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Michael, Rt Hon Alun

                  Chamber Debates

    Gangmasters Licensing (Extension to Construction Industry) Bill, 2R adjourned (03.12.2010) 1157


    Blood, Contamination 753w

    Disability, Elections 961

    Electoral register 781w

    Public expenditure, Department for Work and Pensions 356-7w

    Social security benefits 796w

    Welsh Grand Committee 526-7


    Developing countries 228w

Middle East

    Politics and government 78-9w


Miliband, Rt Hon Edward

Miliband, Rt Hon Edward

                  Chamber Debates

    NATO (22.11.2010) 25-6


Military aid

Military alliances

Military bases

Military intelligence


Miller, Andrew


Miller, Maria, Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State, Department for Work and Pensions

                  Westminster Hall Debates

    Disability living allowance (30.11.2010) 217-20wh

                  Written Statements


    Access to work programme, North East 935w

    Carer's allowance, Livingston 411-2w

    Disability, Elections 961-2

    Disability living allowance, Drugs 21-2

    Disability living allowance, Gwent 939-40w

    Disability living allowance, Medical examinations 622-3w

    Employment and support allowance 789-90w

    Employment and support allowance, Scotland 414-6w

    Females, Low incomes 963-4

    Incapacity benefit 794w

    Incapacity benefit, Gwent 946w

    Independent Living Fund 20, 947w

    Jobcentre Plus, Manpower 946w

    Mobility allowance, Children 869-70w

    Poverty, Children 630w

    Social security benefits, Adoption 872-3w

    Social security benefits, Disability 358w, 951w

    Social security benefits, Human rights 62-3w

    Social security benefits, Lone parents 627w

    Social security benefits, Voluntary work 18

    Unemployment benefits, Drugs 941-2w

Milton, Anne, Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State, Department of Health

                  Westminster Hall Debates

                  Written Statements

    Health Aspects of Violence against Women and Girls Taskforce 50ws

    Office of the Health Professions Adjudicator 87ws

    Stem cells, Medical treatments 78ws


    Abortion Act 1967 752w

    Bassetlaw Hospital, Post-mortems 1007-8w

    Chiropody, Training 762w

    Disability, Children 894w

    Drugs, Rehabilitation 155w

    Freedom of information, Department of Health 894w

    General practitioners 758w

    Health services, Males 251w

    Health services, Weather 168w

    Heart diseases, Stem cells 326w

    Herbal medicine 760w

    Hereditary diseases 897w

    HIV infection, Health services 251-2w

    Mental health services, Regulation 160w

    Midwives, Manpower 253w

    Multiple sclerosis 160w

    NHS, Redundancy pay 1013w

    NHS Commissioning Board 761w

    NHS foundation trusts 1074w

    Nurses, Recruitment 425w

    Prescription drugs, Imports 1013-4w

    Radiation exposure, Exservicemen 325-6w

    Slaughterhouses, Veterinary services 359w

    Sodium thiopental, Exports 259w

    Tuberculosis, Greater London 903-4w

Milton Keynes

    Community development 447

Minimum wage


Ministerial policy advisers

Ministerial statements

    Immigration controls (23.11.2010) 169-86

    Norgrove, Linda (02.12.2010) 987-94

    Office for Budget Responsibility (29.11.2010) 529-51

    Republic of Ireland (22.11.2010) 38-56

Ministers of religion

Ministry of Defence

    Intellectual property 222w

    Written questions 397w

Ministry of Justice

    Departmental responsibilities 161

    Postal services 109w

Miscarriages of justice


Mitchell, Rt Hon Mr Andrew, Secretary of State for International Development

                  Written Statements

    Sudan, Politics and government 4-6ws

    Supply estimates, Department for International Development 29-30ws


    Afghanistan, Children 613w

    Afghanistan, Overseas aid 227w

    Conflict prevention, Finance 39-40w

    Developing countries, Agriculture 41w

    Grants, Department for International Development 735-6w

    Pakistan, Overseas aid 229w

    Trade unions, Department for International Development 800w

Mitchell, Austin


    BBC, Cabinet Office 138w

    BBC, Department for Culture, Media and Sport 243w

    BBC, Prime Minister 441w

    Council housing, Finance 473w

    Council housing, Sales 473w

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