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de Bois, Nick

                  Chamber Debates

    European Union Bill, Programme motion and Com (24.01.2011) 69

    Health and Social Care Bill, 2R (31.01.2011) 624, 692-4


    Armed forces, Health services 588-9

    Armed forces, Mental health services 509w

    General practitioners 145-6

De Piero, Gloria

                  Westminster Hall Debates

    Public libraries (25.01.2011) 20-3wh


    Further education, Ashfield 488w

    Public libraries, Voluntary work 507w


    see Hearing impairment


Debt collection

    Fees and charges 404w



    Expenditure 585

Defence equipment

Defence Vetting Agency

Delamere Forest

Democratic Republic of Congo

    Human rights 736


    Hinkley Point power stations 348-9w

Denham, Rt Hon Mr John

                  Chamber Debates

    Standards, Department for Business, Innovation and Skills (02.02.2011) 865-71, 877

Dental services

Department for Business, Innovation and Skills

    Departmental responsibilities 957w

    Opposition days (02.02.2011) 865-924

Department for Communities and Local Government

    see Communities and Local Government

Department for Culture, Media and Sport

    Carbon emissions 505w

    Industrial health and safety 820w

    Public appointments 146w

    Working conditions 12w

Department for Education

    Carbon emissions 838w

    Freedom of information 162w

    Temporary employment 709w

    Working conditions 840w

Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs

    Departmental responsibilities 1028

    Industrial health and safety 908w

    Public appointments 168w

    Temporary employment 3-6w

    Working conditions 906w

Department for International Development

    Carbon emissions 612w

    Conditions of employment 395-6w

Department for Transport

    Departmental responsibilities 435

    Human trafficking 877w

    Industrial health and safety 1017w

    Public appointments 534w

Department for Work and Pensions

    Industrial health and safety 832-3w

Department of Energy and Climate Change

    Carbon emissions 435w

    Industrial health and safety 849-50w

Department of Health

    Departmental responsibilities 159

    Industrial health and safety 948-9w

    Public appointments 225w

Departmental coordination

Departmental responsibilities

    Communities and Local Government 303w

    Department for Business, Innovation and Skills 957w

    Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs 1028

    Department for Transport 435

    Department of Health 159

    Foreign and Commonwealth Office 400w, 730

    Home Office 17

    Ministry of Defence 584

    Ministry of Justice 205w


Deposit protection service

    see Tenancy deposit schemes

Depressive illnesses

Deputy Prime Minister

    Public appointments 313w


    Economic situation 815w

Derelict land


Detention centres

    Northern Ireland 347w

    Operating costs 651w

Developing countries

    Maternity services 613w

Deviance and behaviour disorders



Devon and Cornwall Police

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