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O'Brien, Mr Stephen, Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State, Department for International Development


    Africa, Poverty 826w

    Bangladesh, Dalits 206w

    Bangladesh, Family planning 207w

    Bangladesh, Overseas aid 206-7w

    Burundi, Politics and government 827w

    Developing countries, Food 272-3w

    Developing countries, Government securities 273w

    Developing countries, Human trafficking 697w

    Fairtrade initiative 826w

    Information officers, Department for International Development 272w

    Palestinians, Overseas aid 422w

    Security, Department for International Development 422w

    Sub-Saharan Africa, Maternity services 946-7

    Turks and Caicos Islands, Corruption 273w

Occupational pensions

Occupied territories


Offences against children

    Children in care 340w


    Compensation 7w

Offensive weapons

Office for Fair Access

Office for Nuclear Regulation

Office of Rail Regulation

    Supply estimates 76ws

Office of the Secretary of State for Wales

    Information officers 270w

Official cars

    Department for Work and Pensions 623w, 952w

    Home Office 38w

Official engagements

Official hospitality

    Department for Work and Pensions 320w

    Foreign and Commonwealth Office 713w

Official residences

Offord, Mr Matthew

                  Chamber Debates

    Prisoners, Voting rights (10.02.2011) 575


    Afghanistan, Politics and government 216-7w

    Armed forces, Finance 641w

    Bookstart scheme 61w

    Cancer, Screening 102w

    Diplomatic service, Tolls 256-7w

    Driving under influence, Drugs 778w

    Egypt, Politics and government 219w

    Entry clearances 669w

    Entry clearances, Overseas students 657-9w

    Health education 105w

    Immigration controls 659w

    Industrial health and safety 325-6w

    Kashmir, al Qaeda 433w

    Pakistan, Overseas aid 259w

    Palestinians, Overseas aid 22w

    Police, Finance 44w

    Pre-school education, Disadvantaged 389-90w

    Prisons, Health services 8w

    Prisoners, Foreign nationals 907w

    Radicalism, Higher education 510w

    Roads, Accidents 412w

    Somalia, Politics and government 465-6w

    Sudan, Referendums 260w

    Taxation, Members 399w

    Tobacco, Retail trade 387w

Offshore industry



    Supply estimates 49ws


Older people

    Care homes see Care homes

    Ophthalmic services 607w

    Sheltered housing 251w

Older workers

Ollerenshaw, Eric

                  Westminster Hall Debates


    Capital investment 300

Olympic Games 2012

One NorthEast

Onwurah, Chi

                  Chamber Debates

    Regional planning and development, North East (15.02.2011) 916


    Business, Government assistance 385-6w

    Females, Employment 9w

    Females, Higher education 302-8w

    Manpower, Department for Business, Innovation and Skills 735-6w

    Manpower, Department for Culture, Media and Sport 235w

    Primary health care, North East 117w

    Regional development agencies 215w

    Runaway children 393w

    Sustainable development 3w

    Sustainable Development Commission 279w

    Technology and innovation centres 308w

Open University

Ophthalmic services


    Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency 54-5w

Opperman, Guy

                  Chamber Debates

    Fuels, Prices (07.02.2011) 74

    Social security benefits and guaranteed minimum pensions orders (17.02.2011) 1186

    Violent and sex offender register (16.02.2011) 967

Opposition days


Osborne, Rt Hon Mr George, Chancellor of the Exchequer

                  Chamber Debates

                  Written Statements

    EU Economic and Financial Affairs Council 71-2ws


    Departmental responsibilities, Treasury 147

    Employment, Young people 153-4

    European financial stabilisation mechanism 152

    Financial services, Regulation 135-7, 152

    Fuels, Prices 149

    Green Investment Bank 148-9

    Independent Commission on Banking 151

    Manufacturing industries 150

    Public expenditure 149

    Public expenditure, Northern Ireland 147-8, 150

Osborne, Sandra

                  Chamber Debates

    Armed forces, Conditions of employment (16.02.2011) 1031, 1043, 1052-4


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