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    Department for Business, Innovation and Skills 171-4w

    Sustainable development 803-5w

Food Labelling Regulations (Amendment) Bill 2010-12

                  Chamber Debates

Food Standards Agency

Food technology

Foreign and Commonwealth Office

    British Antarctic Territory 569w

    Former ministers 570w

    Government Communications 861w

    Turks and Caicos Islands 576w

Foreign and Commonwealth Office Services

    see FCO Services

Foreign nationals

Foreign relations

Forensic science

    Further education 908w

    Higher education 908w

Forensic Science Service

Forestry Commission

    Northumberland (05.04.2011) 1018-24


Former ministers

    Foreign and Commonwealth Office 570w

Foundation Trusts Regulator

    see Monitor

Fovargue, Yvonne


    Citizens' advice bureaux 341

    Disadvantaged, Financial services 515

    Legal aid scheme, Civil proceedings 236w

Fox, Rt Hon Dr Liam, Secretary of State for Defence

                  Written Statements

    Armed forces, Redundancy 47ws


    Libya, Armed conflict 760w

    Nimrod aircraft 392w

    Procurement, Ministry of Defence 388-9w

    Third sector, Ministry of Defence 121w




Francis, Dr Hywel


    Disability living allowance 599w

    Higher education, Finance 305w

    Social security benefits, Disability 409-10w

    South Wales railway line, Electrification 872w


    Employment and support allowance 745w

    Land Registry 68w

    National insurance contributions 637w

Free school meals

    Further education 706w

    Sixth form education 706w

Free schools

    Public consultation 488w

Freedom of information

    Department of Health 182w

Freeman, George

                  Chamber Debates


Freer, Mike

                  Westminster Hall Debates


    Employment agencies, Department for International Development 858w

    Employment agencies, Ministry of Justice 794w

    Mobile phones, Department of Energy and Climate Change 881w

    Mobile phones, Home Office 810w

    Mobile phones, Ministry of Justice 793w

    Mobile phones, Office of the Secretary of State for Wales 582w

    Motor vehicles, Excise duties 874w

    Non-domestic rates, Empty property 37w

    Police, Diamond Jubilee 2012 556w

    Schools, Sports 156w

    Training, Office of the Secretary of State for Wales 583w

    Vacancies, Department of Energy and Climate Change 882w

    Vacancies, Home Office 811w

    Vacancies, Ministry of Justice 793w

Fuel oil

Fuel poverty


Fullbrook, Lorraine


    Offenders, Deportation 157

Fuller, Richard

                  Chamber Debates

    Further education (28.03.2011) 67


    Compensation, Department for Business, Innovation and Skills 478-9w

    Compensation, Department for Transport 257-8w

    Compensation, Department for Work and Pensions 41-2w

    Employment and support allowance, Work capability assessment 606w

    Ivory Coast, Politics and government 522

    Local government finance 728

    Racial discrimination 3w

Funeral payments

Further education

    Fees and charges 304w

    Forensic science 908w

    Free school meals 706w

    Ministerial statements (28.03.2011) 51-68

Future Jobs Fund

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