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Big Society Bank


Bingham, Andrew

                  Chamber Debates

    Daylight Saving Bill, 2R (03.12.2010) 1096

    Financial services, Regulation (29.11.2010) 616, 622


    Contracts, Department for Work and Pensions 860w

    Tintwistle, Hollingworth and Mottram bypass 31w, 490w

    Transport, Finance 266

Binley, Mr Brian

                  Westminster Hall Debates

    Retail trade (24.11.2010) 110wh

Biocidal products





    Education maintenance allowance 517-8w

Birtwistle, Gordon

                  Chamber Debates

    Fixed-term Parliaments Bill, Com (24.11.2010) 370

    Railways (25.11.2010) 483

                  Westminster Hall Debates

    Local enterprise partnerships, Lancashire (24.11.2010) 142-4wh, 146wh


Black Asian and Minority Ethnic Women Councillors Taskforce

Blackman, Bob

                  Chamber Debates

    Health (30.11.2010) 686


    Business questions 978

    Local government finance 432

Blackman-Woods, Roberta


    Big Society Bank 880w

    Homelessness 446

    Prisoners, Voting rights 152

    Public sector, Procurement 250

    Transport, Snow and ice 965-7

    Voluntary work, Young people 883w

Blackwood, Nicola

                  Chamber Debates

    Daylight Saving Bill, 2R (03.12.2010) 1110


    Climate change, Developing countries 1065w

    Conflict resolution, Females 1068-9w

    Contracts, Department of Energy and Climate Change 808w

    Higher education, Vocational guidance 1003w

Blears, Rt Hon Hazel


    Dementia, Finance 152w

    Employment schemes, Social enterprises 3-4

Blenkinsop, Tom

                  Chamber Debates

    Financial services, Regulation (29.11.2010) 613-5, 618

    Schools, Points of order (30.11.2010) 692


    Blood, Contamination 152w

    Fires, Insurance 476w

    Transport, Snow and ice 971

Blomfield, Paul

                  Chamber Debates

    Immigration controls (23.11.2010) 180

    Schools (24.11.2010) 286

    Students, Fees and charges (30.11.2010) 777-9


    Hospitals, Children 167w

    Mortgages, Repossession orders 61w

    Occupied territories, Housing 80w

    Orders and regulations, Parliamentary procedure 525-6

    Roads, Safety 948


Blunkett, Rt Hon David

                  Chamber Debates

    Health (30.11.2010) 675

    Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority (02.12.2010) 1021

    Loans, Republic of Ireland (22.11.2010) 44

    Schools (24.11.2010) 274


    Access to work programme 785w

    Cooperative Bank 261w

    Departmental responsibilities, Communities and Local Government 443-4

    Developing countries, Education 389w, 799w

    Local government, Redundancy 429

    Local government finance 52w, 444

    Manpower, Department for Education 90-1w

Blunt, Mr Crispin, Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State, Ministry of Justice


    Acklington Prison 710w

    Approved premises 109w

    Arrest warrants, Crimes against humanity 820w

    Chelmsford Prison, Visits 123w

    HM Inspectorate of Prisons, Public appointments 110w

    Miscarriages of justice 156-7

    National Offender Management Service, Secondment 496w

    Offenders, Employment 168

    Prison Service, Cost effectiveness 287w

    Prison Service, Training 719w

    Prisoners, Foreign nationals 118w

    Prisoners on remand 117w

    Prisoners' release, Terrorism 974w

    Prisons, Dorset 117w

    Probation, Finance 311w

    Probation, Manpower 456-8w (520 5-7mc)

    Probation, North East 124w (520 3-4mc)

    Reoffenders, Shoplifting 458w

    Reoffenders, West Midlands 116w

    Secure training centres, Restraint techniques 124-30w, 290w

    Sexual offences, Sentencing 129-30w

    Travellers, Evictions 164-5

    Victim support schemes 499w

    Victim support schemes, Terrorism 130w

Boarding schools

Boles, Nick

                  Chamber Debates

    Internet, Pornography (23.11.2010) 238


    Building schools for the future programme 427w

    Education maintenance allowance 429w

    Social rented housing 926w


Bone, Mr Peter

                  Chamber Debates

    Immigration controls (23.11.2010) 176

    Loans, Republic of Ireland (22.11.2010) 50

    NATO (22.11.2010) 36


    Business questions 456

    Council tax 49w

    Deportation, Offenders 169w

    Jobseeker's allowance 142w

Bookstart scheme

Border Agency

    see UK Border Agency

Bottomley, Peter

                  Chamber Debates

    Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority (02.12.2010) 1056-8

    Internet, Pornography (23.11.2010) 246

    Waste Recycling (End Use Register) Bill, 1R (30.11.2010) 689

                  Westminster Hall Debates

    Disability living allowance (30.11.2010) 198wh


    Overseas students 72w

Bovine tuberculosis

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