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Buck, Ms Karen


    Academies, Finance 762w

    Air pollution, Greater London 342-3w

    Apprentices, Greater London 475w

    Council tax benefits, Pensioners 268w

    Homelessness, Finance 394w

    Housing benefit 253w

    Welfare state, Reform 9-10

    Written questions, Government responses 271w, 790w

Buckland, Mr Robert

                  Chamber Debates

    Libya, Armed conflict (28.03.2011) 48


    Blasphemy, Pakistan 890-1

    Democratic Republic of Congo, Human rights 104w

    Legal aid scheme 160

    Sexual offences, Prosecutions 887

    Social security benefits, Medical examinations 43w

Budget March 2011

Budget Responsibility Office

    see Office for Budget Responsibility


    Public records 33w

Building schools for the future programme


Burden, Richard


    Incinerators, Health hazards 507w


    Further education 906w

Bureaux de change

Burley, Mr Aidan


    Elections, Tower Hamlets 635-6w

    Flowers, Communities and Local Government 628w

    Society of Local Authority Chief Executives, Finance 854-5w


Burnham, Rt Hon Andy

                  Chamber Debates

    Further education (28.03.2011) 53-5


    Special educational needs 499w

Burns, Conor

                  Chamber Debates

    Further education (28.03.2011) 58

    Libya, Armed conflict (28.03.2011) 46-7

    NHS, Reorganisation (04.04.2011) 775


    Marketing, Department for Education 279w

    Wills, Regulation 662w

Burns, Rt Hon Mr Simon, Minister of State, Department of Health

                  Westminster Hall Debates


    Barnes Hospital 513w

    Bone cancer, Drugs 824w

    Cataracts, Waiting lists 506w

    Chronically sick people 833w

    Consultants, Department of Health 673w

    Dental services 672w

    Doctors, Manpower 828w

    Drugs, Developing countries 323w

    Early retirement, Department of Health 323w

    Email, Department of Health 827w

    Eyesight, Children 322w

    Facial disfigurement 828w

    Freedom of information, Department of Health 182w

    Gastrointestinal system, Health services 833w

    General practitioners, Fees and charges 513-4w

    Health Research Regulatory Agency 832-3w

    Hip replacements, Waiting lists 326w

    Hospitals, Admissions 400w

    Hospitals, Construction 676-8w

    Hospitals, Crimes of violence 679w

    Lockheed Martin, Department of Health 673-4w

    Macular degeneration, Drugs 507w

    Medical records, Data protection 187w

    Mental health services, Nurses 329w

    Monitor, Operating costs 838w

    National Institute for Health Research 835w

    NHS, Freedom of information 187w

    NHS, Per capita costs 330w

    NHS Commissioning Board 514w

    NHS walk-in centres 836w

    Official cars, Department of Health 674w

    Ophthalmic services 843w

    Prescriptions, Fees and charges 330w

    Primary care trusts, Redundancy 191w

    Public bodies, Department of Health 182-5w

    Public opinion, Department of Health 506w

    Public transport, Department of Health 673-4w

    Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham 191w

    Redundancy, Department of Health 322-3w

    Regulation, Department of Health 682-4w

    South London Healthcare NHS Trust 842w

    Surgery, Research 842w

    Third sector, Department of Health 196w

    Travel, Department of Health 674-6w

    Walsall Teaching Primary Care Trust, Manpower 507w

Burrowes, Mr David

                  Chamber Debates


    Health education, Sex 544w

    Social security benefits, Mothers 10

Burstow, Paul, Minister of State, Department of Health

                  Written Statements


    Depressive illnesses, Health services 188-9w

    Diabetes, Health services 827w

    Epilepsy, Drugs 186w

    Hospitals, Ministers of religion 682w

    Local government finance, Department of Health 327-8w

    Mental health services, Children 187-8w

    Patients, Safety 679w

    Prostate cancer 682w

    Sleep, Health services 514w

Burt, Alistair, Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State, Foreign and Commonwealth Office


    Afghanistan, Females 430w

    Afghanistan, Human rights 202w

    Bahrain, British nationals abroad 103w

    Cycling, Foreign and Commonwealth Office 376w

    Egypt, Politics and government 377w

    Government Communications, Foreign and Commonwealth Office 861w

    Iran, Prisoners 105w

    Israel, Science 572w

    Libya, Foreign nationals 573w

    Libya, Foreign relations 206w

    Libya, Mustard gas 106w

    Libya, Overseas students 863w

    Middle East, Armed conflict 379w

    Middle East, Health services 573w

    Pakistan, Blasphemy 108w

    Palestinians, Politics and government 574-5w

    Plants, Foreign and Commonwealth Office 104w

    Redundancy, Foreign and Commonwealth Office 376w

    Sri Lanka, Diplomatic relations 108w

    Syria, Politics and government 576w

    Third sector, Foreign and Commonwealth Office 865w

    Tunisia, British nationals abroad 109w, 380w

    Western Sahara, Human rights 109w

    Western Sahara, Politics and government 380w

    Western Sahara, United Nations 576w

Burt, Lorely


    Railways, Fares 612w

Bus services


    Greenhouse gas emissions 805-6w

    Higher education 175w

Business motions

Business plans

    Department for Transport 23ws

Business statements

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