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Nandy, Lisa

                  Chamber Debates

    Education Bill, 2R (08.02.2011) 174, 247-9


    BP, Industrial health and safety 746w

    Departmental responsibilities, Department of Health 611-2w

    Employment and support allowance, Work capability assessment 85-6w

    General practitioners, Waiting lists 162w

    Pay, Department for Transport 53w

    Pay, Department for Work and Pensions 320w

    Pay, Government departments 829w

    Protection from Harassment Act 1997, Convictions 578-80w

    UN Special Representative on Business and Human Rights 309w

Nash, Pamela

                  Chamber Debates

    Armed forces, Conditions of employment (16.02.2011) 1051

    Unemployment, Young people (16.02.2011) 988


    Disability living allowance, Care homes 689-90

    Future Jobs Fund 698

    Human Rights Act 1998 803

National Air Traffic Services

National Asset Management Agency

    Northern Ireland 532w

National DNA Database Ethics Group

    Public appointments 74ws

National income

National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence

National insurance contributions

National Insurance Fund

National Lottery

National Offender Management Service

    Operating costs 403w

National Savings and Investments

    Supply estimates 31ws

Natural disasters

Natural England

Natural gas

Natural resources

Nature conservation

    British overseas territories 707-8w

Nature reserves


Neighbourhood watch schemes

Neill, Robert, Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State, Communities and Local Government

                  Westminster Hall Debates

    Public houses, Planning permission (16.02.2011) 317-21wh

                  Written Statements

    Local government finance 1-2ws

    Parking, Fees and charges 7ws

    Research, Communities and Local Government 10-1ws


    Affordable housing, Barking 830w

    Audit Commission 246w

    Audit Commission, Allowances 830-1w

    Audit Commission, Conferences 72w

    Audit Commission, Expenditure 72-3w, 831-2w (524 1-2mc)

    Audit Commission, Furniture 536w

    Audit Commission, Motor vehicles 172w

    Carbon emissions, Communities and Local Government 535-6w

    Community development 173w

    Consultants, Communities and Local Government 175-6w

    Devolution, Communities and Local Government 469w

    Domestic visits, Communities and Local Government 835w, 887-9w

    EU grants and loans, North East 390w

    European Regional Development Fund 390-1w

    Faithwise, Communities and Local Government 73-4w

    Fire services, Accountability 248w

    Fire services, Cambridgeshire 889w

    Fire services, Pensions 538-9w

    Furniture, Standards Board for England 836-7w

    Greater London Authority 75w

    Housing, Construction 177w

    Housing, Prices 391-2w (5-6mc)

    Information officers, Communities and Local Government 247w

    Job satisfaction, Communities and Local Government 537w

    Libraries, Communities and Local Government 247-8w

    Local government, Conditions of employment 834w

    Local government, Manpower 249w

    Local Government Association 74w

    Local government finance, South West 650-1w

    Local government finance, Sunderland 392w

    Ministerial policy advisers, Communities and Local Government 174w

    Ministers' private offices, Communities and Local Government 176w

    Motor vehicles, Sales 178w

    Non-domestic rates, Devon 834-5w

    Non-domestic rates, Empty property 178w

    Parish councils, Elections 75w

    Planning Inspectorate 249w

    Procurement, Communities and Local Government 537w, 834w

    Public appointments, Communities and Local Government 174-5w, 889w

    Regional planning and development 250-1w

    Schools, Planning permission 178w

    Security, Communities and Local Government 390w

    Society of Local Authority Chief Executives, Finance 171-2w

    Special Interest Group of Municipal Authorities 76w

    Sports, Facilities 179w

    Travellers, Caravan sites 892w

    Visits abroad, Communities and Local Government 536-7w

New businesses

New deal schemes

New Forest

Newcastle upon Tyne

Newport (Gwent)

    Identity and Passport Service 295

    State retirement pensions 813w

News Corporation

News International

Newspaper press

Newton, Sarah

                  Chamber Debates

    Fuel oil, Prices (09.02.2011) 435

    Parliamentary Voting System and Constituencies Bill, Money res and Lords amendts (15.02.2011) 843


    Fuel oil, Unfair practices 747w

    Renewable energy 475

Newton Abbot

    Apprentices 89w


    Market research 866w

NHS Commissioning Board

NHS foundation trusts

NHS Institute for Innovation and Improvement

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