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Buck, Ms Karen

                  Chamber Debates

    Children's centres (27.04.2011) 183, 196

    Social rented housing, Greater London (05.05.2011) 813, 824, 870-4, 878


    Community policing 893

    Housing, Greater London 1186w

    Incapacity benefit, Mental illness 1336w

Buckland, Mr Robert

                  Chamber Debates

    Education Bill, Rep and 3R (11.05.2011) 1276

                  Westminster Hall Debates


    Financial Ombudsman Service 1264w

    Green deal scheme, Swindon 756w

    Health services, Learning disability 848-50w

Budget March 2011

Budget Responsibility Office

    see Office for Budget Responsibility

Building alterations

Building Regulations (Review) Bill (HL) 2010-12

                  Chamber Debates

    2R order read (13.05.2011) 1537

Building schools for the future programme


    Department for Business, Innovation and Skills 766w

    Department for Culture, Media and Sport 944w

    Department for Education 916-7w

    Department for International Development 825w

    Department of Energy and Climate Change 572w

    Department of Health 700w

    Foreign and Commonwealth Office 1384-8w

    Ministry of Justice 797w

    Northern Ireland Office 867w

    Office of the Secretary of State for Wales 739w

    Scotland Office 661w

Burden, Richard


    Advantage West Midlands 253-4w

    Middle East, Peace negotiations 452

    Motor sports 92w

    Motor sports, Departmental coordination 203-4w



Burley, Mr Aidan


    Affordable housing 663w

    Children in care 275w

    Community policing 892

    Local government services, Young people 667w

    Official hospitality, Communities and Local Government 191w

    Sewers, Private sector 1324w


Burnham, Rt Hon Andy

                  Chamber Debates


    Children in care, Standards 1308w

    Further education, Admissions 833-5w

    Further education, Finance 968w

Burns, Conor


    Olympic Games 2012 37w

Burns, Rt Hon Mr Simon, Minister of State, Department of Health

                  Chamber Debates

                  Westminster Hall Debates

                  Written Statements

    NHS, Fees and charges 26ws


    Accident and emergency departments 95w, 923-4w

    Accident and emergency departments, South East 1038-9w

    Accountancy, Department of Health 429w

    Alcoholic drinks, Rehabilitation 594w

    Ambulance services, Emergency calls 926-7w

    Asbestos, Diseases 428w

    Buildings, Department of Health 700w

    Cataracts, Medical treatments 97w

    CJD, Disease control 1267w

    Clinical trials 845w

    Complementary medicine, Bristol 597w

    Employment agencies, Department of Health 100-1w

    Fertility, Medical treatments 430w

    General practitioners, North Yorkshire 1044w

    General practitioners, Telephone services 847w, 1044-5w

    General practitioners, Working hours 6

    Health and Social Care Bill 2010-12, Scotland 701w

    Health Research Regulatory Agency 103w

    Health services, Overseas visitors 933w

    Health services, Oxfordshire 850w

    Health services, Staffordshire 850-1w

    Health services, Trafford 3

    HIV infection, Drugs 100w

    Hospitals, Infectious diseases 934w

    Hospitals, Libraries 1354w

    Hospitals, Waiting lists 1045w

    Low Associates, Department of Health 852w

    Medical equipment, Counterfeit manufacturing 852-3w

    Medical equipment, Hygiene 1049w

    Medical records, British nationals abroad 601w

    Medical records, Data protection 1307w

    Medical treatments abroad 1049w

    Mental health services, Complaints 432-8w

    Mobile phones, Department of Health 98w

    Musculoskeletal disorders, Drugs 601w

    National Institute for Health Research, Finance 602w

    NHS, Complaints 854w

    NHS, Freedom of information 103-4w

    NHS, Private sector 1045w

    NHS, Redundancy 438w

    NHS, Sustainable development 1156-7w

    NHS, Trade unions 19

    NHS foundation trusts 1050w

    North Yorkshire and York Primary Care Trust 936w

    Northwick Park Hospital, Manpower 936-7w

    Patient choice schemes 16-7

    Prescriptions, Fees and charges 856-7w

    Primary care trusts, Early retirement 125-7w

    Primary care trusts, Redundancy 126-7w

    Public bodies, Department of Health 98-9w

    Railways, Department of Health 429w

    Respiratory system, Medical treatments 937w

    South Central Strategic Health Authority 606w

    Strokes, Health services 1158w

    Trauma, Health services 1308w

    Vacancies, Department of Health 99w

    Visits abroad, Department of Health 1354w

    Work experience, Department of Health 846-7w

Burrowes, Mr David

                  Chamber Debates

    London Olympic Games and Paralympic Games (Amendment) Bill, 2R (28.04.2011) 381-5

                  Westminster Hall Debates


    Cannabis, Medical treatments 896-7

Burstow, Paul, Minister of State, Department of Health

                  Westminster Hall Debates

                  Written Statements

    Social services, Private finance initiative 13-4ws


    Alzheimer's disease, Carers 839-41w

    Autism, Health services 594-5w

    Breast cancer, Screening 96-7w

    Brighton, Department of Health 596-8w

    Colorectal cancer, Health education 698-9w

    Continuing care, Older people 21

    Dementia, Health education 700w

    Diabetes, Health services 5-6, 22

    Eating disorders 865w

    Health and well-being boards 11

    Health services, Equality 848w

    Health services, Staffordshire 849w

    Learning disability, Swimming 109-10w

    Mental illness, Offenders 934w

    Multiple sclerosis, Nurses 1156w

    Muscular dystrophy 934w

    Muscular dystrophy, North West 935w

    Parkinson's disease, Physiotherapy 438-9w

    Social services, Eligibility 7-8

    Strokes, Health services 1158w

Burt, Alistair, Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State, Foreign and Commonwealth Office

                  Chamber Debates

    Manning, Bradley, Points of order (03.05.2011) 475

                  Westminster Hall Debates


    Afghanistan, Prisoner escapes 25-32

    Colombia, Politics and government 986w

    Egypt, Politics and government 388w

    India, Foreign relations 391-2w

    Iran, Human rights 394w

    Libya, British nationals abroad 395w

    Libya, Diplomatic service 988w

    Middle East, Antisemitism 395-6w

    Middle East, Arms trade 378w

    Middle East, Export controls 1214w

    Middle East, Peace negotiations 440-1

    North Africa, Tourism 989w

    Pakistan, Politics and government 1150w

    Palestinians, Politics and government 398w, 617-8w

    Sri Lanka, Elections 618w

    Sri Lanka, Human rights 747-8w

    Sri Lanka, Internally displaced people 990w, 1215w

    Sri Lanka, Press freedom 619w

    Sri Lanka, War crimes 881w

    Syria, Politics and government 881-2w

    United Arab Emirates, Gulf Cooperation Council 992w, 1384w

    Western Sahara, Self-determination of states 1215-6w

    Yemen, Entry clearances 405-6w

    Yemen, Politics and government 748w, 882w

Burt, Lorely

                  Chamber Debates

    Finance (No. 3) Bill, Com (03.05.2011) 486, 498

    Higher education (27.04.2011) 272-4


    Higher education, Admissions 1032



Bury St Edmunds

    Crimes of violence 646w

Bus services


    Government assistance 911w

    Olympic Games 2012 634w

    Sustainable development 981w

Business links

Business motions

    (04.05.2011) 747

Business plans

    Government departments 47ws

Business premises

Business statements

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