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Kaufman, Rt Hon Sir Gerald

                  Chamber Debates

    Entry clearances, Overseas students (22.03.2011) 865

    Japan, Earthquakes (14.03.2011) 36

    Libya, Armed conflict (17.03.2011) 526-8, (18.03.2011) 630, (24.03.2011) 1122


Kawczynski, Daniel

                  Chamber Debates

    Libya, Armed conflict (21.03.2011) 712, 750

                  Westminster Hall Debates


    Electoral Reform Services, Department for Education 48w

    Electoral Reform Services, Department for Transport 100w


    Shrewsbury and Telford Hospitals NHS Trust 1053

Keeley, Barbara

                  Chamber Debates

    Fuels, Prices (16.03.2011) 327, 333

    Local Government Ombudsman (Amendment) Bill, 2R adjourned (18.03.2011) 658-9, 663-5

                  Westminster Hall Debates


    Business questions 489

    Departmental responsibilities, Foreign and Commonwealth Office 157

    Manufacturing industries 840

    Palestinians, Economic situation 269w

    Tibet, Politics and government 157-8

Kendall, Liz

                  Chamber Debates

    NHS, Reorganisation (16.03.2011) 411-4


    Education maintenance allowance 3-4p

Kennedy, Rt Hon Mr Charles

                  Chamber Debates

    Budget Resolutions and Economic Situation (24.03.2011) 1165-7


    Economic growth 950w


    Forests 7w

Khan, Rt Hon Sadiq


    British nationals abroad, Terrorism 271w

    Criminal injuries compensation 184w, 454w

    Elections, Scotland 496w

    European Convention on Human Rights 546w

    HM Courts Service, Expenditure 457w

    HM Inspectorate of Prisons, Political activities 546w

    Prison accommodation 188w

    Prisons, Construction 464w

    Public expenditure, Ministry of Justice 455-6w

    Rape, Victim support schemes 557-9w

    Terrorism, British nationals abroad 563w

    Written questions, Government responses 146w

Kingston upon Hull

    Children's centres 692

Kirby, Simon


    Brighton, Communities and Local Government 593w

    Brighton, Department for Transport 1137w

    Brighton, Ministry of Defence 16w

    Diabetes, Brighton 74w

    Land, Communities and Local Government 592-3w

    Land, Department for Business, Innovation and Skills 150w

    Land, Department for Culture, Media and Sport 666w

    Land, Department for Education 1031w

    Land, Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs 923w

    Land, Department for International Development 632w

    Land, Department for Work and Pensions 569w

    Land, Department of Health 311w

    Land, Foreign and Commonwealth Office 64w

    Land, Home Office 230w

    Land, Ministry of Defence 508-9w

    Land, Ministry of Justice 184w

    Land, Northern Ireland Office 331w

    Land, Office of the Secretary of State for Wales 266w

    Land, Scotland Office 10w

    Lewes-Uckfield railway line 281w

    Personal pensions 966w

    Railways, Fares 101w

    Redundancy, Department of Energy and Climate Change 1295w

    Redundancy, Northern Ireland Office 1209w

    Redundancy, Scotland Office 1209w

    Supermarkets, Competition 157w

    Supermarkets, Planning permission 91w

Knight, Rt Hon Mr Greg

                  Chamber Debates

    Budget March 2011 (23.03.2011) 1036

    Fuels, Prices (16.03.2011) 309

    Scotland Bill, Com (15.03.2011) 173

                  Westminster Hall Debates

    Broadband, Rural areas (23.03.2011) 315-6wh

    Maritime and Coastguard Agency (24.03.2011) 338wh, 344wh


    House of Commons, Catering 352-3w

    Protection of Freedoms Bill 2010-12, Public reading stage 373w

    Renewable Fuels Agency 1222w

    Schools, Buildings 54w


Kwarteng, Kwasi


    Business questions 1105

    Egypt, Politics and government 652w

    Environment Agency 324w

    Infrastructure, Planning permission 335w

    Middle East, Politics and government 655w

    Peacekeeping operations 658w

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