2w

    Department for Work and Pensions 260-1w

    Foreign and Commonwealth Office 233w

    Ministry of Justice 68w

    Northern Ireland Office 3w

    Office of the Secretary of State for Wales 181w

    Scotland Office 1w

Mental health services

Mental illness

Menzies, Mark


    Our Life, Regional development agencies 302w

    Public expenditure 740

    Special educational needs 630-1

    Unmanned air vehicles 19

Mercer, Patrick


    Armed forces, Coroners 9

    Community orders 394w

    Drugs, Rehabilitation 369w

    Prison sentences 216w

    Schools, Finance 635

    Terrorism, Northern Ireland 277-8


    Aimhigher programme 980w

Met Office

Metcalfe, Stephen

                  Chamber Debates

    G20, South Korea (15.11.2010) 654-5



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