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Sri Lanka


Standing Order No 163

Standing Order No 24 applications

    Burton's Foods (13.01.2011) 447

Stanley, Rt Hon Sir John

                  Westminster Hall Debates

    Railways, Kent (19.01.2011) 280-4wh


    China, EU external trade 926w

    London and South Eastern Railway, Franchises 664-5w

    Speaker's Committee for the Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority 505w

State earnings related pension scheme

State retirement pensions

State second pension

Steart Peninsula

Stem cells

Stephenson, Andrew


    Redundant churches 694

Stevenson, John

                  Chamber Debates

    Localism Bill, 2R (17.01.2011) 589-90

                  Westminster Hall Debates


    Cycling, Accidents 660w

Stewart, Bob

                  Chamber Debates

    European Union Bill, Com (11.01.2011) 210

    Schools, Vocational guidance (13.01.2011) 515


    European External Action Service, Finance 928w

    Influenza, Vaccination 457w

    Pensioners, Income 11

Stewart, Iain

                  Chamber Debates

    Local Sustainable Transport Fund (19.01.2011) 847

    Localism Bill, 2R (17.01.2011) 638-9

Stewart, Rory

                  Chamber Debates

    Localism Bill, 2R (17.01.2011) 585-7, 589


Stoke on Trent

    Education maintenance allowance 82-3w

    Local government finance 546

Strategic Defence and Security Review

Streeter, Mr Gary


    Africa, Poverty 273

    Business questions 438

    Dartmoor Prison 955w

    Electoral Commission, Expenditure 697-8

    Electoral register 695

    Electoral register, British nationals abroad 699-700

    Royal Bank of Scotland, Finance 756w

Stride, Mel

                  Chamber Debates

    Localism Bill, 2R (17.01.2011) 643

    National Insurance Contributions Bill, Rep and 3R (13.01.2011) 462, 469

Stringer, Graham

                  Chamber Debates

    European Union Bill, Com (11.01.2011) 211-2


    Arthritis, Health services 296w


Stuart, Ms Gisela


    Entry clearances, Overseas students 58-9w

    Latvia, Military exercises 15-6w

    Swine flu 29

Stuart, Mr Graham

                  Chamber Debates

    Horse racing, Betting (20.01.2011) 1060

                  Westminster Hall Debates


    Education, Assessments 83w

Student Loans Company

Student numbers

    Further education 950w

    Higher education 377w

Student wastage

    Higher education 377w


Stunell, Andrew, Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State, Communities and Local Government

                  Westminster Hall Debates

    Antisemitism (20.01.2011) 362-6wh (522 4mc)

    Regeneration, Tottenham (11.01.2011) 65-8wh


    Community development, Finance 435w

    Community relations 195w

    Housing associations, West Midlands 718w

    Housing benefit 327w

    Housing revenue accounts 438w

    Local government finance 532-4

    Local government finance, Stoke on Trent 546

    Members, Correspondence 201-2w

    Migration Impacts Fund 202w

    Mortgages, Government assistance 499-500w

    Private rented housing, Standards 328w

    Rented housing, Empty property 197-8w

    Right to acquire scheme 329w

    Social rented housing, Waiting lists 791w

    Social services, Disability 789w

    Working Neighbourhoods Fund, Newcastle upon Tyne 541

Sturdy, Julian

                  Chamber Debates

    Education maintenance allowance (19.01.2011) 910

    Local Sustainable Transport Fund (19.01.2011) 851

                  Westminster Hall Debates

    Cultural heritage, York (11.01.2011) 47-9wh

    Food supply (12.01.2011) 70wh

    Young people, Carers (18.01.2011) 245-8wh


    Armed forces, Health services 16w

    British Sky Broadcasting, News Corporation 467w

    Carbon emissions 476w

    Common agricultural policy 693w

    Excise duties, Fuels 573w

    Lloyds Banking Group, Compensation 575w

    Non-domestic rates, Empty property 503w (522 1-2mc)

    Planning permission 540

    Pre-school education 598w

    Regional planning and development, Yorkshire and the Humber 195-6w

    Science, Education 874w



Succession to the Crown Bill 2010-12

                  Chamber Debates


    Diplomatic relations 930w

    Export credit guarantees 618-9w





    Higher education 374w

    Housing benefit 513w


Supreme Court

Sure start programme



Sustainable development

    Government departments 694w

Sustainable Development Commission

Sutcliffe, Mr Gerry

                  Chamber Debates

    Counter-terrorism, Points of order (20.01.2011) 1031

    Horse racing, Betting (20.01.2011) 1039-42

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