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Crausby, Mr David


    Conditional fee agreements, Insurance 169

    Early retirement, Department for Education 278-9w

    Early retirement, Department for International Development 857w

    Early retirement, Department of Health 323w

    Early retirement, Ministry of Defence 387-8w

    Early retirement, Northern Ireland Office 735w

    Electoral register 12w

Creagh, Mary


    Aggregates Levy Sustainability Fund 461w

    Carbon emissions, Departmental coordination 341w

    Greenhouse gas emissions, Business 805-6w

    National Wildlife Crime Unit, Finance 57w

Creasy, Stella


    Young people, Voluntary work 287w

Credit unions


    Alcoholic drinks 792w

    Nature conservation 51w

Crimes against humanity

Crimes of violence

Criminal injuries compensation

Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority

Criminal investigation

    Prime Minister 4w

Criminal records

    Information and communications technology 82w

Crisis loans

Crouch, Tracey


    Alcoholic drinks, Medway 502-3w

    Education maintenance allowance, Kent 703w

    Free school meals, Kent 704-5w

    Large goods vehicles, Tolls 608w

    Local government finance 724

    Local government finance, Kent 632w

    Sleep, Health services 514w

    Special educational needs 787-8w

    Unemployment, Kent 505w

Crown Currency Exchange

Crown dependencies

Crown Prosecution Service

Cryer, John

                  Chamber Debates

    Business questions (31.03.2011) 542

                  Westminster Hall Debates

    NHS, Public opinion (30.03.2011) 105-10wh


    English language, Education 349-50w

    Industrial health and safety 516

    Police, Finance 820w

    Referendums, Costs 881

    Tax yields, Investment income 366w


Cunningham, Alex

                  Chamber Debates

    Budget March 2011 (29.03.2011) 265-7

                  Westminster Hall Debates

    Solar power, Feed-in tariffs (29.03.2011) 47-53wh, 55wh


    Armed forces, Absence without leave 111w

    Renewable energy, Feed-in tariffs 515

Cunningham, Mr Jim

                  Chamber Debates

    Budget March 2011 (28.03.2011) 78, 99-100

    NHS, Reorganisation (04.04.2011) 779

    Police, Manpower (04.04.2011) 812


    Afghanistan, Peacekeeping operations 568w

    Air force, Manpower 568w

    Apprentices, Motor vehicles 899w

    Armed forces, Redundancy 748

    Construction, Local government 910-1w

    Crimes of violence, West Midlands 549w

    Crown Prosecution Service 886

    Departmental responsibilities, Deputy Prime Minister 879

    Disability living allowance, Care homes 442w

    Employment, Young people 904w

    Equitable Life Assurance Society, Compensation 472w

    Libya, Overseas students 863w

    London Midland, Finance 96w

    London Midland, Railway stations 96w

    Non-domestic rates, Voluntary organisations 856w

    Older workers 47w

    Public buildings, Voluntary organisations 270-1w

    Railways, Disability 611w

    Railways, Safety 100w

    Social services, Finance 506w

    Social services, Standards 470w

    Sports, Finance 202w

    Sports, Planning permission 271w

Cunningham, Tony

                  Westminster Hall Debates

Curran, Margaret


    Children, Disability 697w

    Company accounts 507

    Disability living allowance 439-41w

    Disability living allowance, Cancer 42w

    Personal independence payment 446w

    Welfare state, Reform 15-6


    Food technology 698w

    Information and communications technology 278w

Currie Review



    Communities and Local Government 268w

    Department for Transport 257w

    Foreign and Commonwealth Office 376w

    House of Commons 202w

Cycling England

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