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O'Brien, Mr Stephen, Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State, Department for International Development


    Africa, HIV infection 38-9w

    Developing countries, Education 799w

    Developing countries, Fossil fuels 618w

    Equality, Department for International Development 39-40w

    EU law, Department for International Development 800w

    Manpower, Department for International Development 1077w

    Non-governmental organisations, Finance 614-5w

    Official hospitality, Department for International Development 40-1w

    Sponsorship, Department for International Development 799w

    Timber, Department for International Development 1080w

Occupational pensions

Occupied territories

O'Donnell, Fiona

                  Chamber Debates

    Savings Accounts and Health in Pregnancy Grant Bill, Rep and 3R (22.11.2010) 121

    Scottish Parliament (Elections etc.) Order (24.11.2010) 381, 383

    Students, Fees and charges (30.11.2010) 764

                  Westminster Hall Debates

    Youth services (23.11.2010) 37wh


    Disability living allowance 788-9w

    Electoral register 650

    Housing benefit 794w

    Independent Living Fund 20


    Rehabilitation 815

Offensive weapons

Office for Budget Responsibility

    Ministerial statements (29.11.2010) 529-51

Office of Fair Trading

    Competition Commission 605w

Office of the Health Professions Adjudicator

Office of the Public Guardian

Office of the Secretary of State for Wales

    Written questions 329w

Official cars

    Liquefied natural gas 815w

Official engagements

Official hospitality

    Department for Education 515w

    Department for International Development 40-1w

    Foreign and Commonwealth Office 76w

Official Statistics Order 2010

                  Chamber Debates

    (01.12.2010) 929

Offord, Mr Matthew

                  Chamber Debates

    Daylight Saving Bill, 2R (03.12.2010) 1118

    Financial services, Regulation (29.11.2010) 628-30

    Railways (25.11.2010) 483


    Bookstart scheme 513w

    Palestinians, International assistance 830-1w

Offshore industry


Older people

    Care homes see Care homes

    Musculoskeletal disorders 911-2w

Older workers


    Identity and Passport Service (02.12.2010) 1075-82

Ollerenshaw, Eric

                  Chamber Debates

    Students, Fees and charges (30.11.2010) 776-7

                  Westminster Hall Debates

    Coastal erosion (30.11.2010) 230-1wh


    Employment schemes, Disability 10-1

    Nigeria, Charities 264

    Revenue and Customs, Dismissal 277w

    Revenue and Customs, Legal costs 641-2w

    Travellers, Caravan sites 430

Olympic Games 2012

    Yorkshire and the Humber 136-7w


Onwurah, Chi

                  Chamber Debates

    Human trafficking, Points of order (01.12.2010) 821


    Contracts, Department for Culture, Media and Sport 1058w

    Contracts, Foreign and Commonwealth Office 657w

    Housing benefit, Vulnerable adults 793-4w

    Human trafficking 661

    Innovation, Department of Energy and Climate Change 1066w

    Mental health services 761w

    Mental illness, Prisoners 1073w

    Qualifications, Department for Culture, Media and Sport 567w

    Research, Ministry of Defence 578w

    Technology and innovation centres 703-4w

    Tourism, North East 780w

Opperman, Guy

                  Chamber Debates

    Schools, Sports (30.11.2010) 722

                  Westminster Hall Debates

    Youth services (23.11.2010) 30wh


    Administration of justice 148

    Employment schemes, North East 19-20

    Lockerbie, Bombings 712w

Opposition days

Oral questions

    Leader of the House of Commons 523

Orders and regulations

    Parliamentary procedure 525-6

Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development

Osborne, Rt Hon Mr George, Chancellor of the Exchequer

                  Chamber Debates

    Loans, Republic of Ireland (22.11.2010) 38-56

    Office for Budget Responsibility (29.11.2010) 529-34, 536-51

                  Written Statements

    EU Economic and Financial Affairs Council 91-3ws

Osborne, Sandra


    Embassies, Colombia 1068w

    Embassies, South America 1069w


Ottaway, Richard

                  Chamber Debates

    NATO (22.11.2010) 30

    Norgrove, Linda (02.12.2010) 992


    Employment schemes 20-1


Overseas aid

Overseas companies

Overseas students

    Bournemouth 72w

Overseas trade

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