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Hague, Rt Hon Mr William, First Secretary of State and Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs

                  Chamber Debates

    European Union Bill, Rep and 3R (08.03.2011) 845-53

                  Written Statements

    Afghanistan, Peacekeeping operations 7-9ws

    British overseas territories 76-7ws


    Afghanistan, Overseas aid 158w

    Babar, Mohammed Junaid 451w

    Counter-terrorism, Finance 161w

    Egypt, Politics and government 1040w

    European Union Bill 2010-12 166w

    Libya, British nationals abroad 840-2w

    Libya, Politics and government 1044w

    Secondment, Foreign and Commonwealth Office 1257w

Halfon, Robert

                  Chamber Debates

    Libya, Armed conflict (07.03.2011) 654

    Libya, Politics and government (28.02.2011) 34

    Ministers (10.03.2011) 1080


    Church of England, Property 161

    Data protection, Internet 151

    Electronic surveillance 91-2w

    Higher education, Finance 997w

    NHS, Private sector 991w

    Third sector 289

    Transport, Capital investment 1047


    Financial services 682w


Hames, Duncan

                  Chamber Debates

    British Sky Broadcasting, News Corporation (03.03.2011) 526

    Libya, Armed conflict (07.03.2011) 655

    Libya, Politics and government (28.02.2011) 36

    Railways (01.03.2011) 195

                  Westminster Hall Debates

    Disability living allowance (09.03.2011) 228-30wh


    Business questions 1067

    Electoral register, Students 160

    Export credit guarantees 464-6w

    Housing, Wiltshire 11

    Immigration 639


    Rolling stock 532

Hamilton, Mr David

                  Chamber Debates


    International Convention for the Protection of All Persons from Enforced Disappearance 749w

Hamilton, Fabian


    Ballistic missile defence 454w

    Postal services, Leeds 467w

    Unfair practices 357w

Hammond, Rt Hon Mr Philip, Secretary of State for Transport

                  Chamber Debates

                  Written Statements

    Airports, Regulation 42ws

    High Speed 2 railway line 15-7ws


    Aviation, Working hours 1053

    Channel tunnel railway line, High Speed 2 railway line 184w

    Departmental responsibilities, Department for Transport 1053

    Midland main railway line, Electrification 1049-50

    Public expenditure, Department for Transport 918w

    Railways, Birmingham 1043

    Railways, Scotland 461w

    Stratford Station 1056

    Transport, Capital investment 1047-8

Hammond, Stephen

                  Chamber Debates

    Libya, Politics and government (28.02.2011) 43

    Railways (01.03.2011) 196


    Railways, South East 1045

    Vetting, Bus services 542w


Hancock, Matthew

                  Chamber Debates

    Horserace Totalisator Board (01.03.2011) 276


    Public expenditure 538w

    Public expenditure, Communities and Local Government 12

    Publications, Communities and Local Government 110w

Hancock, Mr Mike

                  Chamber Debates

    London-Portsmouth railway line (09.03.2011) 1033, 1036


    Further education, Standards 290-1w

    Iraq, Ethnic groups 1041w

    Radio frequencies, Licensing 1203-4w

    Vocational education 351w

Hands, Greg

                  Chamber Debates

    Libya, Politics and government (28.02.2011) 37-8


    BBC Worldwide 451

    Cancer, Health services 766-7

    Electoral register, British nationals abroad 164-5

    Local government, Manpower 5

Hanson, Rt Hon Mr David

                  Chamber Debates

    Protection of Freedoms Bill, 2R (01.03.2011) 211, 223

    Revenue and Customs, Estimates days (02.03.2011) 396-8

                  Westminster Hall Debates


    National insurance contributions 38w

    Unpaid taxes 36w


    Scotland 2w

Hargreaves Review


    Unemployment 22

Harman, Rt Hon Ms Harriet

                  Chamber Debates

    Overseas aid (01.03.2011) 169-71


Harper, Mr Mark, Parliamentary Secretary, Cabinet Office

                  Chamber Debates

    Parliament (Amendment) Bill, 2R adjourned (04.03.2011) 606, 610-2

                  Written Statements

    Fixed-term Parliaments Bill 2010-12 6ws

    Parliamentary Voting System and Constituencies Bill 2010-12 47ws


    Members, Conduct 42w

    Parliamentary Voting System and Constituencies Bill 2010-12 459-60w

    Voting rights, Prisoners 428w

Harrier aircraft

Harrington, Richard

                  Chamber Debates

    Overseas aid (01.03.2011) 178

                  Westminster Hall Debates

    Higher education, Admissions (08.03.2011) 190wh


    Business, Government assistance 1251-2w

Harris, Mr Tom


    Domestic violence, Prosecutions 421w

Hart, Simon

                  Westminster Hall Debates

    Armed forces, Social security benefits (08.03.2011) 174wh


    Squirrels, Pest control 66w

    Written questions, Government responses 206w


    Disability living allowance 193-4w

Harvey, Nick, Minister of State, Ministry of Defence

                  Westminster Hall Debates

    Armed forces, Social security benefits (08.03.2011) 182-7wh


    Armed forces, Redundancy 914w

    Asia, Military exercises 812w

    Defence, Finance 808w

    Defence, Information and communications technology 808w

    Low flying, Compensation 77-80w

    Military aid, Emergencies 807w

    Military aircraft, Helicopters 564w

    Palestinians, Military aid 172w

    Submarines, Warships 917w

    Trident submarines 815w

    Warships, Deployment 84-5w


Hawk aircraft

Hayes, Mr John, Minister of State, Department for Business, Innovation and Skills and Department for Education

                  Chamber Debates


    Apprentices, Engineering 709w

    Apprentices, Greater London 351-2w

    Apprentices, North East 711w

    Apprentices, Redundancy 352w

    Financial services, Disadvantaged 995w

    Further education, Finance 355-6w

    Further education, Standards 290-1w

    Higher education, Admissions 356w

    Job creation, North West 998-9w

    Local enterprise partnerships 1177w

    Motor vehicles, Manufacturing industries 1178-9w

    Skills Funding Agency, Strode College 467w

    Students, Finance 309w

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