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de Bois, Nick

                  Chamber Debates

    European Union Bill, 2R (07.12.2010) 242, 257-9


    Barnet and Chase Farm Hospitals NHS Trust 166

    Company liquidations, Greater London 915w

De Piero, Gloria

                  Westminster Hall Debates

    Coastal areas, Regeneration (08.12.2010) 120-3wh


    Housing benefit, Ashfield 1075w

    Police community support officers, Nottinghamshire 1102w


    see Hearing impairment




Deferred divisions

    (09.12.2010) 521


Democratic Republic of Congo

    Peacekeeping operations 473w



    Ministerial statements (13.12.2010) 665-78

Denham, Rt Hon Mr John

                  Chamber Debates

    Students, Fees and charges (09.12.2010) 543, 549-59

    Students, Points of order (06.12.2010) 23


Dental services

Department for Business, Innovation and Skills

    Institute for Fiscal Studies 1043-4w

Department for Communities and Local Government

    see Communities and Local Government

Department for Culture, Media and Sport

    Departmental coordination 900w

    Publications 87w

    UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities 1233w

Department for Education

    Backbench debates (21.12.2010) 1355-67

    Departmental responsibilities 1174

    Early retirement 736w

    Institute for Fiscal Studies 738w

    Postal services 414w

    Public expenditure 417w

Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs

    Departmental responsibilities 515

Department for International Development

Department for Transport

    Conditions of employment 134-5w

    Official hospitality 135w

    Temporary employment 864w

Department for Work and Pensions

    Postal services 460w

Department of Energy and Climate Change

    Departmental responsibilities 1041

    Northern Ireland Executive 1327w

    Public expenditure 977w

Department of Health

    Backbench debates (21.12.2010) 1341-54

    Departmental responsibilities 162, 334w

    Telephone services 334w

    Written questions 175w

Departmental coordination

    Department for Culture, Media and Sport 900w

Departmental responsibilities

    Department for Education 1174

    Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs 515

    Department of Energy and Climate Change 1041

    Foreign and Commonwealth Office 808

    Home Office 16


Deposit protection service

    see Tenancy deposit schemes

Depressive illnesses

Deputy Prime Minister

Derby University


    Afghanistan 810

Detention centres

Developing countries

    Voluntary organisations 301-2


    Department of Health 613w

Dewani, Shrien

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