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    Entry clearances 718w

Take-away food

Tami, Mark

                  Chamber Debates

    Fuel oil, Prices (09.02.2011) 434

    Fuels, Prices (07.02.2011) 81

    Violent and sex offender register (16.02.2011) 967


    Liquefied petroleum gas, Prices 183w

    Motor vehicles, Insurance 57w, 443w

    Motorways, Outdoor advertising 636w

Tapsell, Sir Peter


    Bahrain, Politics and government 1139

Tax allowances

    Social services 555w

Tax avoidance

Tax rates and bands

Tax yields


    Environment protection 474

    Foreign companies 696w

    Rescue services 150


    Department for Work and Pensions 320-1w


Teather, Sarah, Minister of State, Department for Education


    Booked up scheme 61w

    Bookstart scheme 61w

    Booktime scheme 62w

    Children, Disability 389w

    Children's centres, Stoke on Trent 388w

    Domestic visits, Department for Education 342w

    Family Rights Group, Finance 64w

    Pre-school education, Disadvantaged 389-90w

    Pre-school education, Manpower 9-10

    Pupils, Per capita costs 59w

    Schools, Greater London 345w

    Special educational needs 346w

    Written questions, Government responses 347w

    Young people, Autism 341w

Technology and innovation centres

Technology Strategy Board

Teenage pregnancy


Telephone services

    Government departments 202w

    Revenue and Customs 71w

    Social security benefits 631-2w


Temporary employment

    Department for Education 389w

    Department for Work and Pensions 952w



    see also Counter-terrorism

    Deportation 296




Third sector

    Department for Business, Innovation and Skills 1132

    Department for Transport 51w

Thomas, Mr Gareth (Harrow West)

                  Westminster Hall Debates


    Energy, Subsidies 355w

    Knowledge transfer partnerships 490-2w

    Students, Finance 989w

    United Nations, Natural disasters 935w

    World Trade Organisation 49w

Thornberry, Emily

                  Westminster Hall Debates

    Muscular dystrophy, North West (09.02.2011) 89-91wh


    Fractures, Older people 864-5w

Thurso, John

                  Chamber Debates


    House of Commons, Art works 457-8w

    House of Commons, Electronic equipment 8w

    House of Commons, Energy 647w

    House of Commons, Housing 8-9w

    House of Commons, Pay 9w

    Parliamentary Information and Communications Technology Service 229-30w

    Speaker, Finance 9w



Timetabling of bills

Timms, Rt Hon Stephen

                  Chamber Debates

    Social security benefits and guaranteed minimum pensions orders (17.02.2011) 1177, 1181-90, 1207

    Unemployment, Young people (16.02.2011) 1016-8


    Building schools for the future programme 710

    Child care tax credit 282w

    Economic situation 134

    Employment and support allowance 152w

    Employment and support allowance, Work capability assessment 683

    Olympic Games 2012, Security 473w

    Renewable energy, Heating 457w

    Social security benefits 328-9w

    Social security benefits, Disqualification 462w

Timpson, Mr Edward

                  Chamber Debates

    Children in care (10.02.2011) 587-92

    Education Bill, 2R (08.02.2011) 175

    Unemployment, Young people (16.02.2011) 1010

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