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Buck, Ms Karen


    Child care tax credit 945w

    Children's centres 22

    Housing benefit 954w

    Housing benefit, Disability living allowance 415w

    Pupils, Disadvantaged 66w

    Universal credit 689

Buckland, Mr Robert

                  Chamber Debates

    Prisoners, Voting rights (10.02.2011) 497, 577-8

    Violent and sex offender register (16.02.2011) 964


    Counter-terrorism, Finance 513w

    Legal aid scheme 797

Budget Responsibility and National Audit Bill (HL) 2010-12

                  Chamber Debates

    2R, Programme motion*, Money res* and Ways and means res* (14.02.2011) 746-84

Building schools for the future programme


Burden, Richard

                  Chamber Debates

    Middle East, Politics and government (14.02.2011) 725

                  Westminster Hall Debates

    Citizens' advice bureaux, Birmingham (09.02.2011) 130wh, 135wh


    Export credit guarantees, Democratic Republic of Congo 566w

    Export credit guarantees, Renewable energy 571w

    Palestinians, Overseas aid 943


Burley, Mr Aidan

                  Chamber Debates

    Banks (09.02.2011) 322

    Violent and sex offender register (16.02.2011) 965


    Audit Commission 246w

    Audit Commission, Conferences 72w

    Audit Commission, Expenditure 72-3w

    Audit Commission, Furniture 536w

    Audit Commission, Motor vehicles 172w

    Local government, Manpower 249w

    Ministerial policy advisers, Communities and Local Government 174w

    Procurement, Communities and Local Government 537w

    Society of Local Authority Chief Executives, Finance 171-2w


    Politics and government 17w

Burnham, Rt Hon Andy

                  Chamber Debates

    Children's centres, Points of order (09.02.2011) 398


    Building schools for the future programme 705-6

    College of Social Work, Social Care Institute for Excellence 388w

    Religion, English baccalaureate 11

Burns, Conor


    Entry clearances, Overseas students 657w

    European Parliament 219w

    Marketing, Department for Transport 634w

    Marketing, Department for Work and Pensions 78w

    Marketing, Foreign and Commonwealth Office 218w

    Publications, Department for Work and Pensions 414-5w

Burns, Mr Simon, Minister of State, Department of Health

                  Westminster Hall Debates

    Hospitals, Shropshire (09.02.2011) 142-6wh

                  Written Statements

    Supply estimates, Department of Health 52ws


    Ambulance services, Emergency calls 159w

    Ambulance services, Hoaxes and false alarms 159w

    Carbon emissions, Department of Health 859w

    Community hospitals, Cumbria 858w

    Continuing care 160w

    Darent Valley Hospital 423w

    Departmental responsibilities, Department of Health 611-2w

    Devolution, Department of Health 475-6w

    Doctors, Foreign workers 265w

    Doctors, Working hours 265w

    Doncaster and Bassetlaw Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust 476w

    Family practitioner services 104-5w

    Freedom of information, Department of Health 475w

    General practitioners, Telephone services 477-8w

    General practitioners, Waiting lists 162w

    Gosport War Memorial Hospital 426w

    Health, Children 858w

    Health professions, Foreign workers 478w

    Health services, Travellers 609w

    Heart diseases, Health services 106w

    Independent Reconfiguration Panel 432w

    Information officers, Department of Health 262-4w

    Medical equipment, Counterfeit manufacturing 267w

    National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence 111w, 167w, 269w

    NHS, Market research 866w

    NHS, Procurement 167w

    NHS Institute for Innovation and Improvement 864w

    Ophthalmic services, Older people 607w

    Patients, Information 162w

    Primary health care, North East 117w

    Prostate gland, Medical treatments 900w

    Public Health England, Finance 117w

    Regulation, Department of Health 267-8w

    Security, Department of Health 265w

    Strokes, Health services 117-9w

    University Hospitals Coventry and Warwickshire NHS Trust 266-7w

Burstow, Paul, Minister of State, Department of Health

                  Westminster Hall Debates

    Care homes, Kent (08.02.2011) 63-6wh

    Muscular dystrophy, North West (09.02.2011) 91-6wh

                  Written Statements

    Mental illness, Offenders 95-6ws


    Asthma, Health services 599w

    Cancer, Screening 102w

    Carers, Grandparents 894w

    Chronic fatigue syndrome 863-4w

    Colorectal cancer, Health services 474-5w

    Compulsorily detained mental patients 164w, 611w

    Diabetes, Health services 895-6w

    Fractures, Older people 864-5w

    Health services, Prisons 618w

    Health services, Social enterprises 722-3w

    Mental health services, Children 731-2w

    Mental illness, Children 165-6w

    Ovarian cancer, Health services 617w

    Postnatal depression 116w

    Rehabilitation, Health services 203w

Burt, Alistair, Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State, Foreign and Commonwealth Office


    Afghanistan, Females 990w

    Afghanistan, Peacekeeping operations 16w

    Afghanistan, Politics and government 216-7w

    Art works, Foreign and Commonwealth Office 712w

    Bangladesh, Diplomatic service 464w

    Bangladesh, Military aid 126-7w

    Burundi, Politics and government 817w

    Diplomatic service, Public appointments 259w

    Egypt, Museums and galleries 256w

    Egypt, Travel information 18-9w

    Embassies, Official hospitality 819-20w

    Guinea, Human rights 715w

    Information officers, Foreign and Commonwealth Office 255-6w

    Iran, Human rights 999w

    Iran, Sexuality 258w

    Israel, EU external relations 716w

    Israel, Foreign relations 502w

    Kashmir, al Qaeda 433w

    Lebanon, Arms trade 20w

    Lebanon, Politics and government 20w

    Marketing, Foreign and Commonwealth Office 218w

    Morocco, Fishery agreements 719w

    North Africa, British nationals abroad 820w

    Occupied territories, Housing 21-2w

    Official hospitality, Foreign and Commonwealth Office 713w

    Pakistan, Overseas aid 259w

    Palestinians, Economic situation 509w

    Palestinians, Embassies 717w

    Palestinians, International assistance 998-1001w

    Palestinians, Military aid 505-6w

    Palestinians, Overseas aid 22w

    Procurement, Foreign and Commonwealth Office 18w

    Regulation, Foreign and Commonwealth Office 218w

    Security, Foreign and Commonwealth Office 433w

    Sudan, Referendums 821w

    Trade promotion 821w

    Travel, Foreign and Commonwealth Office 18w

    Uganda, Elections 718w

    Western Sahara, Human rights 719w

    Western Sahara, Politics and government 1002w

Burt, Lorely

                  Chamber Debates

    Trade promotion (09.02.2011) 333

                  Westminster Hall Debates

    Debts, Advisory services (08.02.2011) 5-7wh

    Regeneration, West Midlands (08.02.2011) 31wh


    Financial services 946w


Bus lanes

Bus services



    Entry clearances 517w

Business motions

Business questions

Business statements

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