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    Department for International Development 533w

    House of Commons 647w

    Ministry of Defence 644w

Energy supply


    Warm front scheme 913w

Engel, Natascha


    Employers' liability 621w

    Gangmasters Licensing Authority, Finance 929-30w

    Health and Safety Executive, Finance 328w

    Health and Safety Executive, Manpower 310w

    Schools, Sports 21-2

English baccalaureate

    Classics 20

English language

English Tourist Board

    see VisitEngland

Entry clearances

    Ministers of religion 518w


Environment protection

Environmental Campaigns

    see ENCAMS

Equal pay

    Equality and Human Rights Commission 133w


    Government departments 380w

Equality and Human Rights Commission

Equitable Life Assurance Society

    Compensation 68w

Esterson, Bill

                  Chamber Debates

    Education Bill, 2R (08.02.2011) 166, 171, 191


    Children's centres 19

    Fossil fuels, Exploration 468w

    Manpower, Department for Education 62-3w

    Temporary employment, Department for Education 389w


Ethnic groups

EU action

    Health services 162w

EU Agriculture and Fisheries Council

EU budget

EU defence policy

EU Economic and Financial Affairs Council

EU economic policy

EU energy policy

    (08.02.2011) 269

EU enlargement

EU external relations

EU Foreign Affairs Council

EU General Affairs Council

EU grants and loans

EU institutions

EU law

    General practitioners 722w

EU presidency

EU Transport, Telecommunications and Energy Council

European Council

    Ministerial statements (07.02.2011) 23-40

European Court of Human Rights

European Defence Agency

European fighter aircraft

European financial stabilisation mechanism

European Parliament

European Regional Development Fund

European Union Bill 2010-12


European Union (Definition of Treaties) (Partnership and Cooperation Agreement) (Republic of Indonesia) Order 2010

                  Chamber Debates

    (08.02.2011) 268

Eustice, George

                  Westminster Hall Debates


    Education maintenance allowance 17

Evans, Chris

                  Westminster Hall Debates

    Mutual societies (16.02.2011) 337wh


    Construction, Cooperatives 210w

    Economic situation 133

    Economic situation, Northern Ireland 289-90

Evans, Graham

                  Westminster Hall Debates

    Muscular dystrophy, North West (09.02.2011) 77-85wh

    Public houses, Planning permission (16.02.2011) 316wh


    Business questions 485

    Daresbury Science and Innovation Campus 1132

    Terrorism, Northern Ireland 286-7

    Vocational education 5-6

Evans, Jonathan

                  Westminster Hall Debates


    Motor vehicles, Insurance 955-6

Evennett, Mr David

                  Chamber Debates

    Prisoners, Voting rights (10.02.2011) 495


    Affordable housing, Bexley 887w

    Apprentices, Pay 299w

    Business, Greater London 563w

    Children, Maintenance 779w

    Climate Change Projects Office, Greater London 980w

    Community development, Greater London 650w

    Crossrail line, Kent 634w

    Disability living allowance, Care homes 691

    Doctors, Training 104w

    Further education, Bexley 211-2w

    Higher education, Admissions 91w

    London and South Eastern Railway, Rolling stock 147w

    Uganda, Elections 718w

    Zimbabwe, Politics and government 261w

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