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Gale, Mr Roger

                  Westminster Hall Debates

    Railways, Kent (19.01.2011) 283-4wh



Gapes, Mike

                  Chamber Debates


    Data protection 152

Gardiner, Barry

                  Chamber Debates

    Commonwealth Parliamentary Association, Points of order (20.01.2011) 1032


    Business questions 1027

    Housing benefit, Ethnic groups 19-20

Garnier, Mr Edward, Solicitor General


    Human trafficking, Prosecutions 692-3

    Special advocates, Manpower 475w

Gas supply

    see Natural gas

Gas and Electricity Markets Authority


    Local government finance 502w

Gauke, Mr David, Exchequer Secretary

                  Chamber Debates

                  Written Statements

    Double taxation, Mauritius 30ws


    Companies, Registration 205-7w

    Devolution, Northern Ireland 1002w

    Jobseeker's allowance 575w

    Revenue and Customs 462w

    Revenue and Customs, Information and communications technology 215w, 462w

    Revenue and Customs, Liverpool 577w

    Revenue and Customs, Manpower 463w

    Tax allowances, Video games 463w

    Taxation, Business 756w

    Taxation, Holiday accommodation 579-80w

    Taxation, International cooperation 580w

    Taxation, Self-assessment 217w

    VAT, Channel Islands 218w

    VAT, Construction 757w

    VAT, Pensioners 581w

    VAT, Third sector 581w


    see Palestinians

GCE A-level


Gender recognition

General Dental Council

General Motors

General practitioners

    Great Yarmouth 286

    Newcastle upon Tyne 169w

Genetically modified organisms

    Cayman Islands 25w

Genito-urinary medicine


    GCE A-level 88w

George, Andrew

                  Westminster Hall Debates


    NHS, Reorganisation 831

    Official engagements, Prime Minister 831

    Personal, social, health and economic education 872w

    Victim support schemes 142-3


Gibb, Mr Nick, Minister of State, Department for Education

                  Chamber Debates

    Education maintenance allowance (19.01.2011) 951-3

    Education maintenance allowance, Walsall (12.01.2011) 405-8

                  Written Statements

    Sixth form education, Finance 39-40ws


    Academies, Kent 856w

    Building schools for the future programme 589w

    Class sizes, Newham 857w

    Communication, Department for Education 857-8w

    Dance, Education 857w

    Departmental responsibilities, Department for Education 90w

    Education, Newham 289w

    Education maintenance allowance, Birmingham 860-2w

    Education maintenance allowance, Brighton 862w

    Education maintenance allowance, Darlington 288w, 767-8w

    Education maintenance allowance, Greater London 862-3w

    Education maintenance allowance, Higher education 769w

    Education maintenance allowance, Liverpool 859-60w

    Education maintenance allowance, Northumberland 595-6w

    Education maintenance allowance, Redditch 863w

    Education maintenance allowance, Stoke on Trent 82-3w

    Education maintenance allowance, Wolverhampton 863-4w

    Education maintenance allowance, Young offenders 949-50w

    Ethnic minority achievement grant 84-5w

    Free school meals, Kingswood 767-8w

    Free school meals, Redditch 866w

    Free school meals, West Midlands 768-70w

    Further education, Student numbers 950w

    Geography, GCSE 88w

    Gifted children 89w

    Grammar schools 89w

    Higher education, Departmental coordination 951w

    International baccalaureate 89w

    Languages, Primary education 292w

    Literacy, Primary education 951-2w

    Manpower, Department for Education 87w

    Music, Education 94w

    New Schools Network 290w

    Personal, social, health and economic education 291w, 872w

    Private education, Admissions 600w

    Religion, English baccalaureate 291w

    School leaving, Bristol 104-5w

    Schools, Antisemitism 864w

    Schools, Finance 93w

    Schools, Governing bodies 93w

    Schools, Greater London 872w

    Schools, Information and communications technology 93w

    Schools, Manpower 873w

    Schools, Polling stations 871-2w

    Schools, Private finance initiative 94-5w

    Schools, Repairs and maintenance 873w

    Schools, Sports 952w

    Schools, Vocational guidance 99w, 103w

    Schools, Waltham Forest 953w

    Science, Education 874w

    Secondary education, East Riding 344w

    Secondary education, Admissions 875w

    Sixth form education, Finance 876w

    Special educational needs, Teachers 94w, 100w

    Specialist schools, Finance 876w

    Teachers, Sick leave 877w

    Truancy, Brighton 770w

    Vocational education, Hexham 771w

    Warrington Collegiate, Finance 878w

    Written questions, Government responses 87-8w, 103w

Gifted children

Gilbert, Stephen

                  Chamber Debates

    Localism Bill, 2R (17.01.2011) 603, 629

                  Westminster Hall Debates

    Public expenditure, Communities and Local Government (13.01.2011) 161-5wh, 176wh


    Carbon emissions, Incinerators 143w, 480w

    Renewable energy, Heating 481w

Gillan, Rt Hon Mrs Cheryl, Secretary of State for Wales

                  Written Statements

    Localism Bill 2010-12, Framework powers 13-4ws

    National Assembly for Wales (Legislative Competence) (Health and Health Services) Order 2011 14ws

Gilmore, Sheila

                  Chamber Debates

    Fixed-term Parliaments Bill, Rep and 3R (18.01.2011) 794-5

    Local Sustainable Transport Fund (19.01.2011) 851

    National Insurance Contributions Bill, Rep and 3R (13.01.2011) 472-3, 491-2

                  Westminster Hall Debates


    Social rented housing, Edinburgh 321w

    Students, Fees and charges 412

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