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Heald, Mr Oliver


    Third sector 822

Healey, Rt Hon John

                  Chamber Debates

    National Insurance Contributions Bill, Rep and 3R (13.01.2011) 465-9, 476


    Advertising, Department of Health 167-9w

    Genito-urinary medicine, Finance 855w


Health and Safety Laws Review

Health and Social Care Bill 2010-12

                  Chamber Debates

    1R (19.01.2011) 856

Health education

Health professions

Health services

    Armed forces 16w

    Developing countries 8ws

    East of England 996w

Health visitors

    Children's centres 597w

Hearing impairment

    Special educational needs 344-5w

Heart diseases

    John Radcliffe Hospital 300-2w

Heath, Mr David, Parliamentary Secretary to the Leader of the House of Commons

                  Chamber Debates

    Fixed-term Parliaments Bill, Rep and 3R (18.01.2011) 737, 765-71, 797


    Electronic government, Petitions 1005-6

Heathrow Airport


    House of Commons 400w

    Railway stations 349w

Heaton-Harris, Chris

                  Chamber Debates


    Government departments, Weather 385w


    Rescue services 445w

Hemming, John

                  Chamber Debates

    Education maintenance allowance (19.01.2011) 930

    Fixed-term Parliaments Bill, Rep and 3R (18.01.2011) 757-8


    Children, Social services 292-3w

    Natural gas, Storage 258w

    Written questions, Government responses 771-2w

Henderson, Gordon


    NHS, Fees and charges 852w

Hendry, Charles, Minister of State, Department of Energy and Climate Change

                  Westminster Hall Debates

                  Written Statements


    Carbon emissions 476w

    Electricity, Meters 744w

    Energy, Finance 480w

    Energy, International cooperation 313-4w

    Gas and Electricity Markets Authority 481w

    Offshore industry, Safety 145-6w

    Radioactive waste, Scotland 482w

    Renewable energy, Feed-in tariffs 388w

    Renewable energy, Heating 481w

    Wind power, East of England 389w

    Wind power, Seas and oceans 947-8w

Hepburn, Mr Stephen


    Victim support schemes 149

Herbal medicine

Herbert, Rt Hon Nick, Minister of State, Home Office and Ministry of Justice

                  Chamber Debates

    Police, West Midlands (18.01.2011) 816-20

                  Written Statements


    Criminal investigation 150

    Demonstrations, Greater London 58w, 486w

    Firearms, Licensing 491w

    Fixated Threat Assessment Centre 491w

    Greater Manchester Police, Finance 492w

    Manpower, Home Office 487w

    Members, Correspondence 57w

    Missing persons, Dementia 493w

    Offenders, Rehabilitation 145-6

    Overtime, Home Office 487w

    Pay, Home Office 52w

    Police, Conduct 495w

    Police, Helicopters 495w

    Police, Training 58w

    Police community support officers, Wales 494-5w

    Procurement, Home Office 488w

    Public expenditure, Home Office 52-3w

    Special constables, Greater London 58w

    Special constables, Manpower 496-7w

    Temporary employment, Home Office 52w

    William, Prince, Security 495w

Hercules aircraft

Hermon, Lady


    Brazil, Foreign relations 799w

    Offenders, Northern Ireland 46w

    Revenue and Customs, Manpower 838-9w


    Vocational education 771w

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