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Baby care units

Backbench debates

Bacon, Mr Richard

                  Chamber Debates

    Adams, Gerry, Points of order (26.01.2011) 407

    Credit (03.02.2011) 1080

BAE Systems

Bagshawe, Ms Louise

                  Chamber Debates

    European Union Bill, Com (01.02.2011) 799


    Arts, East Midlands 144w

    Health services, Armed forces 858-9w

Baha'i faith

Bailey, Mr Adrian

                  Chamber Debates

    Standards, Department for Business, Innovation and Skills (02.02.2011) 880, 882-4

Bain, Mr William

                  Chamber Debates

    Scotland Bill, 2R (27.01.2011) 527-9


    Animals, Disease control 111-2w

    Entry clearances, Overseas students 2w, 132w, 652w

    Fishing catches 1016

    Food, Developing countries 9w

    Forests, Tax allowances 117w

    Fuels, Excise duties 116w

    Heathrow Airport 151w

    National Air Traffic Services, Privatisation 151-2w

    Network Rail, Contracts 538w

    Supermarkets, Competition 174w

    Universal credit 105w

    Voting rights, Prisoners 92w

    Welfare tax credits 128w

    West coast railway line 91w

Baker, Norman, Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State, Department for Transport


    Blue badge scheme 81w

    Bus services, Disability aids 85w, 534w

    Bus services, Finance 534w

    Driving offences, Insurance 430-1

    Industrial health and safety, Department for Transport 1017w

    Motor vehicles, Inspections 434

    Parking, Loughborough 437-8

    Public appointments, Department for Transport 534w

    Renewable transport fuel obligation 802w

    Roads, Closures 88w

    Roads, Repairs and maintenance 263w

    Taxis, Working hours 154w

    Third sector, Department for Transport 876-7w

Baker, Steve

                  Chamber Debates


    Wycombe Hospital 706

Baldry, Tony

                  Chamber Debates

    Forests (02.02.2011) 937

                  Westminster Hall Debates

    Community development (26.01.2011) 114-8wh

    Historic buildings (25.01.2011) 59-62wh


    Church of England, Pay 505w

    Further education 714w

    General practitioners 756w

    High Speed 2 railway line 800-1w

    Immigration, Scotland 4

    Public finance 857

Baldwin, Harriett

                  Westminster Hall Debates


    Business questions 462

    Community health services, Contracts 225w

    Taxation, Holiday accommodation 776w

    Weather, Forecasts 454w

Balls, Rt Hon Edward

                  Chamber Debates

    Oral question time intervention (02.02.2011) 857


    Police, Manpower 352w


    Entry clearances 784w

    Overseas students 961w

Bank cards

Bank of Ireland (UK) plc Bill 2010-12

                  Chamber Debates

    2R* (01.02.2011) 715

Bank services

    Administration of estates 554w


    Unfair practices 826w

Banks, Gordon

                  Chamber Debates


    Regulation, Attorney General 502w

    Regulation, Cabinet Office 779w

    Regulation, Department for Business, Innovation and Skills 957w

    Regulation, Department for Culture, Media and Sport 672w, 875w

    Regulation, Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs 789-90w

    Regulation, Department for International Development 811w

    Regulation, Department of Energy and Climate Change 848w

    Regulation, Government Equalities Office 675-6w

    Regulation, Home Office 783-4w

    Regulation, Northern Ireland Office 669-70w

    Regulation, Office of the Secretary of State for Wales 880w

    Regulation, Scotland Office 822-3w

Barclay, Stephen


    Legal aid, Prisoners 941w

    Nimrod aircraft 520w

    Written questions, Government responses 990w

Barker, Gregory, Minister of State, Department of Energy and Climate Change

                  Written Statements

    EU emissions trading scheme, Cybercrime 49-50ws


    Carbon emissions, Department of Energy and Climate Change 435w

    Carbon emissions, EU action 909w

    Carbon reduction commitment energy efficiency scheme 909w, 1018-9w

    Climate change, International cooperation 179-80w

    Combined heat and power 62w

    Combined heat and power, Hospitals 61-2w

    Energy, Research 996w

    Energy Saving Trust, Finance 767w

    Fuel oil, Prices 299w

    Fuel poverty, Bexleyheath 186w

    Global Warming Policy Foundation 912w

    Libraries, Department of Energy and Climate Change 522w

    Marketing, Department of Energy and Climate Change 522-3w

    Pay, Department of Energy and Climate Change 62w

    Plain English, Department of Energy and Climate Change 180w

    Procurement, Department of Energy and Climate Change 297w

    Public appointments, Department of Energy and Climate Change 62-3w, 435-6w

    Regulation, Department of Energy and Climate Change 848w

    Secondment, Department of Energy and Climate Change 848-9w

    Warm front scheme, Halifax 525w

    Weather, Forecasts 439w


Baron, Mr John

                  Chamber Debates

    Forests (02.02.2011) 940


    Agriculture, Subsidies 1024

    BBC World Service 303

    Hospitals, Waiting lists 157

Barron, Rt Hon Kevin

                  Chamber Debates

    Health and Social Care Bill, 2R (31.01.2011) 605, 633-5


    Alcoholic drinks, Misuse 153

    Health services, Cancer 72-3w

    Health services, Smoking 79-80w

Barwell, Gavin


    Business questions 457

Bayley, Hugh

                  Chamber Debates


    BAE Systems, Tanzania 267w

    Defence Vetting Agency, Manpower 138-9w

    Education maintenance allowance, North Yorkshire 841-2w

    Vetting, Foreign and Commonwealth Office 156w, 1000w

BBC World Service

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