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Rifkind, Rt Hon Sir Malcolm


Right to buy scheme

Rights of way

Riot control weapons

Ritchie, Ms Margaret

                  Westminster Hall Debates

    Army, Ballymurphy (Belfast) (08.12.2010) 137wh


    Aggregates levy, Northern Ireland 363w, 974w

    EU Agriculture and Fisheries Council 144w

    Fisheries, Jobseeker's allowance 287w

    National security 3-4

    Sudan, Conflict resolution 775w

Ritual slaughter

River Severn

River Thames



    Department for Education 735w

Road Safety (Financial Penalty Deposit) (Appropriate Amount) (Amendment) Order 2010

                  Chamber Debates

    (14.12.2010) 876

Road signs and markings

Road traffic

Road traffic control

    Ambulance services 265w

Road works


Robathan, Mr Andrew, Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State, Ministry of Defence

                  Chamber Debates

    Royal Fleet Auxiliary (06.12.2010) 142-6

                  Westminster Hall Debates

                  Written Statements

    EU Foreign Affairs Council 20-1ws

    Exservicemen, Mental health services 149-50ws

    Military Covenant Task Force 21ws


    Air force, Military bases 221w

    Armed forces, Antisemitism 711w

    Armed forces, Christmas 453w

    Armed forces, Conditions of employment 891w

    Armed forces, Health services 453-4w

    Armed forces, National insurance contributions 892-3w

    Art works, Ministry of Defence 7w, 279w

    Assets, Ministry of Defence 454w

    Aviation, Ministry of Defence 457w

    BAE Systems, Secondment 1201w

    Conferences, Ministry of Defence 717w

    Consultants, Ministry of Defence 986w

    Crimes of violence, Females 894w

    Defence, Procurement 279w

    European fighter aircraft 7w

    Exservicemen, Mental health services 278w

    Information officers, Ministry of Defence 986-7w

    Iraq, Peacekeeping operations 2-4w

    Military aircraft, Sales 282w

    Military bases, Manpower 821w

    Military Covenant Task Force 278w

    Military decorations 9w

    Ministry of Defence Police 991w

    Morocco, Military exercises 282-3w

    Nuclear weapons, Testing 719w

    Pay, Ministry of Defence 987-8w

    Press, Ministry of Defence 425-6w

    Redundancy, Ministry of Defence 988w

    Rescue services, Radar 226w

    Shipping, Energy 225w

    Sponsorship, Ministry of Defence 280w

    University air squadrons, Finance 227w

    World War II, Military decorations 661

    Written questions, Ministry of Defence 223w

Robert Hamill Inquiry

Robertson, Angus

                  Chamber Debates

    Air force, Points of order (14.12.2010) 833

    Ministerial statement intervention (14.12.2010) 831


    Afghanistan, Peacekeeping operations 452-3w

    Air force, Scotland 891w (521 8mc)

    European Defence Agency, Finance 988-9w

    Exservicemen 646

    Haiti, Politics and government 1127w

    Iraq, Peacekeeping operations 224w

    Ivory Coast, Elections 964w

    Lebanon, Peacekeeping operations 964w

    Military aircraft, Training 718w

    Military bases, Manpower 821w

    Norway, Foreign relations 812

    South Korea, Military exercises 1130w

    Sudan, Referendums 968w

    Tornado aircraft 719w

Robertson, Hugh, Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State, Department for Culture, Olympics, Media and Sport

                  Chamber Debates

    Football, Regulation (16.12.2010) 1155-8

                  Westminster Hall Debates

    Football, Sportsgrounds (08.12.2010) 98-101wh

    Olympic Games 2012 (21.12.2010) 426-9wh


    Horse racing, Betting 88w

    Olympic Delivery Authority, VAT 902-3w

    Olympic Games 2012, Coastal areas 229-30w

    Olympic Games 2012, Finance 89w

    Olympic Games 2012, Football 1056w

    Olympic Games 2012, Human trafficking 1056-7w (521 3-4mc)

    Olympic Games 2012, Northern Ireland 780-1w

    Sports, Birmingham 903w

    Sports, Public participation 89-90w

    Sports Cabinet 90w

    Tickets, Touting 781w

    UK School Games 231w

    UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, Department for Culture, Media and Sport 1233w

    World Athletics Championships 576-9w

Robertson, John

                  Chamber Debates


    Treaties, Parliamentary scrutiny 811

    Tree planting 509

Robertson, Mr Laurence

                  Chamber Debates

    Loans to Ireland Bill, Allocation of time motion, 2R and rem stages (15.12.2010) 936


    Bovine tuberculosis, Camels 1333-4w

    Bovine tuberculosis, Compensation 145w

    Domestic violence, Immigrants 762w

    Languages, Classroom assistants 471w

    Money laundering 216w

    State retirement pensions 849w

    State retirement pensions, Uprating 76w

    Terrorism, Northern Ireland 894

    University air squadrons, Finance 227w

Robinson, Mr Geoffrey

                  Chamber Debates

    Loans to Ireland Bill, Allocation of time motion, 2R and rem stages (15.12.2010) 941


    Police, Manpower 18-9


Rocky Mountain Institute

Rogerson, Dan

                  Westminster Hall Debates

    Students, Finance (15.12.2010) 312-4wh

Rolling stock

Rosemary Nelson Inquiry

Rosindell, Andrew


    Australia, Cultural relations 329-30w

    Biodiversity 511

    British overseas territories 303w

    Catering, Foreign and Commonwealth Office 314w

    Christmas, Foreign and Commonwealth Office 954-5w

    Civil Society Challenge Fund 209w

    Connections for Development, Finance 209-10w

    Developing countries, Trade unions 213w, 215w

    Diamond Jubilee 2012, Wales 293

    Equitable Life Assurance Society, Compensation 556w

    Flags, Northern Ireland 781w

    Grants, Department for International Development 210-1w

    Libraries, Foreign and Commonwealth Office 956-7w

    Madagascar, Agriculture 920-1w

    Madagascar, Climate change 920-1w

    Madagascar, Food 921w

    Non-governmental organisations, Finance 213-4w

    Overtime, Cabinet Office 551w

    Overtime, Communities and Local Government 1308w

    Overtime, Department for Business, Innovation and Skills 1034w

    Overtime, Department for Culture, Media and Sport 87w

    Overtime, Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs 1336-7w

    Overtime, Department for International Development 209-11w

    Overtime, Department for Work and Pensions 459w

    Overtime, Department of Health 174w

    Overtime, Ministry of Defence 425w

    Overtime, Ministry of Justice 195w

    Overtime, Northern Ireland Office 134w

    Overtime, Office of the Secretary of State for Wales 1w

    Pay, Foreign and Commonwealth Office 370w, 957w

    St Vincent and the Grenadines, Elections 756w

    Security, Foreign and Commonwealth Office 638w

    Turks and Caicos Islands 305-6w

    Turks and Caicos Islands, Foreign and Commonwealth Office 159w

Rotheram, Steve

                  Chamber Debates

    Local government finance (06.12.2010) 70-5

    Students, Fees and charges (09.12.2010) 616

                  Westminster Hall Debates

    Football, Sportsgrounds (08.12.2010) 98wh, 100wh


    Local government finance, Liverpool 56w

    Police Service of Northern Ireland, Finance 899-900


Roy, Mr Frank


    Afghanistan, Peacekeeping operations 813

    Disability living allowance, Care homes 393w

    Entry clearances, Overseas students 1099w

    Iran, Human rights 315w

    Kashmir, Politics and government 316w

    North Korea, Nuclear weapons 1128w

Roy, Lindsay


    Detention centres, Children 307w

    Employment, Disability 162w

    Illegal immigrants 309w

    Russia, Politics and government 158-9w

Royal Fleet Auxiliary

Royal Mail

Royal Navy

    see Navy

Royal parks

RRS Discovery

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