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    Communities and Local Government 1124w

    Department for Business, Innovation and Skills 1251-2w

    Department for Culture, Media and Sport 611-2w

    Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs 1216w

    Department for International Development 635w, 1285w

    Office of the Secretary of State for Wales 607w, 909w

Food Standards Agency

Food supply

Foot and mouth disease


    Human trafficking 93w

Foreign and Commonwealth Office

    Carbon emissions 162w

    Conditions of employment 448w

    Disciplinary proceedings 839w

    Electoral Reform Services 1039w

    Official residences 1039w

Foreign companies

Foreign investment in UK

Foreign nationals

Foreign relations

Foreign workers

Forensic Science Service

Forestry Commission


    Capital gains tax 26w

    Christchurch 55w

    North Yorkshire 56w

    Northamptonshire 768w

    Nottinghamshire 56w

Former members

Former ministers

Fossil fuelled power stations

Fossil fuels

Foster, Rt Hon Mr Don

                  Chamber Debates

    British Sky Broadcasting, News Corporation (03.03.2011) 522


    Listed buildings 452

Fovargue, Yvonne

                  Chamber Debates

    Horserace Totalisator Board (01.03.2011) 275

    Third sector (28.02.2011) 70-2

    Welfare Reform Bill, 2R (09.03.2011) 975-7

Fox, Rt Hon Dr Liam, Secretary of State for Defence

                  Chamber Debates

                  Written Statements

    Armed forces, Redundancy 21-2ws

    Armed Forces Pay Review Body, Public appointments 22-3ws


    Afghanistan, Peacekeeping operations 802w, 1247w

    Air force, Military bases 913w

    Air force, Redundancy 71-2w

    France, Military alliances 77w

    Middle East, Armed forces 949w

    Military alliances 427w


    Military alliances 77w


Francis, Dr Hywel


    Carer's allowance 359w

    Citizens' advice bureaux, Wales 463w

    Legal aid scheme, Wales 405w

    Opencast mining, Competition 237-8w


    Convictions 155

    Housing benefit 872w

    Jobseeker's allowance 365w

Free school meals

Free schools

    Capital investment 887w

    Planning permission 115w

    Yorkshire and the Humber 456w

Freedom of information

    Association of Chief Police Officers 87w

    Department for Education 885-6w

    Office of the Deputy Prime Minister 1124w

Freeman, George

                  Chamber Debates

    Further and Higher Education (Access) Bill, 2R negatived (04.03.2011) 561, 564-5, 569


    Aggregates Levy Sustainability Fund 786-7w

    Sustainable development, Rural areas 4-5

Freer, Mike


    Blue badge scheme 1042

    Higher education, Racial hatred 714-5w

    Housing, Regeneration 19

    Taxis, Road traffic offences 920-1w

    Welfare state, Scotland 896

Freezing orders

Friendly societies

Fuel oil

Fuel poverty


Fullbrook, Lorraine


    Antisocial behaviour, Crime prevention 623-4

    Hospital wards, Gender 764

Fuller, Richard

                  Chamber Debates

    Prevention of Terrorism Act 2005 (Continuance in Force of Sections 1 to 9) Order (02.03.2011) 407-8, 420

    Third sector (28.02.2011) 69, 113-5

                  Westminster Hall Debates

    Disability living allowance (09.03.2011) 223-6wh


    Aviation, Working hours 330w

    Big Society Bank 220w

    Immigrants, Bail 629

    Local government, Voluntary organisations 3

Funeral payments


    Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority 511w

Further and Higher Education (Access) Bill 2010-12

                  Chamber Debates

Further education

Future Jobs Fund

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